JC Penney Company10kt gold chains

K Feb 04, 2018 Review updated:

My boyfriend bought what was sold as a 14kt gold rope chain paying OVER $500.00 for the chain. We had it appraised for an insurance policy and upon having it appraised we came to discover it was actually not gold in fact that it was gold plated! We took it back for a full refund and I believe the store is aware of this practice. I want to know how you are going to make this right! That is bait and switch and false advertising at is worst! I guided him there to shop and trust me had I been with him I wouldn't have let him.purchase it. The value was less then $50.00. I wonder how.many other people have been scammed by this practice in your stores. It's disgusting when you trust a company as old as yours only to discover the scam you are feeding your consumers. We are considering contacting an attorney as we videotaped the entire return process. Lets just see how willing you are to make amends for this crap!


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    Shaun R. Feb 04, 2018

    Hi Kim.

    Appreciated reading your concerns. What would you like to have done?

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    Rational Human Feb 04, 2018

    They took it back and gave you a full refund. They made it right. Unless, by made it right, you mean you want a freebie/discount.

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    Shellysaputo Jul 24, 2019

    This just happened to me. I purchased a platinum and diamond wedding set. Took it to a jewler who said it is platineer 5% platinum and 95% silver. Worthless and no refund because it was sized. I can't even pawn it. I purchased it 5/23/19. I was told an exchange. Why on earth would I ever buy from JCPennys fake jewelry counter again?

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