ITVbritain’s got talent

As a farther and family man watching a family tv show I wish to make a complaint regarding the utter disgraceful RACIST performance that was applauded by all judges on Britain's got talent by the act Preecher Lawson.

The act was a complete discrimination against WHITE PEOPLE and FEMALES!
after weeks of utter disgust towards Boris Johnson for using foul language families have to sit and watch this utter disgraceful dialogue infront of children using such words as "white girls" is disgraceful!!

Not only was the act allowed to finish but it was applauded by all 4 judges I find this a complete disgrace and an embarrassment to itv, if this was a white person doing the same act but change the dialogue to a "black woman" that individual would of been arrested and stopped immediately and rightly so! Racism is racism no matter what colour of skin and this individual should be ashamed of hem selves and arrested for hate crimes and itv should look in to this with immediate effect as I'm sure there will be many families offended in the same manor.

Oct 05, 2019

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