iTravel2000lazy unprofessional travel agent

i found the perfect place I wanted to book on Upon calling Itravel2000 I spoke with an individual Andy Kapoor. I told him what I wanted to book and the price I saw it for. He told me there was a better room available for the same price and we proceeded to book. Upon completing the credit card info he informed me the package price had gone up over a hundred dollars, then proceeded to tell me it was now sold out and I couldn't book my trip! He told me he would call back if the price dropped again as he was working late shift. Of course I was very disappointed about this!

When I got home from work I went online to look myself and the trip I wanted was still available only 50 dollars more than the original price i was going to pay. I called Andy back informing him it was still online and I wanted to book it! He told me the room wasn't as good because it didn't have a couch... which is ridiculous. No one goes to a resort in Mexico for a couch...
Once I said I wanted to book he told me that it was a good idea before it sold out as the price wouldn't drop .. well why did he tell me earlier that he would call back if the prices dropped?
And why didn't he offer me the room and package I was originally calling for instead of some up sell??

Once the booking was complete, the next day I emailed asking what the dress code was for the resort. He was very vague saying not to wear swim shorts ... I emailed him again asking for him to be more specific for what men can wear and he responded in capital letters "LONG PANTS" which was rather rude instead of taking one minute out of his day to respond properly. I am very disappointed in the service I've received and would not go back!


Nov 07, 2019

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