iPageI am complaining about ipage features and pricing being exorbitant

M Aug 17, 2018

Currently I own the website as well as, it has recently come to my attention that offers a much better service at a much more reasonable rate. I would litterally be saving hundreds of dollars by switching to I own a record label and we have a huge following, I am planning on asking all of my followers to stop doing business with ipage and to start doing business with It feels as though ipage is purposefully extorting customers by doing things such as charging a fee to have unlimited pages, whereas that comes included with, ipage charges in order to have an ecommerse store whereas does not, ipage does not offer unlimited bandwith whereas does, ipage charges $35 for one year of domain hosting with a free domain name whereas only charges $11 and offers way more built in perks for that price. is undeniably better company. You will lose my business unless you can offer me the same package as has. If not than I will make sure not to stop until all of my 80, 000 or more followers have stopped doing business with you. I will make it my personal duty to impact and decrease the number of customers that you have using my business influence. That is unless you can make it right.


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