Interrentexcess charge at pisa airport

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Mr Guy Maddocks
Tel: [protected]

On 19/05/2019 we collected a car from Pisa airport. Our flight was delayed by 50 minutes but we arrived during the daytime when the offices were open. When we got to the check in desk for the car, we were told that our car had been sold as we were late and therefore we would have to pay for an upgrade. We said that this was unacceptable, but they said that this was the only option and was in the terms and conditions. We were charged 48.77 euros for this. We have since looked at the terms and conditions and there is nothing in there about this being the case if only 50 minutes late to collect the car. We are going to Italy again in September and need to rent a car for 2 weeks. We have always used Goldcar in the past, but since they have been taken over by Interrent, our experience has been a bad one. We need to know whether it is worth considering Interrent for our car hire but the experience we have had we are reluctant. We would like the money we were made to pay refunded as it was clearly a scam to make more money out of us. We had no choice but to pay it at the time as we needed the car to drive to our holiday destination.
If you would like to contact me regarding this, please email g.[protected] or phone [protected]


Guy Maddocks

Jul 30, 2019

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