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+27 363 525 083 (Estcourt)
+27 117 122 555 (Johannesburg)
+27 137 522 427 (Nelspruit)
+27 587 131 336 (Phuthaditjhaba)
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INTEC College Complaints & Reviews

INTEC College — matric certificate/results

I wrote my Matric through Intec College in 1998/1999, and i never received my Matric Certificate, i wrote it...


INTEC College — course

good day i have problem in 15 may 2018 i have take out mechanical draught diploma but seems the course what...


INTEC Collegeintec college

Hi i am a new student at intec, i have been having so much trouble with this college, assignment that dont get received or marked assignment that dont come back and money for my exams that dont get allocated after i transfered it and then you still want to debit order it again. I have been phoning in so many times trying to sort out this problems and everyone i speaks to makes empty promises to me and i am sick of this

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    INTEC College — lack of assistance from intec

    I am a student at Intec college, my id [protected] Portia thobajene. I was struggling with my assignment...

    INTEC College — study material and certificate pending

    Good day! My name is ZonJa Jordaan and I am a student at Intec studying Early Childhood development. I wa...

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    INTEC College — pathetic service

    I don't like wasting my money. Intec College is a many making scheme that takes advantage of people who...

    Cape Town

    INTEC Collegeno service


    So I have been trying to get updated study material since November 2017, I have called almost twice every single week, no one gets back to me, no one has phoned me not one email no feedback, every single time I call its the same story we will escalate the call centre is the most unhelpfull people I have ever dealt with my course was paid in full and now I am struggling to get books this is ridiculous I have no idea what to do anymore, i have requested managers to contact me I have requested to speak to a manager and I have never been helped, waiting on study material for almost seven months now

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      INTEC College — pathetic service

      I wouldnt recommend this collage to anyone and i feel sorry for the students that are studying with thi...

      INTEC College — poor service-no help

      Ok I registered with antic college in jan 2018 for ecd. The consultant was very helpful at that time. So now...

      INTEC Collegeno response and poor administration

      Hi. I was very much interested in studying with intec college even after my brother was disappointed I gave it benefit of the doubt. I've sent several emails since December last year and waiting for consultant to call or respond to my email but dololo. My brother also received a bad service years back when he was studying with you, you never sent him his study materials in the middle of the term and the fees were paid. He called countless times and was promised to sort things out till today he's still waiting for your call but the money is gone. This is 965865% bad service

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        INTEC College — no support, no information

        To whom it may concern I am not happy, and have put a stop on my payment to intec for the following...

        INTEC Collegetest results not received since last year

        Good Day Sir/Madam

        I hope you are well,

        I wrote my control tests in September and never received any test results up to now. I also didn't receive my math tasks result yet. And i would like to register for my external exams but would like to know when and where i could do that?

        I try to phone the collage and they won't even let me finish my sentence when i'm calling to ask about the test results they keep putting me through to another person. When i finally can speak to a person they can't understand me or their system is off.

        We are fed up at this point because when we were in the process of registering there wasn't one day where they didn't make contact with us.

        Now that they have our money they couldn't care less.

        My student number is as follows [protected]

        Email Address: [protected]@gmail.com

        Kind Regards
        Ockert Engelbrecht

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          INTEC College — tebogo phoko

          Good Day I unfortunately experienced an very unpleasant staff member named Tebogo Phoko. She was very rude...

          Cape Town

          INTEC College — utter lack of response. total disregard!!!

          Good day, I posted the following on hellopeter after receiving no response from intec after numerous email...

          INTEC College — matric/ grade 12

          Hi, I have assisted someone who wanted to complete their matric by registering them with Intec and being in...


          INTEC Collegeunacceptable student support

          I am a registered student with Intec collage and have logged several complaints to no avail.
          To start at the beginning: In April 2016 I submitted assignment [protected]-A (Project management). I only received my results in January 2017 that indicated that I failed the assignment. In a panic as one needs to pass the assignment to qualify for exams, I contacted a lady by the name of Candice Petersen from head office, she told me if I resubmit my assignment to her within 2 weeks she can have it marked before exam registration ends.
          I duely did so and submitted the assignment on time. I then went ahead and registered for the exams in June. I was approved for all my exams so I figured all was well as I had not received any results.
          During the examinations my Statistics exam was not delivered on time and I had to wait over an hour to receive my exam via fax.
          In September I received my results. Firstly I had failed my statistics by 1% so I requested a remark, the sent me the application form which I completed and sent proof of payment, this was in September 2017 and I still have not received any results. Secondly I had failed Project Management due to the assignment. When enqueuing about my re-submission of assignment [protected]-A they informed me that there is no record of the submission. I then forwarded the assignment along with the email train between myself and Candice Petersen regarding this. 1 week later I received an email informing me that my course has expired and if I wish to extend it for payment. I immediately replied that I will not be paying a cent as I had done everything and the fault was with them. I was then emailed to say that the complaint has been logged. Till this day I still have not received any communication regarding any of these queries, when I send an email I receive an answer that my query has been escalated.
          Unfortunately I work in Somalia and am unable to call toll free numbers so all my conversations are via email which I have proof of on request.

          I have paid all my dues and there is no reason that no one can help me

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            INTEC Collegeunethical behaviour

            HELLO... I am a student at intec, I must say that the college is really disappointing on the day on registration the people there spoke a whole lot of positive stuff about this college and my parents signed me up.. we even paid in full for the entire course which was a lot of money. After that it all went down hill.. I have been trying to avoid many things but this is not a positive way to study it makes you really unhappy and adds a lot of stress. Even though we as students don't come to class everyday.. we still deserve the best attention due to the fact that we paid our money to get a education..

            1. The people that you call at the call center for help is so rude, they speak anyhow they feel, they make you wait on the phone for a long long time. there are times when I hang up. Most times they tell me to email my complaint.

            2. They called me insisting that my fees are not paid.. WHEN I PAID IN FULL AT THE BEGINNING. This went on for like 3 weeks saying that I have major outstanding fees... They said due to outstanding fees I cant get my assessments marks. When it came to fees they called like twice daily but for help and assistants they take forever or don't even end up helping at all.

            3. I register and pay for my exam a month or even more before the actually exams...3 of my exams sessions my paper was not in at the venue, they ask me to have to come back the next day and write both on the same day. I ended up failing all the exams for year. This recent time my paper was 35 minutes late.. it supposed to be a 2 hour paper the lecturer actually told me to stop and He put all the lights in the hall off and took my paper when I was supposed to get 35 minutes extra even after everyone was done because I started late.. I didn't even end up finishing and I failed. One exam half the paper was missing and they still failed me even though the lecturer signed it saying paper is missing... That was a totally waste of 2000 rand and its really disappointing because people don't have such money like this to just let go. They just sent me a paper to say I must re-write for amount 2000 rand.

            4. The course I am currently studying some subjects are made of 3 books.. how on earth do you write an exam that is consisting of 3 books. I really don't understand, how do you learn everything from all 3 books... not even school or university would do this to you.. its better they give us a research assessment and the exams as open book, they made it open book for one exam session and then change it I don't understand why.. I don't think even they could come sit and do this exams in this method... they could do the exam on each book for subjects that are made of 3 books. how can watch people re-write and not check why just to gain 450 per subject.. and to think that we were told at the beginning that this college will go out of their way to make sure we pass and get a certification... there are a number of colleges I no who make the students do their assessments and then a research assignment from the library and such that make you learn so much more and then make the final exam a open book rather then letting us fail over and over again... I no many students that will agree with me.

            I have a number of complaints.. but I don't think anyone at this college is going to do anything about it.. I read all the previous complaints and I totally agree with every person.. sorry to say that intec is just a money thing and they only show interest when you owe them something. I don't understand how people at this place can treat us as students like we did something to them. its disappointing, sad and embarrassing to tell people I study here. Me as a student I won't recommend intec to anyone to study.. its a waste of time and money.. if I had a choice I would of never registered at this college at all.. it is sad that I put all my hard work into this to get this kind of outcome. its extremely disappointing. FOR WHOEVER AT THIS COLLEGE READING MY MESSAGE DON'T START A PLACE TO MESS AROUND WITH PEOPLE WHO COME TO PAY THEIR MONEY AND STUDY.

            When people at the beginning started to complaint you guys could of fixed things up from there one at a time.. people have so many different complaints I wonder who is doing what at this place.. you people don't see us to no how much such things are making us stressed or even break down and not want to continue studying... its so DE-motivational...

            I really hope that intec starts to take our issues seriously.

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              INTEC College — hr diploma not received

              I have completed a Human Resources Diploma through Intec College. My statement of results with competent...

              Cape Town

              INTEC Collegeunethical behaviour

              I'm really dissatisfied with the way Intec college has been running things when it comes to two core subjects. This college has really made things difficult for me to finish this course with their incompetence. I tried every resource made available by the college to me but still got no help, thus making me stress and not be in good health. Intec college has failed to live up to their word. My name is itumlemg dipheko Student number :[protected] Course name: computer graphic artist Professional certificate
              • Intec gave me a photoshop cs6 book which indicated that I had assignment in the disk provided, the same disk has my study material only to find that there is no assignment and was told I had to book an exam instead, I was told this when I went to student services and asked were the assignment is on the disk was.
              • When I checked the exam on Pearson view, the exam I had to write was for a different manual it wasn't for photoshop cs6 which had been given to me by Intec, it was a photoshop cc exam which I had no access to or had being studying with Intec college.
              • I reported these two matters and even now I have not received any assistances from Intec.
              • I was assigned a student adviser who has not called me since 2016, no e-mail not even guidance on how to go about resolving these issues with intec.
              • Intec Gave me an illustrator study material disk which does not work . I can't study or finish illustrator because the disk contains my study material. I logged a complaint and was still not attended even now .im really not happy with the college and it's in competence
              • I tried to download the study material on their site [email protected] but its malfunctioning and I tried several times.

              Because of the colleges incompetence I have no choice but to take take this matter further

              Yours sincerely
              Student number: [protected]

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                INTEC Collegerequest for termination of my course and a refund

                Dear Sir/Madam
                I am kindly requesting for a refund for the certificate that I had registered for. I placed an order t o receive my textbook from a shop overseas. It has not yet arrived; and I am working so I will not be able to complete all of the required assignments in time since I have not submitted even one and it is almost six months which have passed. I am kindly requesting for a refund.
                My student number is [protected], my name is Ruth Rutendo Mukori

                Kind Regards

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