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Getting to release funds is nearly impossible. They lose documents over and over again. Each time you call you get a different rep with a different document lost or one that gives the all clear, the funds are being drafted and will be there by Fedex in 3-5 days only to call back and hour or day later to be told NO, you need the same documents you submitted almost daily for 9 months.
We have all suffered a loss and this third party company many mortgage companies use is an insult and causes more unneeded grief.
Getting my money to rebuild I feel isn't ever going to happen and I can't do anything but resend resend resend. I'm tired and this is enough.
If anyone knows of a class action law suit against, let me know.
This is not against my mortgage company but the company they choose to use in an insurance claim for property lo.

From reading all the complaints online from people just like me who are describing the same issues as I am going through, I know we would have a strong case and win.
We deserve or lives back and in a timely manor.

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    I finally received my check after 6 months of bullsxxx. Lost one contractor over this. Now I get a letter I'm supoosed to have everything rebuilt in 45 days. What contractor sits and waits for months while I fight to get the money I should have had way back in March? It's now Sept and I'm on a waiting list to begin construction hopefully, this month.
    I'm lucky the only other contractor in the area can still build it this year.
    Now I have to worry about penalties for not having it started because insuranceclaimcheck screwed me round for most of the year?
    I'm stilll interested in filling a lawsuit against this company and on behalf of all of us who go through this.
    Their blundering is why I'm last on the rebuild list to begin with.

Jul 10, 2019
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  • Tu
      Jul 23, 2019

    I am an attorney in Tulsa and have begun investigating this matter for a class action suit. My email is [protected] if you are interested in providing me details.

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  • Go
      Oct 13, 2019

    @TullyLawFirm I have sent you an email as well. We have been dealing with them since 2/2018 and can't wait to have our home completed!

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  • Tr
      Oct 17, 2019

    @TullyLawFirm I am interested! I am having the exact same issues with Insurance Claim Check and my mortgage is through Cenlar. I have been HOMELESS since I filed my claims for roof damage and inside water damage 7 MONTHS AGO! This has been devastating! They tell you different stories each time you call! They had all of my financials INCORRECT! They misplaced funds! I have asked to speak to managers over and over for their mistakes and a manager has never ONCE CALLED ME BACK! They lose documents to the point you have to resend over and over and over...I’m exhausted. This has been going on for me since February 2019 until now which is October 2019! We all must do something! [protected]. I reside in St. Louis, Missouri. Thank you!

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  • Tu
      Jul 23, 2019

    scott @ tullylawfirm net

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  • Ac
      Sep 17, 2019

    @TullyLawFirm Hello Scott @tullylawfirm our you accepting clients due to my insurance claim check. Com

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  • Sh
      Jul 31, 2019

    this is so cool please contact me i am tired of there BS

    i want on board


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  • Mp
      Sep 17, 2019

    Count me in! rodney . k. martin @

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