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R Jul 20, 2019

A copy of a request by instacart for more information.

Dear Miss,

Here is a list, yes a list, of what went wrong:

1. Order due to be delivered according to your contact at 10:55. At 11:15 checked the tracker to watch the already late delivery go from 17 minutes arrival time estimated to over a hour till estimated delivery time.

2. Called the help line to see what the issue was regarding the order going away from the delivery address. The gentleman answering the call was unable to access my account by the phone number he requested. Each time the phone number was communicated he would mix up the numbers in a extreme manner. I had to say each number one at a time and keep correcting him until he got it correct before being able to move onto the next number. My job is dealing with barely speaking and non-English speaking patients to give them proper medical care. Your team member's lack of communication skills was unacceptable.

3. Requested a manger who then put the call on hold. Before doing so stated he would be right back. After more than 12 minutes on hold the call was terminated.

4. Once I informed the third person I attempted to clear up the issue with I would be calling the local police department the delivery arrived five minutes later.

5. We were told the reason for the turn around was due to GPS issues. The driver and no representative from Instacart communicated the GPS issue in any form. No call, text, or email. We watched as the estimated delivery time increased for 17 minutes to over a hour away.

I would like to terminate the agreement due to your company not fulfilling their part of the contract with this incident and other incidents. These include items paid for and not delivered from previous orders.

Good day,
Mrs. Cappuccino

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