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Since 2000 I was an extremely pleased customer with Netbank service. Every time I called their customer service I knew what to expect, friendly service and they got requests processed in a timely and accurate manner. I remember calling them for many reasons, from a debit card that I lost, and they courteously fedex me a new one because I was offshore, to requesting transfers and lodging chargeback complaints to visa. Honestly I can't remember ever been discontent with their service.

28 September 2007. The banking world, as I know it, ended. OTS announced they closed Netbank. I had been daring this moment for quite a while, but I decided to stick with netbank to the end. I wouldn't jump off board, they've been too good to me. I still don't regret this stance.

What I regret is who took over. ING Direct. I had no previous conception of ING Direct, besides their quite colorful website. They sent us, Netbank customers, our first email on October 3rd 2007 informing us that banking will be the same for us for the next 60 days, and somewhat it was.

Changes started trickling in 2 days later despite the "no changes" they sent a notice saying "foreign wire transfers will no longer be processed". After that, 31st of October 2007 on the bottom of an email:

"Effective 11/23/2007 ("Effective Date") we will no longer process ATM transfers (including withdrawals) and point of sale transactions (including online and cash-back transactions) that you initiate using an ATM or debit card that accesses a NetBank Money Market, Net Value Interest Checking, or Super Value Interest Checking Account that was acquired by ING DIRECT on September 28, 2007. This means that on or after the Effective Date your NetBank ATM and/or NetBank VISA® Check card(s) won't work."

Although at this point I haven't received any notice of how or when I was going to be able to access my account again. Access to my money was cut from the root, I could not access my debit card anymore. Those inital transitional 60 days are counting down fast.

November 23rd 2007, First hint of doom arrives, access to my debit card is removed. I can't access my account to do day to day purchases any longer.

December 1st 2007, I receive an email from ING Direct requesting me to call them to provide more information about my account. Right away I call them and after 47 minutes on hold, listening to this horrible guy pitching sales for ING Direct. I was informed that they needed to verify my account information, which we do, they are pleased. Finally I have a chance to ask what is going on, when I am getting a new account. They inform me that within the next few days they will be sending a "welcome kit" on the mail and then I would be able to access my account. Days pass, no welcome kit, finally after on the 11th of December I receive the "welcome kit", letting me now that the Netbank website will go down on the 7th of December (really nice timing there) and any balance on my Netbank accounts will be converted to ING Direct. Also they inform me that I was going to need a PIN number that was sent on a different envelope to access my account. No signs of that pin number. I patiently wait for a few days. I haven't had access to my account since 23rd of November, cash is running thin, I need my money, but with ING Direct it is not going to be so easy.

14th of December, I call ING Direct. After another long hold. They assure me my PIN was sent, and I should get it on the mail any moment now.

17th of December, No pin. Another call. ING Direct customer service ask me to wait for a couple more days. Maybe it'll just arrive. I ask them if they can send a new pin by fedex, because I need access to my money, I OWE people. They say they can't. I have to wait MORE.

18th of December, it's been enough time now. I call ING Direct again. I ask them to send me a NEW pin, the first one never arrived, they ask me if I'm really sure because the previous PIN will be void if they send me a new one. What can I do, it has never arrived. Christmas day is nearing, I have NO MONEY and I OWE people money. I need that PIN. I request a new one. When I ask if there were other people in my same situation ING Direct Customer Representative tells me "I would be surprised [how many]"

22nd of December, finally I receive something, oh, it's a statement. I can see the money I have which I don't have access to. GREAT. Now they are teasing me. I am really upset.

I am very upset. It's beyond unacceptable how ING Direct has treated their new customers and the transition from Netbank, unthinkable how badly the whole process was envisioned and managed. I can't understand how it's been a month since I have had access to my account, with no money to buy food for xmas eve, I'm sure ING Bank employees will have Christmas dinner with their friends and family, I will have to eat tuna from a can. Thanks to ING Direct.


  • Dj
    DJ Adams Dec 27, 2007

    I had a nearly identical experience.

    I suggest you communicate your complaints to two sources

    1. The FDIC who arranged for INGDirect to take over Netbank

    [email protected]

    The FDIC will likely be taking over several more banks in the coming months and need to know to avoid the fraudsters at INGDirect

    Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
    Attention: Lynette Martin
    1601 Bryan Street
    Dallas, Texas 75201

    2. ING Direct's external Board of Directors and the companies they work for

    Apprarently the board currently includes several shady characters who deserve more exposure than they are getting.

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  • Ja
    Janet L. Pierson Jan 01, 2008

    I have had a similiar unsatisfactory experience with this company. I'm still waiting for the checks from my closed NetBank accounts, which are "in the mail" to arrive so I can open a new checking acccount elsewhere and stop my ongoing defaults with my credit cards. Due to an inability to pay my bills with them. No checking asccount.

    My once excellent credit rating has dropped to good and still falling.

    Any plans for a class action lawsuit aganist them?

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  • Da
    David Humple Jan 08, 2008

    ING took an excellent institution (Netbank) and has quickly destroyed it. I mirror previous complaints and add some. I have been using Netbank bill payment for the past few years and, as with other Netbank services, found it to be excellent. Following the ING takeover of Netbank, none of my Netbank history migrated to ING. All bill payment payees disappeared, as did payment history, and all without warning that this information would no longer be available after the transition. This has been a great diservice to Netbank customers - none of our account history is accessible. I transferred most of my money from ING to another bank and asked them two weeks ago for the balance of my account but have received nothing. Now, when I go to the ING DIRECT website to access account information I get a notice that it is unavailable because of the transition process and am shown an already completed transition timeline. Terrible customer service and borderline illegal compliance with banking guidlines and regulations. I have many other issues with ING that I don't want to take the time to mention but suffice it to say that it is the worst online bank in the U.S., bar none.

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  • Gr
    Gregory Wilpert Jan 09, 2008

    I too have had a terrible time with the transition from NetBank to ING Direct. Not only did the PIN number that they promised take a month to arrive for my business account, but they even closed my personal accounts with hardly a warning because I had only a foreign address on file with Netbank for my personal accounts. I could have provided them with a US address, but they never asked. As for my business account, they never told me that they do not have business checking accounts, only business savings accounts. I only found out now, once I got access to my new account, that it's a savings account, which means I cannot pay any of my bills. Now it's going to be two months before I can pay any bills and my credit rating keeps dropping.

    I used to be a customer of CompuBank, one of the very first online banks, which was bought up by NetBank. That transition went completely smoothly, with not a glitch. This transition from NetBank to ING Direct is bankrupting me, though. Isn't this illegal?

    I too would be interested in any class action suits against this crappy institution that calls itself a bank.

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  • Ck
    Ck Jan 10, 2008

    I also had a bad experience with ING Direct. After NetBank was closed, my funds got transferred to ING Direct. During this transition, a check bounced even though funds were available. The customer service department at ING Direct was not helpful or empathetic to my difficulties. They are not refunding NSF fees that have been assessed even after I faxed extensive documentation. I would not recommend this bank to my worst enemy.

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  • Do
    doug bower Jan 18, 2008

    LOOK: Let's stop whining and get busy. I still have NO money from ING. They are keeping it I suppose. But, there are enough of us to begin a class action.


    I've contacted lawyers and am waiting to hear from it. The class action will pay the attorney off the top so we aren't out money we clearly don't have because Ing has it.

    (Do you think they spent it on a holiday to Brazil?)

    Seriously, let's get with the class action!

    Doug Bower

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  • Vi
    vittorio nicosia Jan 30, 2008

    it is the 30th of January and I am yet to see my money that was deposited in my Netbank account.

    if anyone has information on the class action, I am a willing participant.

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  • Dj
    DJ Adams Jan 31, 2008

    INGDirect turned some phony bank charges they created during my Netbank account closing over to a collection agency who is now harrassing me.

    I agree time for the lawsuit against INGDirect.

    Anyone got a lawyer yet who is interested?

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  • Su
    Suzanne McDonald Feb 12, 2008

    I filled out this form. ING charged me 5 $10 fees for free transactions (under the Netbank regime). And ING refuses to reimbruse me.

    Give it a shot, if enough of us complain, maybe we'll get some representation.

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  • Al
    Alexsa Torres Apr 22, 2008

    I filed a complaint and I am hoping this will lead to a class action lawsuit, I left my name and contact information with a legal head hunter and I am awaiting a call back from a lawyer or law firm. Yesterday ING closed out my savings and checking account without notice and claims they sent all the money to Wachovia (old closed out bank account) and ING said the money cleared with Wachovia. I called Wachovia they said impossible since we do not have an active account with them. I called ING back and the 2nd rep I spoke with said the 1st rep must have been mistaken. They also restricted access to my IRA account which the 2nd rep said would not happen. Because of this issue my husband and I are unable to access our paychecks until 5-15-08. We have no food or gas to get to work and no way to pay our bills which includes our mortgage. We begged them to do the right thing and at least put the money back and let us withdraw it and take our business elsewhere and they said they would not help us. We would have to wait until the money "showed up" and then they would transfer it to another bank account if we set one up.

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  • Uh
    Uhyon Chung Jul 21, 2008

    Well, I found out about the NetBank collapse a few months back (I'm outside US and I don't use NetBank except for rare transfers). And I got lazy (since I have to call at odd hours), but finally decided to give ING Direct a call. I didn't wait too long as I called a few minutes after open (like 8:05AM).
    Rep : "So how can I help you?"
    Me : "Former customer of NetBank, heard it was transferred here, didn't know about it since I'm off shore until now."
    Rep : "What's your Social Security #?"
    Me : "blah blah"
    Rep : "Okay... let me check"
    after 5 or so minutes
    Rep : "We don't have any accounts with that SS#, and since you're offshore, you can't create an account here!"
    Me : "Huh?" Shocked "So what should I do?"
    Rep : "Let me check"
    after 5 or so minutes
    Rep : "We'll have our research dept check it out. Call back at the end of the week"

    A cheerful day, no doubt... I hope they didn't really lose it...

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  • To
    Tony Jul 21, 2008

    I am so glad to read this, as I thought I was the only one who had experienced this horrible level of service from ING. What made it worse, was the fact that they were forcing you to take an overdraft (I hate them, and will NEVER accept one) with the checking account, otherwise your money was put in an Orange savings account that has no electronic access.

    Fortunately for me I could see the writing on the wall and where this was headed, and immediately opened an account with HSBC Direct, and had my money bank transferred into my new account. My period of inaccessibility to my funds was limited to a few days.

    I have been receiving a level of service at HSBC that rivals the great service from Netbank, whom I still miss dearly.

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  • Hu
    hurt deeply Jul 20, 2010

    On July 1, 2010 I sent a check to ING to be deposited. They placed the deposit on hold for about three to four days before making the funds available. Later on the same day that they made the funds available, they notified me that I deposited a bad check, that was sent to me from a marketing co. I had no idea that the check was bad. They didn't know that the check was bad, because after placing it on hold, they released the funds. Now the nightmare begins, they closed my checking and savings account. Next, told me that I was a I intentionally tried to defraud the bank. The took a few thousand dollars of my money that was in my account and refuse to give me access. I have two direct deposits that are now in limbo, and will take a long while to re route these deposits. They refused to listen when I told them that the linking account that I initionally used to start the account had been closed. They insist on waiting for a couple of weeks and placing my money in an account that no longer exists. The worst thing is that three different customer service reps were very nasty and condensending. I filed a complaint report with the BBB and and the Federal Reserve, and would be very interested in joing in on a class action suite.

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  • De
    Dennis Hayashi Jul 21, 2010

    After trying without success three times to gain access to my account I have finally cancelled it. The security process is convoluted and they cannot control any aspect of your on line banking except to mail you new pin numbers. When you call in to verify, the system may not accept your phone call because it does not match the phone you listed. When you call in on a cell phone, the system will not recogognize the tone and they will mail you another pin number, it is an endless series of sensless security. My advice is simply stop doing business with them. My account with NetBank went without any problem. I would not reccommend ING for any banking service, unless you want to put your money into a hole in the wall, and that might be easier to access. BTW I am a developer and their customer service and security is a lot of JIVE. Wish I had done this sooner.
    Dennis Hayashi

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