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The complaint has been investigated and
resolved to the customer's satisfaction

with out any prior information my used id to booking and cancelling irctc train tickets have been de activated for no valid reasons.

i have booked tickets and need to take print outs and need to cancel my tickets. just to save our time only we are utilising these services and i am the customer of them since three years.

i am really very much disturbed by thier activities and irresponsible way of cutting down things.


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    • Pr
      pritesh patel Aug 07, 2011

      my id is pritsnp it is deactivate what we do to activet or cancell it for new registrestition because my mail id and my phone number is already used in this id so we cant open new id. please help me and give me answer.

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    • Pr
      pritesh patel Aug 07, 2011

      my id is pritsnp it is deactivate what we do to activate please give me answer, my mail id is [email protected]

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    IRCTCThe modified side Upper berth is so inconvenient that i couldn't slept whole night and suffered a lot

    I travelled on modified Side upper berth in the sleeper class from bandra to Bhuj. The middle berth from side was removed after complaints from travellers but the side upper berth is remain in its modified position and it is located at farmost top position. This was very inconvenient during travelling for me. I requested again & again to TTC to allocated me a seat in 3AC/2AC but fail. the modified side Upper berth is so inconvenient that i couldnot slept whole night and suffered a lot. After paying 506/- fare of sleeper tatkal reservation how can a person expect such kind of suffering from this facility of Railway.

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      IRCTCIndian railway is the perfect example of irresponsible government department where no one seems to accountable or concern of customer complaint

      While booking the ticket (on 6th April 2009) the on line berth status from Jaipur to BDTS was shown available and from Ajmer to BDTS it was 11 waiting. So to get a confirm ticket I booked from Jaipur to BDTS (which was shown as available) and boarding at Ajmer. This transaction has cost me Rs. 26/- extra fair per head, since it was from Jaipur to BDTS and not Ajmer to BDTS. But when ticket was finally generated it has allotted me waiting number starting from 11 in spite of charging full fair from Jaipur to BDTS.

      I have been shown confirm seats at time of booking of ticket but when finally ticket was generated after payment, I have got waiting number. Infact seats were available even after booking the ticket, so why your system has generated waiting number on my ticket has not been look by your department till now. This is the perfect case of fraud under Information Technology Act 2000.

      I had immediately emailed the above described complaint but except for acknowledgment I have received no response from rail official and now nearly one month has passed.

      Indian railway is the perfect example of irresponsible government department where no one seems to accountable or concern of customer complaint in spites of several communication I have not received any response from railway. My several attempt to communicate to customer care service over phone call has prove infructuous, the personnel only want some how get rid of call instead of resolving the matter.

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        IRCTCTDR Not refunded

        Complaint Details
        I have booked 2nd AC Ticket with following particulars
        Transaction ID: [protected], PNR No : [protected], Train No. & Name: 0386A/HW GAYA SPECIAL, Date of Journey:02-Apr-2010, Class: 2A,
        Distance: 0493 KM
        Boarding : HARIDWAR JN(HW) Resv Upto: LUCKNOW NR(LKO) Quota: General
        Scheduled Departure: 08:45* Total Fare : Rs 772.00 Adult: 1 Child: 0
        SNO. Name Age Sex Concession Code Booking Status/Current Status
        / Coach No/ Seat No
        1. Smt Kusum Rudra 50 Female /CONFIRM/ A1 / 0007/ LB

        Passanger has not travelled due to train delaed more than 6 hours. I have filed TDR on April 3, 2010, after more than 2 months on 14th June, I have received mail from IRCTC saying that refund is not possible because as per records passanger has travelled on her alloted berth, which is wrong information and cheat with passanger. kindly consider my request and try to give me justices so that I can get our full refund.

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          The complaint has been investigated and
          resolved to the customer's satisfaction
          IRCTCUnable to book ticket in tatkal

          I was trying to book my tatkal train tickets by IRCTC site from last seven days. But i was not able to book my ticket from that site with in 3 min when i booked ticket it showing me as long waiting list like 70- 80 where there are 312 seets are avaliable in that particular train. i was trying to book my ticket from Mumbai to Delhi. There are so many trains avaliable but no luck. But when i went to agent then i got confirm tickets but agents charged me Rs. 1200/- extra per ticket. No only me all of my friends are facing same problem so my question is who are booking the tickets?

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            • Sh
              Shaunak Jul 13, 2010

              Ya i agree to you Harish, but my concer here is that, isn't this decision of restricting the authorized agents from doing tatkal bookings online going to motivate the dalals & touts to indulge in unfair practices & illegal activities. this is going to hurt IRCTC badly going ahead. also its currently affecting the common people in getting their tickets booked.

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            • Ha
              Harish Hoskoti Jul 09, 2010

              I guess you might have gone to an authorized agent. Ideally as per rules and regulation of IRCTC an authorised agent should chanrge not more than Rs 20 for a ticket. If they do so IRCTC will take strict action against them. I have been frequently travelling and book tickets from my nearby Kirana store who is an authorized railway agent. He has always been helpful in providing rail tickets to me. It has saved a lot of my time as i dont have to go and stand at the window counter or go to an unauthorised agent and pay high charges. now there is a news that even Agents wont be able to book the Tatkal tickets between 8:00 am to 9:00 am. I suppose its gonna create so many problems for the general public to get tickets in Crises Situations.

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            IRCTCRefund for ekt200910200783836 not received so far.

            Dear Sir,

            Inspite of my 10 mails IRCTC is still not paying my TDR refund for Refund for ekt200910200783836 .

            Even I had tried a lot of.

            A time of more than 7 MONTHS HAD PASSED ALREADY.

            Will railway minister Ms Mamta Benarjee Please intervene in this case to do need full .

            rajesh sodhi

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              I was new to computer & internet and as such I had registered my name with IRCTC with several user IDS within a span ranging from one week to one year.However, once I got reasonably familiear with computer & internet, I started using 'jagan-uma' as the user id since middle of 2008.On 22.03.2010, when I tried to book my ticket with IRCTC online passenger reservation website, I could not log in and I tried various options like the 'forgot password hint questions & answers but in vain.Ultimately, I sent e-mails to IRCTC and to my shock, I had a message that my user ID has been deactivated and that even the e-tickets booked could be cancelled by IRCTC.This is unfair in that IRCTC could have sent a warning message that I should not have registered moe than once with my e-mail ID or should have given me an opportunity to explain/plead my ignorance as to why I had created so may ids with my e-mail id.

              2.I had advised IRCTC the various IDS I had registered with them and requested to cancel/deactivate all user IDS except the one I have been using for the past 1 1/2 years ie jagan-uma'. I do not get any reasonable response from IRCTC in that while my user id has been 'jagan-uma' with whice I have been booking e-tickets with IRCTC, now they say they donot find any such user id in their records and advise me to give case sensitive user ID. I am sure that my user ID with IRCTC is 'jagan-uma' only and to substantiate that I append below the communication received from IRCTC .
              Dear Jagannathan Samarao,
              Welcome. We thank you for your registration at IRCTC' s Online Rail Ticket Reservation website.
              Your user id is 'jagan-uma'.
              You will use this user id and the password given by you for all your transaction on The user id cannot be changed and hence we recommend that you store this email for your future reference.
              If you ever forget your password in future, you can use the 'Forgot Password' link available on the Home page of the site.
              We understand that you have read and agreed to the Terms and Conditions as applicable for transactions on our site. You can now make up to 10 rail reservations (up to a maximum of 6 passengers per ticket) in one calendar month.
              You can refer to any of these convenient links given below to assist you in your transactions on our site.
              1. How to book tickets online?
              2. Information about courier delivery.
              3. Cancellation Procedure.
              4. Frequently asked questions.
              5. Great Complimentary Gifts Every Week .
              We hope to offer you a uniquely pleasant experience in planning and booking your journeys with the Indian Railways. We look forward to having you use our services regularly.
              In case you require any further assistance, please mail us at [protected] or call us at 011 - [protected] / [protected] / [protected] / [protected] / [protected] .

              4. I have to undertake a journey on 20.04.2010 from Coimbatore to Bangalore and I presume that IRCTC has cancelled that ticket since I am not able to take a printout frm my Gmail message received from IRCTC on booking of e-ticket.

              Please treat the matter as MOST URGENT and address my problems.I had made my representaions to the undernoted officials of the IRCTC ie [protected], [protected] etc. I would have sent at least about 15 messages since 22.03.2010 but has not received any posotive progress except asking me to confirm that I have furnished the correct case sensitive user id 'jagan-uma' which frustrates me.

              Yours faithfully,

              S JAGANNATHAN

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                IRCTC — refund

                Dear sir, i'm attciong the transaction details of irctc travelled, but the refund amount not yet...

                IRCTC — Website deliberately slow at 8:00am

                What is going on with IRCTC? The irctc website shows "service unavailable", specifically during 8:00am to...

                The complaint has been investigated and
                resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                IRCTCNon refund of cancelled amount

                Dear Sir

                I have booked ticket through IRCTC using the username nmohanraj and cancelled the same on 20-Sep-2009.
                But the amount of Rs.1008/- towards the refund for the cancellation done on
                29-Sep-2009 for Ticket vide PNR [protected] has not been credited into my account.

                I have communicated the problem through email and phone to IRCTC. But they replied that the problem is with the bank and we cannot do anything in this regard. No proper response was given. When i contact my bank they said that they have not received any indimation from IRCTC. IRCTC is reponsible for the delay in the refund of the amount. Kindly request you to help me to get the refund for the cancelled ticket.
                I provide the details below.

                Pnr Number [protected]
                Transaction ID [protected]
                Train No 6327 Train Name KRBA TVC EXPRES
                From Station CHENNAI CENTRAL(MAS) To Station COIMBATORE JN(CBE)
                Date Of Journey 01-Oct-2009 Class 3A
                Boarding CHENNAI CENTRAL(MAS) Resv Upto COIMBATORE JN(CBE)
                Date Of Booking 08-Aug-2009 Total Ticket Fare Rs 1153.00

                Ticket Details
                S# Name Age Sex Reservation Status

                1 SENTHILKUMARAN V 37 Male Cancelled
                2 MOHANRAJ N 45 Male Cancelled

                with regards
                V.Senthil kumaran

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                  The complaint has been investigated and
                  resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                  IRCTCE-Ticket ID Proof Verification Cheating

                  i travelled oct19th from trichy to chennai (Rockfort Express). i booked train tickets for my whole family (5 members) through e-ticket. TTR came and verified one Person ID Proof and he left. after that i gone to sleep, at midnight 1.30a.m three special squard came and disturbed my sleep and ask ID Proof . i gave the ID Proof to them. They Asked each and every person ID Proof. I said only one passenger ID Proof is enogh, i aruged upto 2 a.m. Finally they charged Rs.1824(456*4 Members).
                  i gave the money. i am really surferred. why IRCTC mention any one person ID Proof is Enogh (In E-Ticket Print out). ?. so be safe IRCTC Travellers.
                  Special squad TTR Name : Rajesh . (they are not TTR's, they are Mid night Cheaters)

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                    The complaint has been investigated and
                    resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                    IRCTCFirst Class and Railway Employees


                    I very much agree that its good that Railway employees hold the privilege to travel free of cost in first class compartments, but it should not make the passengers suffer. I'm a civil engineer working at Chennai and I traveled by West Coast Express to Salem on 22.08.09. I traveled along with my brother and sister. we three were allotted berths at coach F1, compartment H. We all are working and we worked late night and so opted first class to have a comfortable journey. But when we entered our compartment there were already two railway employees. After they got down at Arakkonam we decided to sleep and spread our berths. suddenly three employees came and wanted us to sit. They claimed that they too hold first class pass to travel. Yes they may have, but what right do they have to disturb a passenger who has a reserved ticket???

                    They told that sleeping time is only 9pm to 6am and so we should allow them to sit. Who are they to decide our sleeping time? We paid Rs. 460 each to have a comfortable journey. they pay nothing and behave as if they are the authority to decide whether we should sleep or not. After a great conversation they said they will get down in one hour and we shall sleep. But every station some one or the other got into the compartment and we traveled as if we are traveling in Chennai city bus. At Jolarpet a total family got in and spreaded out all over compartment. They too asked why should we sleep in day time.

                    What is this?? Can you see this elsewhere all around the world?? Can people just like that get into a reserved compartment and disturb the passengers just because they are railway employees?

                    Of course, they shall travel in the first class but should look for a seat which is vacant or not booked by others. Even the TTRs doesn't seem to bother this. I'm really confused where to complain this.

                    Please help us to have a peaceful, comfortable journey.

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                      IRCTCNo refund on train cancellation due to Gujjar protests

                      I had booked an e-ticket for the PNR no. [protected] on portal. On the day of travel, i.e. 28 May, 2008, I was informed by the Agra Railway station information counter that the train is delayed by more than 12 hours and finally got canceled. All the trains originating from Rajasthan on 28 May were late and were finally canceled due to the Gujjar protests. The Cancellation rule on the IRCTC website says:

                      If the train is marked as "CANCELLED" in PRS due to breaches, floods, accidents etc. full refund is permissible in case the ticket is canceled within three days of the scheduled departure of the train. In case of e-tickets, such cancellations can be done by the customer through Internet. Unfortunately, my travel plans got impacted due to the train cancellation and I had to cancel the ticket online. Not to mention the discomfort and distress the change of plans and extra money for the new reservation at the last moment caused. As per the cancellation rules full refund needs to be made when the train is canceled.

                      Surprisingly, I have been refunded Rs. 264/- less under the transaction id [protected].

                      I am unable to understand on what account Rs. 264/- has been deducted, when the train was canceled. More so, the per ticket cancellation charge is 60/- only and I had 2 confirmed tickets, so, logically only 120/- should have been deducted. Truly, IRCTC seems to be flouting the Indian Railways cancellation rules and do not provide any explanation also after repeated requests.

                      After sending several reminders at [protected] also no one has bothered to reply until date. Truly, we are officially taken for a ride by a government agency.

                      God Bless IRCTC customers.

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                        • So
                          SOURABH SHRIVASTAVA Aug 31, 2009

                          1st problem,

                          pnr : [protected]
                          date of booking : 11aug2009
                          cancellation date : 12aug2009
                          refund amount : 1064
                          receipt no. : 726088
                          my amount after cancellation not refunded

                          2nd problem,

                          pnr : [protected]
                          date of booking : 11aug09
                          refund amount : 1330
                          receipt no. : irctc.1548.[protected]
                          refund date : 12aug09
                          the amonut refund by irctc is rs. 1555 but it is booking amount not the refund amount so please check for the delivery of right amount and in actual, i have not collected any amount
                          of 1555 it is just shown by my bank statement
                          so please check for it also

                          my name: sourabh shrivastava
                          username : vicky14786
                          pets name : vicky
                          date of birth : 28.03.1987
                          email id. : [email protected]
                          ph. : [protected]

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                        • Me
                          Mehra Aug 10, 2009

                          Our train MALWA XPRESS (2920) from JAMMU TAWI (JAT) to NEW DELHI (NDLS) dated 25 May 2009 was cancelled due to the riots in PUNJAB,
                          we were told that our reservation aomunt will be refunded automatically into your account because we had e-tickets
                          PNR Nos. are as follows
                          now its been more then one month and the amount has not been refunded.

                          Please look after the matter.

                          †hñx n Rєgคrd§
                          [email protected]

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                        IRCTC — Debited my account without authorization

                        IRCTC Online Passenger Reservation Site I have booked one ticket from NEW DELHI TO RAIPUR by...

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