Indian Post & Telegraph Deptt.Non Delivery of Articles /Letters


Dear Sir,
I am residing in New MIG DDA Flats, Mayur Vihar Ph-3,P.O-Vasundhra Enclave, Delhi-110096 . Our area Postman is not delivering our articles/letters & telephone Bill in time .A letter of my Rajghat Power house Society , N.Delhi-2 has been despetched on 03/10/2007 by U.P.C , but I have not received till date i.e 16/11/2007 . A weekly magzine "Business world" not received properly . MTNL Telephone bill not received in time. In this regard,Our Socity RWA has already been lodged a complaint to G.P.O & Head P.O Krishna Nagar ,but no action has been taken in view of above. I have already installed a letter Box at Ground floor last year.

Kindly instruct our area POSTMAN to deliver articles in time .
Thanking you.

Flat no.87, Pkt-B, New MIG DDa Flats,Near Salwan School,
Mayur Vihar Ph-3, DELHI-110096
T.No. (M) [protected] e mil ; [protected]


  • Dr
    Dr Mahendra Parage Jun 01, 2008

    Dear sir, This is to inform you that the postman in our area ( Pin code 442505 ghughus Tah. Dist Chandrapur Maharashtra )is not deliverying the articles and letters in time. sometimes he send it by children or give that when we reach his home. Most of the time he is drunken and arrogant . On behalf of Ghughus people myself Dr. Mahendra Parage request the concern authority to look into the matter.
    Thank you.

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  • Vi
    vijay kumar mathur Oct 04, 2008

    dear sir,

    reapted chasing and reminders for the last 2 months madhdoot postcards 200 no. are not avaliable in panki post office (208020).pl. arrange at an early date.


    joint secetry, pansioner samaj
    panki, kanpur (u.p.)

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  • Su
    suparna Oct 31, 2008

    I want to know about a consignment sent to SBI Berhampore (W. B) from Bangalore on 16th Oct 2008

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  • As
    Ashim Kumar Biswas Nov 10, 2008

    Customer Care

    Being compelled under circumstances we the customer of your JHALJHALIA Post office Dist- Malda Pin-732102 (West Bengal), like to put forward our under pained complaint to your kind notice with the intention to get a prolific result on the subject. We are narrating a pen picture of mentally deplorable condition of JHALJHALIA Post office.

    I am an employee of Central Government organization, working as a Deputy Manager and the Job is transferable. Presently I am posted at Jammu Kashmir Railway Project and living with my family at Srinagar. This is very difficult to come at MALDA for encashment of the holding NSC‘s No:- 37EE 687588 & 687589 of phase Value Rs. (10, 000.00+10, 000.00) 49CC 854751 of phase Value Rs. (1, 000.00) which was purchased by us for the purpose of TAX savings on 10th July 02 and matured on 10th July 08.

    The present post master of JHALJHALIA Post office Dist- Malda Pin-732102 (West Bengal), joined in Jhaljhalia from other place. He is in the habit of commanding the entire customer like a paid servant of him. He always threatening the customer and putting them in troubles in various ways adopting malpractices by misplacing their valuable papers and making delay in payment. Due to its consequential effect all the customers are very much annoyed to him which has become a barrier of smooth working of JHALJHALIA Post office.

    We jointly signed the above mentioned NSC‘s and send to Malda with a authorization letter in favour of my father/father-in-law’s name who is residing at Malda, Jhaljhalia, Mahananda Pally along with our Votter ID, PAN card and ration card to collect my Cheque against above referred NSC’s which has been matured on dated 10th July 08. My father/father-in-law approaches to post master along with relevant documents for collect our cheque but post master refused to hand over the cheque to my father/father-in-law even after submitting above mentioned proper valid document to the postmaster, in which, it is clearly mentioned the relationship with the Nimai Chandra Biswas and us. As my service is transferable and presently we are posted at Jammu Kashmir Railway Project at Srinagar. So it is impossible for me, to collect the cheque personally from Malda Post office. How much monitory we have losses due to the above mentioned delay. Do you think is it correct? It is so dirty working style of post office of Jhaljhalia of Malda (West Bengal), I never seen in my life. Now a day nobody is interested to purchase the NSC due to the above mentioned harassments. Can you under stand why the post master is refuse to hand over the cheque to my father/father-in-law? You peoples are working under the umbrella of Government organization. So nobody have any botheration to increase the customer or their satisfaction. After passing the month you peoples are getting the good salary. So customer suffering it is not your headhack.

    So I request you to kindly take initiative to the above matter and give an instruction to the postmaster to hand over the cheque to my father/father-in-law against our mentioned matured NSC’s.

    Hope my humble prayer will adhere

    Thanking You

    Yours faithfully

    Ashim Kumar Biswas
    Chhabi Biswas
    Railway Holiday Home Local Address:-
    190009 JHALJHALIA
    Phone No+919419089248 MALDA
    West Bengal
    Phone No:- 03512-265239
    Mobile No:- 9735982909

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  • An
    Anupam Patra Nov 23, 2008

    My Post office has not delivered general letter(Post Card, Envalop, Official letter, Telephone bill) from last one year. Post Master not take care.
    PIN - 721253

    Please do needful.

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  • Pr
    Prof. Anjan Mukherjee Nov 28, 2008

    On 05.11.2008, I have sent an envelope By speed post (EE859148167IN)From Agaretala Post office, Tripura To Prof. B.K.Dass, Department Of Mathematics, University Of Delhi-110007.Stillthe letter has not been delivered to Prof. B.K.Dass.The letter reached the Malka ganj post office on 08.11.2008(as per movement chart).Kindly look into the matter & instruct to deliver the letter as soon as possible.

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  • Ri
    RITA Feb 10, 2009

    I live in Deepali 146 Pitampura Delhi. I am not receving my mails, important documents, telephone bills from last 2 years. I met personally to the post master RANI BAGH and made complaints several times but all in vain . The area postman /the delivery-man do not listen to us. He only delivers to us the rsgistered mails and I apprehand that he gives our mails to somebody else in our colony to some other address intentionally or on being provoke by someone .Kindly look into the matter and instruct that our posts to be delivered on time as soon as possible.


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  • Dr
    Dr. BINOD MISHRA May 14, 2009

    Sub: Regarding inordinate delay in the payment under term deposit scheme in Kurson, Nadiami, Post office, District- Darbhanga, Bihar-847405.

    Dear Sir
    I wish to bring to your notice the casual and indifferent postal services in Kurson, Nadiami, Post office, District- Darbhanga, Bihar.

    My father, Shri Ramesh Mishra, an old man deposited Rs. 29, 000 under term deposit, Ac No. 33107 on October 10, 2008. But because of certain unavoidable circumstances he applied for pre mature withdrawal in January 2009. After several pleadings, the then post master relented to consider my father’s request. The document as per the post mater’s version was sent to head post office, Laheriasarai on 27th Jan, 2009. And yet no intimation came despite the lapse of the lock- in period, a deterrent, (of six months). The post master sent reminder to head post office, Laheriasarai vide RL. 302/ 21.4.2009. By this time my father had made several rounds of the post office but of no avail. Helplessly my father borrowed money on high interest rate in order to satisfy his requirements but the postal department is not at all bothered till date.

    Again when inquired on 6th May, 2009, the post master could not give any satisfactory answer. The postal department, too, perhaps follows the usual trend of shifting responsibilities and blaming their next offices and as such the said post office is not an exception. My father has suffered badly because of the apathy of postal department and he is in a state of depression. In remote areas of Bihar where postal services only are the ways to be acquainted with the outside world for all purposes, this really is deplorable.

    Since I live at Roorkee (Uttaranchal), I earnestly request you to look into the matter urgently and come up with a solution. I am hopeful that your action would preclude me from knocking other doors to recover the amount along with the compensation for my aged father’s suffering.

    I look forward to your co-operation.

    Thanking you

    Yours faithfully

    (Binod Mishra)
    C/O Shri Ramesh Mishra
    At+p.o: Jaideopatti, Via: Kurson, Nadiami,
    Dist. Darbhnaga, Bihar: 847405.
    Ph: 06242-263311.

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  • Pr
    Prathap Shetty Jul 18, 2009

    Non receipt of parcel (750 gms digital camera) sent through Saudi POST EMS (Express Mail Service) Airway Bill # EE158360787SA dated 15 JUNE 2009.

    As per Saudi Post EMS (Express Mail Service) the parcel should reach in India 4 days guaranteed delivery. My brother (Prakash Shetty) in India everyday checking in the post office (Katipalla & Soorinje, Mangalore) but till today 18 JULY 2009 no success. After following up with Mumbai Speed Post office they send fax to me on 8 July 2009 replying that the item arrived at Mumbai on 19 JUNE 2009 and sent to delivery office and then to Bangalore on the same day.

    I am following up this matter with Bangalore speed post office and their customs deaprtment. Now Speed post Bangalore replying this item is forwarded to katipalla on 8th July 2009.

    Do you think this is express service there is no track record even after many follow-ups. Please replace in your department irresponsible staff and give the chance to work for the young active people.

    Please look in to this matter without further delay and expecting the positive reply.

    Prathap B. Shetty
    Email: [email protected]
    Mobile # 00966508834930

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  • Ta
    tariq siddique Sep 12, 2009

    Well what a shame for a nation progressing towards being a global super power, but the underbelly stincks, I am submitting this complaint with a hope that same one is really listening and acting on this.
    Complaint # 1... A packet containing some fishing accessories was send to me though USPS International Mail by Mr Jeff in the USA (BH Lures, Minnesota,, the US Customs number was LC 12963467, the same was dispatched on the 10th August 2009, till date ( 12/09/09) there is no information though I have been following up with the local Postal Office almost daily. I have now given up hope, can you help in locating the parcel, my paticulars & address to which it has been booked is given below.
    Complaint # 2...A second packet booked by Mr Jerry Lehman, Antique Collection, 125 N, Texas St, Hemphill Texas 75948 on Sept 2009 through USPS First Class Mail International having No LC 471326546 US, the packet contained 4 used Fishing Lures, I did receive the packet on 12/09/09 through the local postwomen, on opening the packet I was amazed to find it to be empty!!!, the cover had been tampered with, it has been opened carefully and after removing the items a scotch tape has been stuck on it. Well this has happened with two covers simultaneously.
    It seems there is some racket going on where goods send from foreign locations are pilferaged, if I report the matter to my US clients, what impression will they carry for our country?? They may decide to stop sending goods to India, I am in a dielima, can some one listen, hope there is some saner elements who will pursue these complaints in all seriouness and take strict action against the offenders.

    HYDERABAD (AP) 500034
    INDIA. Cell...9000485123.
    Mail I.D [email protected]

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  • Je
    jeffery Poppen Nov 15, 2009

    I am writing in regards to the Pensions in P&T Tiruchirapalli 620001. To date my mothers pension has not been creditted and everytime they keep blaming Delhi. They say that they have forwarded the life ceritficate but have not had a reply from Delhi. It is now two years and no arrears has been creditted to the account.
    Everytime it is a different excuse. Isn't there a responsibility for the elderly rather than keeping them going to the Post offfice everytime to see if the pension has been creditted. What are they doing and aren't they not paid to do their job. Yet they keep statues of their Gods and yet they are the biggest hippocrites. Is'nt this Blasphamy they show the picture of God and yet they make people suffer and make them make useless trips to the Pensions section with the same result - Oh Delhi has not replied. Can't someone take responsibility.

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  • Bo
    Boota Ram May 31, 2010

    My registered letter which was despatched on 25.5.2010 vide registeration No.RL A291 through Govt. College Post Office Hoshiarpur has not reached its destination i.e. C-6/468 Yamuna Vihar, Delhi-110053. This registered letter contained some important documents which are very difficult to get again from a Govt. department in the State. I shall be highly grateful if the track of the letter is traced and the letter should be delivered to me urgently. Thenaking you.

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  • Sh
    SHAJAN85 Mar 30, 2011

    SpeedPost No.:EM720389853IN
    Posteddate:MAR 24, 2011



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  • Il
    ILYAS FAROOQUI Jul 09, 2011

    Dear Sir,
    I am residing in A-502, SANGAM PARK, RANA PRATAP BAGH DELHI-110007 . Our area Postman is not delivering our articles/letters & telephone Bill in time . A monthly journal "THE CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT JOURNAL, STUDENT COMPANY SECRETARY JOURNAL" not received properly . MTNL Telephone bill not received in time. sometimes he send it by children or give that when we reach his home.

    Kindly instruct our area POSTMAN to deliver articles in time .
    Thanking you.

    MOBILE : 9871659789
    HOME PHONE : 27240760
    E-MAIL : [email protected]

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  • Su
    subhash kumar May 04, 2012

    Dear Sir, ---Letter box located in front of Sri Nagar sub Post Office under Saraswati Vihar post Office Pin--110034 need URGENT repair since its bottom severely rusted and damaged.Once you post a letter some of it protude out side the box.Miscreants may dammege posted letter. Kindly accord TOP PRIORITY for its replacement---Thank you.
    Yours Faithfully---Subhash Kumar, 139 Rajdhani Enclave Delhi--110034, Tel No --011-27102378

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  • At
    ATANU GUPTA Jan 27, 2013

    i sent an important document trough vide no A-RW 329289043/dt15.1.2013 from Radah rani post office/dist-howrah/west Bengal/pin no 711109 to Asansol main post office/westbengal, but the document yet been reached to asansol.Matter is very urgent so immidate action may please be accorded.

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  • Pa
    PALASH BANERJEE Feb 17, 2013

    I live in VILL-BHULA, PO-NALBONA, DISTT-PASCHIM MEDINIPUR, WEST BENGAL, PIN-721253. I am not receiving my mails, important documents, Hearing letter, Govt letter from last 2 years. I met personally to the post master NALBONA (MR. BAMAPADA DUTTA) and made complaints several times but all in vain . The area postman /the delivery-man do not listen to us. He only delivers to us the registered mails and I apprehend that he gives our mails to somebody else in our village to some other address intentionally or on being provoke by someone .Kindly look into the matter and instruct that our posts to be delivered on time as soon as possible.

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  • Na
    nareshimd Jun 16, 2013

    I am a resident of A 14 s delhi police apts mayur vihar ph 1 delhi 110091 my name is Naresh kumar i am
    residing at this place for the last 20yrs and receiving mails regularly its only for last 2 months or so we are not recieving mails so i went to my post office at patparganj where ifound my postman who told me that i am transferred to another place and shown me new postman. When ienquired him he said i came only two days back. I posted a lettter from the same po to my house 1 month has passed but i didnot recieve any letter. This post man deliverd a very imp call letter booked on 7 may speed post on 26th may. This postman is deliberately not delivering do the needful in this regard.
    Naresh kumar
    [email protected]
    M: 9910030509

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  • Kh
    khonga seb Nov 29, 2013

    The Head post master
    Madgaon Goa -403601
    Receipt of parcel: 3910 grms
    Speen post No:EM595792500IN
    Posted date: 13th Nov 2013 Madgaon head post office Goa
    Counter no:2, OP. Codr:-02
    Dear sir I am khonga seb i live in colva sandaretreats Sernabatim beach road baywatch resort goa. On 13th Nov 2013 i have sent parcel to my bro Binthonlo seb staff nurse NHAK kohima Nagaland. But till today the article not yet deliver to the destination place.
    Therefore i earnestly request your esteemed department to claim out the pacel to deliver on time to destination place.
    Here are the address I have sent. To, Binthonlo seb staff nurse NHAK kohima Nagaland- 797001
    From khonga seb Sandaretreats Sernabatim beach road colva salcete Goa India- 403708

    Thanking you
    Yours faithfully
    khonga seb
    baywatch resort goa

    here the address 13th

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