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I own 2018 yamaha r1 and it was my dream bike from last 14 years and last year my dream came true when i bought bike from shubhlaxmi motors jaipur on 5th november 2018.
Registration nunber - RJ01 QS 0033
Just after some time of owning it there was a problem that was sudden shut of engine at any speed, first i thought that might be i am new to this bike so didnt thought much but then the issue came some time or other but after 5 months this problem became very regular and i informed dealer about this to which they replied that he has forwarded the complain to their supervisors and one fine day when i was riding at 160kpmh the bike engine all of sudden shut down and somehow i managed to bring the bike to halt. Just imagine engine shutting off at that speed and then when i tried starting the bike it didn't turn on to my surprise the battery didnt have enough power to crank the engine and at last the bike was pushed for 100 meters and then it was started and took the bike to service centre which was 150kms from my place and got everything checked and there was some carbon on wires and battery voltage was not stable and was dropping and mechanic cleaned the sockets then voltage came to normal. Post 2 days the same problem started coming to which now bike all of sudden shuts down just after 5-10kms of ride and post that if we try starting using self the battery is almost dead.
Dealer was not able to help much as he did whatever was in their hands but nothing helped. Even i wrote many mails, called customer care but non of them replied or helped me solving my issue. Lastly mr. Rajeev jaiswal took problem in their hands and got the bike checked at ajmer paras motors to my surprise the battery was dead and needed to be changed now the bike was not even an year old and was facing this issue from 5 months but all are saying tha IT'S COMPANY POLICY THAT BATTERY DOESN'T COME UNDER WARRANTY AND NEEDED TO BE CHANGED AT MY OWN COST. I just want an answer that why the hell i need to change battery at this short interval. Bike has done just 3600kms and battery is dead. My life was risked and none of company guys provided a good response. Being a premium custome buying a 23 lakh rupees bike, this is what i am getting.
No one is even giving me in written that BATTERY DOESN'T COME UNDER WARRANTY. How can i trust on words if no one is giving me in written.
Everyone denied saying it wont be covered under warranty and even if i change battery with company recommendations then too i wont get warranty. How can i trust the brand and how someone will buy this costly bike . I had no confidence left to take my bike for rides and bike is stranded from last 25 days.
This is how you treat your customer. More then 4 mails have been sent and have called thrice to customer care then too no one is replying and solving my issue.
Urvesh murjani

Oct 12, 2019
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  • Ca
      Oct 13, 2019

    Worst Quality product, yamaha is selling, I am also a Victim, tomorrow going to file consumer court case against YAmaha,

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