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pabb63 on Feb 5, 2019

I was advised by an account rep (in december) assigned to me how to set up budgets to supposedly get more candidates. After being hit for over $1300 in charges and not many applicants I can honestly say I will not use indeed again. I feel I was misguided and flim flammed by your rep to... / website-job board uk

RobinUK on Feb 4, 2019

Hi there, I am complaining about the job application board for the UK. The reason for my objection is because you can not come back out of the web page you are in once you are positioned in it. For example, today I go through your Indeed portal into a job page. Once I am there, I want to... / bolsa de contratación de empleados que nos fue suspendida sin motivo

Alberto Jardon on Jan 26, 2019

Nosotros somos una empresa de hospitales, clínicas y farmacias legalmente constituida que tiene presencia en Rosarito BC y Ciudad Juárez Chihuahua, llevábamos ya algunos días útilizando los servicios de Indeed con éxito, de repente y sin previo aviso nos prohibieron el uso del servicio para... / job posting

Krkirst on Jan 9, 2019

Company REA Group Ltd posting for admistrative assistant/data entry. Everything was rushed and needed to respond ASAP. Gmail emails were given to me from the interviewer. I had to download google hangouts and answer questions the person speaking to me was Randy K. Blevins. Said he was the... / service in gmr company

Deepak Lenka on Nov 27, 2018

Sir I Dhaneswar Lenka Plot No 5F/763 Cuttack CDA sec 9 sir mere se Rs 91117/ rupees Mr Anmol and Mr Sidharth bring to service in GMR kamlang Odisha sir I paid all amount this account No20307447146 IFSC 009010 Mr Sanaullah Ansari sir mr Anmol mob no 9658195946 and [email protected] and... / fake job through indeed company

Dhaneswar Lenka on Nov 16, 2018

I was registered mobile number in indeed job I got an call from Mr Anmol and Sidharth from Ahmedabad my indeed job Pvt Ltd corporate office 28 circular Road 4 th floor Ellis bridge Ahmedabad Gujarat pin 380006 as per discussion through Anmol called your interview carried out through mobile... / not getting paid by an employer found on ibdeed

Lillie65 on Oct 11, 2018

I worked for a franchise who is owned by Adele Plus or Adele in Montréal Québec, I worked for 3 weeks then she fired me. Her name is Bonnie Ann Roy and is a franchise of Adele Plus. Com . Now she refuses to pat me for the 2 weeks she owes me . And she refuses to answer my emails and text msg... / wantonly charged $422 w/o my authorization or knowledge!

intimagemd on Oct 3, 2018

I can only surmise that since indeed has all the complaints i've read, that they must be desperate for money without legit customers! The site had the audacity to wantonly charge my credit card $422 for an ad that I did not ever place! (they'd had my card from when i'd attempted months ago... / fraud ad postings

Hasankala on Sep 11, 2018

Plz find attached the list of spammers My account has been disabled thas ok I got to know that I can't post multiple adds on Indeed and also can't use generic Tittle but I want to know how come others adds with generic tittle are allowed on Indeed. please find below the list of companie... / unauthorized charges

jessica howard on Aug 23, 2018

08/01/2018 my credit card was charged 250.00 for use of your service for use of your service .We would like a refund for this amount . my husbands credit card was cancelled due to fraud and he was charged for ordering new cards.He didn't have access to any money for the 10 days it took the... / job posting for employers

M Janssen on Aug 22, 2018

Indeed charges per click but they will not provide proof of who clicked on your ad. I posted an ad and typically we would get an average of 10 clicks on most other job sites. Indeed showed 480+ clicks in three days. They make sure your daily or monthly budget is always maxed and then hit... / communication from your employees

Claire Biggs on Aug 2, 2018

I recently posted a few jobs on your website. I received calls from Cian who was very rude. I also received the following email (dated 28th June 2018) from him which I found very unprofessional and rude and as for sending candidates to competitors, I was speachless Since this he has even... / atrocious, uncaring customer relations repel legitimate employers!

MedMed on Jul 21, 2018

What a joke. We used indeed in the past and had 'iffy' results. Most of the 'applicants' whose resumes we received said, "I didn't apply with you," when we phone them. I assumed that the site had just slapped some random resumes to us to make it look like they got results. But, because we... / employer job posting

Jay1st on Jul 17, 2018

Like MANY OTHERS have posted here and elsewhere, Indeed's billing practices are highly deceptive. I had used Indeed previously with mediocre results. When I needed to advertise again, my Account Rep pitched me on their PPC (pay per click model). He explained we would only get billed for... / cannot close account and sure I never opened one in the first place

Sharon Zappha Barfoot on May 29, 2018

I do not recall ever signing up to this site and when I go to attempt to disable my account you get caught in a loop and are unable to disable or close your account. I do not, under any circumstances want to receive information from this site nor do I want them to keep on file my... / solicitation

Trixie95 on May 29, 2018

I do not appreciate being called by an immigrant on Memorial Day, an American holiday just so I can be solicited for a job. This was rude, annoying and very unprofessional. How did you get my unlisted number and what made you think it was a good idea to harass me on a holiday? I will never... / job board

William C. Boteler on May 24, 2018

I have been unable to get into my account. I ask for new passwords but after resetting my passwords they never work. There is no human to talk to, as is tragically normal now, but there is also no place to complain- nothing. I used them for job hunting for many years but now they are... / someone is using my title to post review

Tim Groover on Apr 17, 2018

I did not post a review on my company on March 24, 2018. What can be done about this? I have that only position within the company. Is someone setting me up? Who can delete a review once it has been posted? What happens when my company see's this and approaches me, what can I do? I hope... / fraud paid services

muksatt on Apr 10, 2018

This is a complaint with regards to online fraud and cheating by Indeed employees from contact nos : #9818495791 (Indeed paid services / Airtel / Delhi) & # 8130400531 (Airtel / Delhi) The caller Ms. Priyanka and another caller (M) who did not reveal his name from the second number charged me... / online job posting

Soumya Mohan on Apr 2, 2018

I got message that 330 AED has been deducted from my debit card on 1st april from indeed account which am not even using and disabled a month before. This is unfair as they used my debit card without my knowledge and consent. This is a pure case of confidentiality breach. They send me email...