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I recently got hired at a driving company by the name of Unicorn LLC / TPA Cargo Solutions which I found when I typed CDL in job subscription and Jacksonville, FL as my City/State. This company does in fact use both names. This company uses INDEED Jobs to advertise $2,400 - $3,000 per week to the driver after all deductions are made. This company issued a contract and didn't honor anything in their written contract that I provided my personal business on such as, social security number, Medical Information, Government Clearing House, Commercial Drivers License, Home Address, and TSA Information. After driving 3,579 miles for this company waitng 3 weeks for my paycheck I received nothing. I didn't get one single red cent from this company. They didn't even email me my settlement sheet to give me the opportunity to dispute anything that was incorrect. I haven't saw a thing. All my banking info was correct as well as my email address that has been correct from day one before I arrived to the semi truck that I was issued. This company said truck was supposed to be equipped with inverter and refrigerator, but the truck came with neither. This company stole my personal information and robbed my family and I. This company is a company I found on INDEED job's unlike CRAIGSLIST where a lot of other false advertisement are posted. What are you going to do about this INDEED JOB'S?

Desired outcome: Job posting from both companies banned from future post and for you guys to be a witness in civil court if need be.

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