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No Company Screening Process

company does not care for job seekers. The communication is poor when issues and concerns come up.
The Testing process Is the worst, someone like myself with decades of office skills and certifications are rated so low the tests are WRONG and UNFAIR.
YOU are not allowed to change or even re-test.
Better job sites out there STAY AWAY from Indeed!!

refund not received

1st Novemeber I had received a call from indeed for job seeking services, Initially the lady who called me that need to pay 3000 then calls went on and on at last paid near about 20000, they told I will have telephonic interview but before that need to submit the copy of all my documents, which i was not comfortable with. I called them and said do not want to submit my documents they said this is our company policy you have to submit the documents. So decided to not avail the services and refund my money. One lady was so Stupid she dint have the patience to listen to me, she dint know how to deal with the customer she started abusing me. Later On in December got a call from finance department indeed that if u want to refund then you e to have to pay more 5000 else you have to wait till February. Till now i dint receive my amount.Please do the needful else i have to take srtict action.

unethical behaviour - ripoff, arrogant account managers, website doesn't deliver

I'm an employer who has placed sponsored job adverts with Indeed over the last two years or more. I am very disgruntled with the service we have received from Indeed over this period. The account managers have been very focused on getting us to sponsor job adverts so they can make their money but the job adverts have generally not yielded any meaningful results. Despite placing what was described as targeted adverts we were getting very 'inappropriate candidates' for the roles we were advertsing, with many being in totally different cities from where we are located and with no intention to relocate. The results from the pay per click adverts were equally disappointing, as we were being charged everytime these 'inappropriate candidates' clicked on our advert and expressed interest. Many of the 'so called candidates' do not pick up the phone when you try calling them after expressing interest on the Indeed website, which makes me wonder if these are people that are actually actively looking for a job or just a scam from Indeed to make employers think that their adverts are yielding results. We are currently being billed £1000 for a campaign that yielded absolutely nothing. We have tried to speak to the account manager who was allocated to our account at the time of the campaign to see if this bill can be discounted as the campaign was an absolute flop but we have met with a great deal of arrogance from both the previous account manager Mel Donnellan and the current one Simon O'Riordan. Clearly customer satisfaction is not something Indeed is concerned about. They are good at giving you a good sales pitch about what their sponsored jobs will achieve, take the money and run. They do not care if you as an employer do not achieve anything at all from the money paid, wich is what has happened in our case. THe arrogance from management and the unwillingness to listen and make an effort to resolve concerns is shocking
Employers please beware! This website is a scam! It doesn't deliver!

employers account blocked

I work as an HR personal for AETERNUM.Pvt.Ltd . Our company indeed account is been blocked for no reason, as the other indeed accounts are working the account is on id aeternum.pvt.[protected]
I need to fill up the vacant vacancies for my company and was relying on Indeed but my account is now blocked.
Please open it .
Many candidates has applied and were shortlisted but as i can not access the account i am unable to call people for interview. assessments violate your privacy!!

Read the fine print. If an employer asked you to take an assessment, you need to be aware that indeed will post the results for all future employers to see EVEN though you have a rule Internet connection that does not accurately record your answers. This is slanderous and a violation of my privacy. I have complained to the FTC and I encourage everybody else to do so. Indeed is a big tech monopoly like Facebook And they think they can get away with murder. They are also useless for jobhunting but that's a separate problem.

job search website

I have applied for numerous jobs on Although I believe my resume and cover letters look great, and I have a solid work history, I have gotten very few interviews, let alone job offers. The few interviews I have gotten were companies/organizations who said they saw my resume online and were interested in hiring me. Although I did well at these interviews, I wasn't hired. I would like to note, however, that there were very similar patterns of behavior in the interviewees or in the interview environment during these interviews. My recommendation to you is this: do not use I believe they have a hidden agenda and it's not about helping you get a job!

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    I have applied for numerous jobs through Although I believe I my resume and cover letters look great, and I have a solid work history, I have gotten next to no interviews, let alone job offers. I believe has a hidden agenda and I strongly recommend not using their website when looking for employment.

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    Or let me rephrase that, I believe they have a hidden agenda and it’s not about helping you get the job you want!

fake job posting

Dear Team, I am escalating a fake job posting on behalf of HR Department in MS Construction LLC FZ. We are...

cancellation/charges to my account./refund

I would like a full refund for charge to my acct. for month of 10/2019. Transaction #[protected]. I am no longer seeking a job. and still being charged to use my resume. Please refund my acct. immediately. Also, it is pretty shady that there is no way to cancel by speaking to a real human being. Refund. Immediately. Thankyou,
Georgia Gillis-Van Buren

not allowing me to use my resume

On 9/27/19 I went on indeed just to see something so I tried applying for jobs and when I tried using my resume to apply. I was sent a code to verify my email they never did that before so I ignored it so I tried again 9/28/19 it not sending me a code anymore to verify my email. Now they not letting me use my resume to apply for jobs I dont have to use their site to apply for jobs ineed just shady and mad because I call them out on what their doing first tbey hide my email on my resume and put and email from indeed now this. Shady folks

not allowing me to use my resume

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    This was sent by indeed fake email they are not a representative of this company

your review process mislead me. i'd like to have my review of omeros (see attached file) removed

Dear Indeed,

When completing the review of Omeros Corporation (see attached email screen shot you sent to me this morning), I was misguided by your IT team in that my responses regarding me, as a former employee, would be entirely anonymous. You actually posted my previous position, which the entire company will know who completed the review!!! Unacceptable. I would like to immediately request my 'review of Omeros Corporation" be removed from your online portal. Please see a screen shot of the review that you sent to me this morning for reference.

If you should have any questions, please feel free to contact me directly via my email or cell (as indicated below).

Thank you very much in advance for your timely cooperation in removing my review. If you could please forward an email confirmation confirming the removal of my review that would be much appreciated.


your review process mislead me. i'd like to have my review of omeros (see attached file) removed

i'd like to remove my review of the company (see review below and attached file)

Dear Indeed, I don't mind having my review online, however, I was mislead into believing that this would be...

job search

The last several months I've been applying for Armed Security work, probably around a dozen jobs, and I'm not receiving interview invites like in the past. Its almost like I'm on a Black List.
I have used indeed for my primary job search for 10 years and up until now I have been very satisfied with their job finding help. The Armed Security arena is picking up the pace on the need for qualified ex military personnel and the Federal Government is ramping up their needs for Officers and the remuneration is much more satisfactory than Private or Civilian concerns.
Interestingly enough, when I apply to these Federal Security positions with out any further response or Interview Invites it is very disheartening.

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    Everywhere Sep 06, 2019

    I'm sorry you aren't getting interviews... but how is that Indeed's fault?

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charging our account by indeed

Good afternoon, My name is judit samoila and I am writing you in behalf of the the peach tree beauty...

Slandering personal comments about myself and my family.

Dear Team, My name is Sallyann Briggs I am the manager of Kesson House and the Withens Nursing Home part of...

playing games

I applied to a job thru indeed a week ago they had the nerve to email me saying they move on to other candidates that message wasnt from the employer. that was with they logo not the employer just another tatic by the state of Florida they have been contacting. jobs that i applied to. on indeed have them call me ask my availability and i don't hear from them again

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    I recently applied to more jobs on indeed using my resume and saw now they hiding my email address on my resume and when i submit the application it shows and email from indeed. saying they masking my email for pravicy t hey never did that because one job i applied for. i never received and email saying they received my application so it had to went to indeed i didn't given them permission to do that

indeed blocking and closing accounts

Indeed is discriminatory towards employers, and displays NO loyalty to businesses who advertise with them frequently.

Indeed blocked our business account without any discussion or valid communication as to the justification for the block. Once a block has been placed on the employer's account, there is almost no removal and all previously paid for applicant information is lost. Allow me to repeat myself. When/If Indeed blocks your business account they will NOT work with the employer to restructure and ads which at their bias discretion is deemed unfitting. The employer will and does loose 100% contact of any data previously paid, and are band from promoting jobs again on their site.

The management team at Indeed is dysfunctional, and not only are they unable to provide a valid justification for a block, but they are also unable to provide a logical explanation on how the block could have been prevented. Even ads previously approved, can overnight be categorized as unacceptable, and with notice or warning, any account can be terminated. Indeed does not care what damage is inflicted on your business due to the block, and will not offer a solution other than Thanks for your money, YOU'RE GONE! Thank God the criminal justice system doesn't operate in the same fashion as Indeed.

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    Not at all. All jobs were legit, the same style of posting for years, hired a lot from the site, even had Indeed staff approval. When they can't even tell you what's wrong with the ad or how to fix it... Well... The victim is an interesting choice of words. Even limited stated, and published Indeed Guidelines do not address the vagueness of the limited explanation for blocking the account.

employer account blocked without reason

My employer account was blocked without any reason whatsoever. I was then asked to provide additional documentation. I provided a certificate of incorporation, articles of incorporation, and a business licence. Then I was emailed by someone from the "Indeed search Quality" with no contact name or contact phone number saying my account has be found to be unsuitable to Indeed and that this decision is final. A final decision from some unidentified, unreachable customer service rep who does not know how to properly review corporate documents? This situation is beyond comprehension. We are an incorporated general contracting company posting legitimate job advertisements. We provided all of the information requested and without any explanation have been denied an account and its a final decision? A final decision by whom and based on what? I have paid Indeed for posting jobs for my other companies since 2014 and now this? Unbelievably poor customer service. I will be making a BBB complaint and escalating this matter until it is resolved. Not to mention pulling my other business from Indeed until a real person resolves the matter.

employer account blocked without reason
employer account blocked without reason
employer account blocked without reason
employer account blocked without reason
employer account blocked without reason
employer account blocked without reason


Hi, I am a serious job seeker. One lady from Saratha International School, Gobichetipalayam, Tamilnadu...

job site

I have had to list my information in detail on this site, because the CV does not upload properly. I applied...

indeed blocked my account for mistaking me for another company we have no connection too!

on July 4th I realized I couldn't access my candidates anymore on indeed, when I called they told me it...