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M Nov 20, 2017


I am writing to you about the poor service myself and my partner received at the EASTAR Jet Check-in at 5:15am on 2017/11/20.

We were one of the first few people in the queue, ready to be checked in when the desk opened.

When the staff arrived and sat down at their desks at they started chatting between themselves and pointing at us and laughing, as well as counting how many people in the queue and which staff member was going to get us. We chuckled to ourselves as we knew they were talking about us but found it quite unnerving as we felt we were being singled out and made fun off - even with a language barrier its obvious what was going on!

Then one of the staff members started taking previous lugguage labels off the suitcases in front of us and then asked where we were flying to her, when we told her Taiwan she turned back round and went back towards the desk telling everyone 'Taiwan' again they all laughed and she never came back to ask anyone else were they were going or check the queue behind us - many with previous lugguage tags still on. Again we felt we were being singled out and laughed at.

Once check-in opened we went the a desk, but the agent wasn't confident in speaking English (and our korean is very basic) so asked if she could pass us on to her collegue (the one who had approached us when we were queuing) we said that wasn't a problem as we were having trouble explaining to her why we hadn't booked an onward ticket.

Once passed over, the women was very abrupt with us and said we weren't allowed on the flight without an onward ticket (she hadn't even looked at our passports) - we queried this as we had researched about visas, onwards flights etc before booking the flight and knew becuase we both have British passports that it we didn't need to.

We explained that to her, but she was very insistent and went and got a print out of the 'ASIANA AIRLINES' she showed us the last page which said mentions needing an onward ticket, but refused to get the next 'detail' page of that. She then went on to ask were we would be going next, we told her either the Philippines or Vietnam, and said we had to book the ticket now - I asked her what if just brought the cheapest ticket from herself - she dismissed this and told to go to Philippine Air and come back as she has customers to serve and then tried to serve someone else, without even letting us try and speak! We noticed the print out she had was two pages and asked if we could see it, as we weren't happy in the way she dismissed us, she let us look at it and on the front page it said 'British Passport holders' can stay for maxium 90 days and therefore can fly in to Taiwan without an onward flight. We pointed this out again she insisted on going back to the other page and saying we had to go and buy a ticket. We showed her our British Government website on the visa rules and at first she said she didn't know what a government was! after we asked her to check again, this time she ended up going to another desk to speak to someone and couple of minutes after she came back with a waiver for us to sign about if we did get pulled aside in Taiwan and questioned - we said this was fine and that we filled something similar in before.

We received no apology from her and only recieved the one form at first, I then had to tell her we needed one each, before I even had to a chance to sign mine she took it back - I then had to ask for it back so I could sign it! We checked our bag in and then that was it, no apology, no sorry for a misunderstanding or anything!

Not only this, while waiting for our flight we met up with somebody who we met in Korea who was on the same flight as us, and he had no problem checking in, they just asked him to sign the waiver form and checked him in. I would like to know why we had such an issue, while someone else on the flight had no issue at all??

We have travelled to many places over the years and have been through many airports in the last 7 months, and have never received such bad service. Even with a language barrier in other countries we have always manged to check in smoothly and leave on good terms.

We thought it would be best to inform the airport itself as they are representing you after all and believe you should be made aware. We are unable to find a complaints service for EASTAR Jet and therefore cannot make a complaint to them.

We would appreciate if you forward this on to its company and its staff as it is firstly unprofessional to laugh and make fun of customers, especially in an airport! Secondly, we felt descrimanted against.

I look forward to you response.

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