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I signed up for this site bcause it seemed full of sincere people. Very soon after I signed up as a "premium member" a beautiful woman appeared on my inbox. She asked some questions and never got back to me. I suspect she ("Shane") is a shill. Same for four other people. I emailed all of the via the site and got no replies. Then I asked two members if they were receiving messages or if the system seemed unable to deliver as to replies. Neither of them replied.

Each time I go online at the site a message invited me to become a premium member.

I contacted the company today about the issue and got no reply. I contacted them before about what seemed to me to be shady practices (for example, claiming all 500 of so members were online at the site at some point on June 17 — a virtual impossibility) and got no answers

It seems to me there is a risk that their programming is defective or it is a punishment, or there is just on one t the wheel; no one at the wheel is the general impression one gets from reading complains and reviews.

I signed up yesterday. I wanf out today. I asked to cancel. Please help me to cancel.


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