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Ikea Aneboda Bed Frameikea cheap furniture


In September 08 I bought an Aneboda bed frame and Lilliker Bed slats from Ikea. I didn't put it together until Jan. 09. I slept on this new bed one night and the next day I sat on the edge to put on my socks and the slats slipped off of the metal railing inside the bed frame.

I picked up the mattress and tried to put the slats back where they belonged, while getting splinters from the cheap wood. The metal railing that the slats rest on is about half of an inch. The slats are fitted into a rubbery piece that is supposed to hold the slats in place on the bed frame. They don't. I've been sleeping on it one week and I cannot even go near the edge of the bed or it falls.

I called the Ikea Stoughton phone # on my receipt and got someone in a call center in another state, cust. rep. said the stores don't take phone calls. I relayed the facts of the defective merch. to her and said she would e-mail my issue to the Stoughton store and someone would call me back in 3 days.

They called this morning. I have to take the bed apart and bring it back to the store 2 hours away and someone will look at it and decide if it is defective or not, I'm betting not. I told her that I will never buy anything at Ikea again and I will tell everyone I meet to never shop at Ikea. Ever. She was not phased or concerned by this at all. Could care less.

The cust. reps. were not rude, but their merch. is cheap junk. Their website says they stand by their "quality" products and have warranties. They lie!!! I will take apart the bed with a hammer and take the $$$$ loss. It is not worth my time and obvious(from the other posts) aggravation to return to the store.


  • Zo
    zoerouhi Jul 14, 2016
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    Verified customer

    today i bought two wardrobes was lead to believe the sizes was correct so i paid and asked for them to be delivered them discovered that they would not fit so i tried to contact the delivery company called allways express wrong they should be called never express because you can never get hold of them im very upset with ikea all i wanted to do was cancel the delivery so i could rectify the mistake now i will loose my delivery money that i cannot really afford to loose please advise

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  • Pi
    pissed off/embarresed Jul 14, 2016

    Aug. 23rd

    I am not in the habit of complaining. But the manner which my situation was processed was embarrassing and insulting.

    After waiting more than an hour to resolve a mispriced, purchased item I got angry with the person handling. This person called security and accused me of pulling her hair and hitting her. I might have spoken with my hands but at no time was the young lady touched.

    Once security came they escorted me out and I had to wait outside for the person I was with. I was told by the security person that I shouldn't have moved my hands. Believe I had pockets I would have put my hands in them.

    It will not be surprised if this complaint isn't taken seriously, but the problem was certainly serious to me. When I finally came home (quite late) I had to go to my doctor's the next day because the situation raised by blood pressure so high that the doctor had to put me on medication.

    What surprised me was the fact that IKEA's store is usually so well managed, from the restrooms to the rest of the facilities but no in the manner paying customers are handled most certainly be improved.

    Perhaps the young lady who took it upon herself to accuse me of assaulting her had a bad day. But that shoudn't have been my problem.

    Hopefully someone will read this and have the courtesy of answering.

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  • Po
    pobarjenkins Jul 14, 2016
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    Verified customer

    I hope they offered you an exchange of some sort.

    However, it's important to remember that when buying any furniture, you really do get what you pay for.

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  • Dv
    Dviganne Jul 14, 2016
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    Verified customer

    I cannot have worse words for a store. I purchased dressers, TV stands, and more and half of it fell apart within 3 months. the wood is made of crap and i cant even begin to say how bad their service is.

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  • Ra
    Raj Kolli Jun 17, 2016

    I will never buy anything from Ikea or suggest any one to buy anything from IKEA
    It is as two week night mare experience and it is still continuing.
    I ordered furniture on 1st of November and I was expecting the delivery on 9th as per the details on order from 10-4pm
    I didn't get the delivery
    I called the customer service following Monday 3rd of November to see what's happening
    They said some ware house error and so they couldn't deliver it and it will be scheduled for next Sunday 16th November
    On 4th Tuesday some one from delivery calls and says he is waiting in front of house 130 and waiting to deliver in fact mine is flat and number is 4. I have no idea where from he picked up this house address from
    Next day 5th of November I called customer service again and asked what is happening and clearly said I need to travel from Leeds to collect the delivery. Then the customer service guy it will be delivered on Sunday 9th November
    I asked for compensation and he agreed to reduce the delivery price which is 29 pounds that is peanuts for my travel and effort.
    Well expecting the stuff to come in I went to London on and waited all day on 9th from 10-2 and called customer service again
    They said first oh it is on schedule then they said it is not
    So I asked them to cancel the order and they agreed to pay me with in 3-5 days
    On 12 November some one calls my friend (whose number I gave it as second number) and says they wish to deliver things at his door. The he said he is not expecting it and we did cancel the order already.
    Today 13th some one approached my friends house and dropped one item and let. As my friends wife don't know that we cancelled she took that table.
    I called the payments service and asked them verify what is happening
    They put me to store again and the guy in store said oh some one is trying to deliver and there is one scheduled for coming Tuesday that is 18th November and put me on hold for 20 min and I got disconnected
    I called the payment service again and they put me on hold again

    Do Ikea really care about customers?
    I think Ikea is the worst customer service I faced my life

    Absolutely a waste of time

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  • Se
    Seetha Ganesan Apr 02, 2014

    I had the worst experience in this store. I wanted 140 units of coffee cup. I tried to order online and they directed me to the store since IKEA does not deliver. When I went to the store asked for help for packing the cups, the store person was very rude and did not offer any help. She asked me to pack it myself in small boxes. When started packing 6 cups in the small box, she came and told us that I cannot use a lot of boxes, since they are needed for other customers. I kept asking her to help me with a solution to pack this so that I can place it in my van. After 15 mins. of arguing, she stacked the cups on top of each other in spite of my objections that the cups may scratch. After going through the trouble of packing it, I needed help to load it in the van since I have back problem. The person came out and left the boxes on the curb side. When I came back with my van, they had left with no help for us to load. This is by far the worst experience I had in my life. The sad part was that they did not even bother to help in spite of me telling that this was gift for teachers and I was volunteering.

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  • Jo
    John Stone 75 Sep 02, 2013
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I went to Ikea Stoughton today and I was appalled by their personnel directing traffic. I believe they are RGIS employee's but they are working there on behalf of Ikea and as such are representatives of Ikea and should act accordingly. While waiting in the long line to get into the parking lot I witnessed those directing traffic shouting at customers in cars, getting belligerent with people, stepping directly in front of cars to stop people who were pulling forward while another employee walked over and started to shout in the face of a customer, sitting in their car, who was obviously just a little aggravated with the long line. In the end there were 3-4 of these "RGIS" Ikea representatives surrounding a car, being extremely unprofessional shouting at the customer in the car and causing a big scene for dozens of other customers to witness as they had now caused a complete stop of all the traffic for a few minutes to engage in this confrontation instead of addressing, whatever the issue was, with professionalism. The person then turned around and left as did I. I also witnessed several other customers just doing U-turns at that point and just leaving as well. Makes me wonder if Ikea knows how these people are treating their customers and if they care how many customers they lose because of it! Hello Jordan's Furniture - Never going to Ikea again!

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  • Ka
    Kazparka Jul 05, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I go into IKEA and spend £500 on furniture, then go to delivery desk to arrange|. Told we can deliver Tuesday, I say, I work then but how about Friday when I'm off, I'm told fine, but we will charge you £6".50 per day until delivery for storing your furniture.. I'm then told delivery could be anytime between 9-5, but someone will phone you 30 minutes before delivery time;. Oh and that'll be £45 delivery fee please;.

    IKEA get in a time machine and enter the 21st century, . Argos charge £3|.95 delivery charge, let you choose a morning or afternoon slot with a phonecall 1 hour beforehand.

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  • Jd
    jddogguy Jun 17, 2011

    There is no way i read all the post. But wanted to state my opinion, Ikea stuff is crap! And the customer service and store it self is nerve racking.

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  • Di
    disappointedwithIKEA May 09, 2011

    I bought the new BIRKELAND queen bed frame in IKEA and I HATE IT. It was a pain in the ### assembling this bed. I get purple spots on my legs almost everyday thanks to the corner legs frame. The queen size is bigger than the regular queen size. The bed frame is very poor quality. I AM VERY DISAPPOINTED, what a waste of time and money with this [email protected] of BIRKELAND QUEEN BED. Please do not buy furnitures in IKEA do not make the same mistake. The custumer service is really bad.

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  • Sh
    Shipward Jan 24, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I live in Vancouver and went to the Richmond store for a wardrobe. Spoke to sales people who asked that I configure the wardrobe on their computer which I did and was told that I could do the ordering on line at home on my computer, which I did on the IKEA Canada site, when sales person disappeared.

    The in-store info included delivery and installation for $140.00. The order on line included $199.00 delivery and apparently no installation.

    Because I was on holidays for 2 weeks, the delivery date had to be changed and I spoke with a representative and was told the installation was not included and the delivery charge was $199.00 from CALIFORNIA, without installation.

    I canceled the order and was told I would still be charged $150.00 for shipping from California to Vancouver. After discussion with a supervisor the shipping charge was reduced to $100.00.

    Be aware that web orders do not come from local stores and the details of delivery and installation in the local stores are not part of web ordering.

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  • To
    toyszruskid Feb 22, 2010

    "Numbnutts" You sure you're in college? Pretty sure I have complete understanding of what it means to have respect for your job. I never stated you shouldn't do what you can to help a customer. I'm all about customer service, but there's only so much you can do to please people. If they're asking you to give them the world, sometimes you have to follow the guidelines of your job and refuse. The poster stated that the customer service representatives weren't rude, they just couldn't give him/her what he/she wanted... which equates into an unhappy, usually unpleasant customer. "I told her that I will never buy anything at Ikea again and I will tell everyone I meet to never shop at Ikea. Ever. She was not phased or concerned by this at all. Could care less." I'm sure the rep apologized to the poster. If he/she didn't, wrong of them not to do so. However, they were probably kind and apologetic over the phone, just couldn't give the poster what he/she wanted. If the reps were mean, I could understand going off, but it sounds like they were just doing their job. "So i understand feed your kids, go to school, but if im buying something from the store you work at dont act like a god damn bi;lktch." Not sure who was being a ###, considering the poster STATED they weren't rude. -.-

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  • Sm
    SMBLACK Feb 17, 2010

    I bought a bed from ikea the beginning of my fall semester. I just moved into a new apartment and was super excited to have a nice big full sized mattress compared to my dorm rooms twin size. My roommate and I attempted to put it together only to realize that one of the wooden boards were completely split in half. For some unexplained reason I didnt think twice about faulty material, because I had a cool new ikea bed. So I took it back. Long line but no biggy, it happens. I gave them the two halfs of the board and said I needed this to be replaced. Silly me I forgot my receipt, so whatever Ill come back and exchange it another day. I mean its my fault that I didnt have the receipt. So back again I went to ikea broken board in hand, receipt in the other, again a long wait but i just kept think of my cool new ikea bed. 2 or so hours later I had a new board, so back to assembly. But this time there was a piece I was missing. Crap back to the store. At this point I was slightly perturbed at the inability to assemble my cool new ikea bed. I got the last piece of my puzzle and headed home. However, again in my assembly a second piece was broken and the the most resent piece I retrieved was not the right one. So again back to my 2 hour long wait in the customer service line. I mean what the hell were they doing back there? There were only four people ahead of me and the math doesn't quite add up. What ever.

    So FINALLY put together I spent at least a month on my bed until one day the wooden boards decided they no longer wanted to connect to the rest of the bed. At first I was a little shocked my cool new ikea bed is broken oh no, i must fix it. And I did, every single time it broke. Which happened a lot. Often enough that i got tired of constantly waking up and putting everything back together every night. Then the midbeam caved in. I have never in my life seen that happen before. But down it went with out my approval. Now I sleep on my mattress on the floor. Not so cool and new anymore. And here is the end of the line. Never buy any furniture from ikea...especially the beds(or at least the ones with the wooden slates). Though I hate going back to ikea for anything im not gonna lie, their meatballs are so good. JUST DONT BUY A BED!

    OH and numbnutts talking about customer service and crap. Toyzruskid...ya i am a college student working to afford my education, but working also requires some respect of that job. In case you didnt know. Sure your not obliged to guarantee ikeas crappy furniture, but your there to help the customer in what ever way possible. Im not saying buy the sh*t bed off of them but I am saying if you have a certain respect of your position and company you should act like it not just dance around and say that its not ur fault ikea sucks. And if you dont have this type of respect it is because the company is not taking responsibility for their employees and is negligible of their actions. So i understand feed your kids, go to school, but if im buying something from the store you work at dont act like a god damn bi;lktch.

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  • Ik
    ikea-csa-uk Jan 22, 2010

    If you picked up the item from store yourself you must return it with your reciept, however if you had the item through home delivery then IKEA are obliged to collect, the onus is on the customer to prove an item is faulty. You can return an item within 90 days if you change your mind although if the item is not in the original packaging then it will incur a 30% charge as this cannot be resold.


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  • To
    toyszruskid Jan 15, 2010

    "Regardless of a persons role at IKEA they should not be employed by a company they do not stand behind. This is the exact kind of attitude that perpetuates the acceptance of HORRIBLE customer service."

    Clearly spoken from the mouth of a person who has never worked in a retail establishment. So because the company makes a few faulty products, people shouldn't work there? Try telling that to the husband who lost his job and needs to provide for his family, or the college student attempting to pay for their college education. Some people are so clueless. It's hard to deliver excellent customer service when you're dealing with someone like the poster. They want what they want, when they want it, despite the rules outlined by the company. IKEA even stated that they'd look at the product, but the poster doesn't want to drive that far. She/he rather "take apart the bed with a hammer and take the $$$$ loss. It is not worth my time." Real intelligent.

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  • phirefli Nov 23, 2009

    Regardless of a persons role at IKEA they should not be employed by a company they do not stand behind. This is the exact kind of attitude that perpetuates the acceptance of HORRIBLE customer service.

    I purchased the Aneboda bed frame in May 2009, when I got the bed home (more than an hour away from the store, ) I was excited to put it together (I actually enjoy that kind of thing, ) however the metal slats that are supposed to attach to the midbeam and frame did not meet up at any hole no matter how I turned them, flipped them or angled them. I called IKEA (same crap about not reaching the store directly...) and was told that the midbeam had changed and that I'd gotten a pre-change bedframe that didn't have the correct hardware. Ok... maybe that's something I could have been told WHILE I was there. Granted, knowing which frame was manufactured on what date is a little beyond a cashiers function but there could have been some kind of memo put out -maybe?- to tell customers to go to customer service for extra hardware that may or may not be needed. It would have saved me over two hours of my time! When I got BACK to the IKEA I'd purchased the frame from the guy told me he wasn't sure which hardware was needed or that they even had it in stock but that "this might work." Really? I was frustrated but exhausted and went home. No, the second set of hardware I was given was NOT the correct hardware and my husband was due home in TWO days from Afghanistan. We slept on the matress on the floor the first few nights until he felt motivated enough to try and fix it. We have done everything we can to salvage that frame (I lost my receipt somewhere during my second trip to the store - probably left it in the hands of the guy who wasn't sure about the hardware, ) but about two months ago the midbeam completely ripped away from the headboard. Completely unfixable and I hurt my leg so badly that I still have a bruise the size of large orange on my right leg.

    I was told by a phone rep that I "should have done things differently." (Like what? KNOW which series of hardware I was supposed to receive? Raise Holy Hell the first time I had issues with it?) But that there was "nothing that can be done about it now." We're out the money, time and sleep... and my leg still hurts.

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  • La
    Lauren77 Nov 12, 2009

    im having exactly the same problem, aneboda frame, lillaker slats, and at the slightest movement the middle ones on the right side collapse. I was so excited to have finally bought a frame and slats after having slept on a mattress on the floor for 2 months, now I have to disassemble everything and bring it all back, how frustrating. Ive only had good experiences with Ikea in the past, this experience has made me think twice about Ikea products. :-(

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  • Ja
    janebug Sep 01, 2009

    There is a solution to this problem. What you need to do, as I did with my IKEA bed when I finally figured out what was going on, is take the mattress off and fix the tension on the thin adjustable metal strips that attach the center bar to the sides of the frame so that they are as tight as possible! I did this by pushing my body weight against the side of the bed while fastening the screws. Once these are tight enough, the sides of the bed won't buckle and the slats won't fall through anymore. Naturally, this is NOT made clear in the IKEA instructions, but it should save you the trouble of returning it.

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  • Su
    sue26sue Jul 27, 2009

    I bought an aneboda bed less than 6 months ago, it was fine for the first few weeks but ever since the bed slats just kept falling through and driving me and my partner mad. We have to get up 3 or four times a night to lift the materess up and lift the slats back on to the middle metal support. Then to secure it with rolls and rolls of duct tape. We do not understand quite how they are falling . The slightest movement and they fall! Ive never had problems with Ikea before but i only belive that an item is fantastic price if it actually does the job its labelled to do. The Aneboda bed frame does not.
    Unfortunately, as i returned to university the 45 day guarantee had run out by the time i was able to return the item. So now i am stuck with a useless item that drives me mad and to the point of tears.
    Often i resort to putting the materess on the floor!

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  • Po
    Pomme_123 Jul 23, 2009

    I assembled the same bed frame, aneboda, almost one year ago. In the beginning the slats fell trough the bed because indeed I didn't assemble it right, but yesterday it's the metal bar in the middle that fell on the floor! We weren't even doing things on our bed, just lying... The two screws just went through the not so solid wood... I hope we will get refunded, because I don't really trust these beds anymore.

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  • Ri
    Richard Jun 13, 2009

    We bought the Aneboda bed along with 2 dressers, 2 night stands and 2 small units about 2 years ago. We assembled it all and have been using them since. The bed has been extremely durable, especially given the price, and has survived being abused by three kids jumping on it.

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  • Fl
    flambonius May 22, 2009

    That's dumb. You bought a bed in 08 and waited until 09 to build it. It happens sometimes that products are deffective, which is why IKEA backs up their products with a 45 day return policy (even longer for mattresses). As well, Ikea is also not responsible for how far away you live from the store. It makes sense. If you buy a shirt at a store 2 hours away and find that there is a rip in it when you get home, what do you expect to do? Have the clothing store send an employee by taxi to your home to exchange the shirt? Why should you expect the same from Ikea, especially when you didn't pay for delivery of the item.
    I work at Ikea so I understand that co-worker's response completely; at the end of the day, we wouldn't get anywhere feeling remorse for clients like you. Clients who wait a year to assemble a product and if theres a defect of the product, claim that Ikea doesnt back its products with warranties.
    Besides, if you're betting that its not deffective then obviously you've assembled it incorrectly or broke the thing yourself.

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  • Hu
    Hutchy Feb 27, 2009

    Do you realize, though, that the people at the Ikea store are not the people who make the furniture? They are just doing their jobs so they can make money and go home to their families like everyone else. The customer service rep probably knows the merchandise is cheap - why should it phase her? She goes home and has money to pay her bills and feed her children. I hope you don't work with people, as your refusal to acknowledge that anyone else in a store does in fact have a life once they leave it is appalling. I hope you keep that crappy frame and learn some humility.

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