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Ideel Complaints & Reviews

Ideel / I am disappointed

Laura Ladd on Dec 1, 2017

Did they sell their company to groupon? Wtf happened? I wanted to order clothes from them and ... didn't find anything but a couple of things for decorating, no dresses, no clothes in general. I don't understand. I miss Ideeli, it was a great website. Didn't think they would make thi...

Ideeli / feel scammed

Caroline gart on Oct 2, 2017

Where is my money? I am not the one easy to make angry, but your company really succeed. My congratulations. I shipped back everything they sent me because of a terrible quality. Before that I found out all the return details from their customer service, they promised to refund everything...

Ideeli / I feel scammed!

Clare on Mar 7, 2016

Back in January I've ordered five dresses from Ideeli and returned them all. It is now March and I have not received my money back yet! I have the tracking number and was informed that the dresses were delivered in late January. Plenty of time to give me my money! I wasted weeks trying to...

Ideeli / Worst business ever

Barbara on Mar 3, 2016

I've ordered two pieces of clothing from Ideeli website and received nothing yet. Order was placed about three months ago and when I recently went to their website I found out that now they are with Groupon. Well, that explains everything. I bought something from Groupon in the past and...

Ideeli / Very disappointed

Mitkus on Feb 25, 2016

What happened to ideeli? This website was my favorite for years, I spent hundreds of dollars here! Their site design was sleek clean and easy to navigate. There was a column the showed your recent views. This new site is an absolute garbage! I cannot understand how it works. And the worst...

Ideeli / Very sad

Imooko45 on Feb 22, 2016

I was a big fan of Ideeli. I spent thousand of dollars on their products which were lovely. But now, this website is an absolute disaster. Things they sell are of a poor quality, customer service is horrible, they never reply and provide no help. Sorry to see great business disappear into...

Ideeli / I miss Ideeli

Lora on Feb 19, 2016

Where did Ideeli go? I was their customer for ages, I loved their products, customer service was always a great help. But after they moved to Groupon everything changed in a bad way. I ordered some stuff and when I received it I was shocked! Things looked way too cheap, material and size...

Ideeli / So sad

Erin K on Feb 16, 2016

I loved Ideeli very much and spent over $2000 ordering things from them! I loved checking the site each day and all the great deals. But then Groupon showed up and completely destroyed Ideeli. The groupon setup is cheap looking, they are absolutely unprofessional and lack of customer...

Ideeli / This is really sad.

Lixixx on Feb 15, 2016

What happened to Ideeli? I have been a customer for years now, but after Ideeli joined Groupon everything changed! Groupon automatically signed me up, without any warnings, emails or announcements! I tried to contact their customer service numerous times and must say that their customer...

Ideeli / Terrible

Penpen on Feb 10, 2016

In the past Ideel was really great and special. I used to be a frequent shopper. The brands were gorgeous and the customer service was excellent as well. But things changed after they were sold to Groupon. Now customer support is terrible, they don't call back and there is no way to...

Ideel / Disappointed!

Pie94 on Jan 25, 2016

I made an order back in December on IdeeI. It was supposed to arrive a week ago, but the shipping status still says „processing”. They have a live chat option, but it works only on weekends. So I had to wait till the weekend to talk to somebody. First they put me on a waiting line and I...

Ideeli / Order is not received.

Tortoise on Jan 20, 2016

I have been an ideeli customer for a long time now and couple of months ago I made an order. But now I think that was my last order and they just lost a customer. They have moved to Groupon and now I can no longer access my account info. I have not received my last order yet and I can’t even... / Fake

Amira on Jan 14, 2016

Stay away from ideeli. I'm a big fan of fashion, so I actually see when the items is authentic and when it is fake. Ideeli sells fake products at genuine prices! I spent thousands of dollars and when my package finally arrived I found out everything was fake! I contacted customer service... / My two (2) orders from Nov 30th 2015 have not shipped!

AlexandraMirabelle on Jan 9, 2016

My items may be unavailable, but there is no response or resolution. I've e-mailed customer service four times. I've also left a couple of messages over the phone. NO RESPONSE! I've tried the live chat for the 3rd time today. After waiting for 10 to 15 minutes queues I get... / Returning an eligible for return item

Gail Whitney on Dec 12, 2015

This website does not provide customer service. On 11/24 I purchased a pair of shoes from this site which stated the item was eligible for retur > Original order # 120135970. The order was switched to another order number, SR-0031002738 and then it stated the item was not eligible. I never... / Failure to refund money when they cannot fulfill the order placed

MIKE wb on Jun 30, 2015

Total ripoff! Placed an order and wondered after almost 2 weeks why it hadn't shipped. Logged on to my account to see that the order had been cancelled! Emailed their "help" where they guarantee 24 hour response (4 hours in most cases), After one week I emailed a follow up, then again in a...

Ideel / Ideel or Ideeli - DON'T PURCHASE

JazB on Jan 26, 2015

Ideel or ideeli it doesn’t matter – DON’T ORDER FROM THEM. Horrible return policy, horrible customer service…if you can get service. Over priced items that you can get for cheaper at Amazon etc. with a free return policy/customer service. Well, I ordered some...

Ideel / Ideeli / / Worst Customer Service Ever

savbot on Jan 8, 2015

I have ordered multiple times in the past on (formerly, and I have decided that I will NEVER shop at this site again. I was attracted to the good prices, and I ordered items for my family for Christmas with the promise that they would arrive on my doorstep before...

Ideeli / Will not refund money for returned products

patricia creed on Apr 22, 2014

I purchased several items to try and find something to wear to my son's upcoming wedding. I returned the ones that I didn't want. I specifically requested that the purchase price be refunded into my paypal account, received no acknowledgement of this request and only part of the...

Ideeli / Poor customer service and warehouse management

nelcha83 on Jun 28, 2013

I have been a customer of ideeli for a few years. Now that I am studying for the bar I have started shopping there more as a pick me up. Up until recently my experience had been good. In early June I placed an order for 6 Mikasa dinnerware sets in various colors (red, black and orange). I...