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Beyond The Rack Enterprises Customer Care Service


Beyond the Rack Enterprises, Inc.

5440 Rue Pare
Canada - H4P1R3

Customer Support Phone Numbers

1844 400 4287(Customer Service) 1 0
Mon9:30 AM - 5:00 PM
Tue9:30 AM - 5:00 PM
Wed9:30 AM - 5:00 PM
Thu9:30 AM - 5:00 PM
Fri9:30 AM - 5:00 PM

Beyond The Rack Enterprises Complaints & Reviews

Beyond The Rack Enterprises / customer service email response

Selenbinson on May 24, 2018

If I request a returns slip u never ever receive it they hope that 30 days will pass and u aren't allowed to return after that time frame. And when y email req a returns slip u receive an email back eventually saying u will receive one within 72 hrs and of course this never ever get...

Beyond The Rack / unsolicited promotional ads

Suzanne Bourbonnais on Dec 10, 2017

The Situation: I am receiving numerous unsolicited promotional ads from Beyond the Rack even after I sent a last request on October 4, 2017 to not bother sending me promotional ads anymore. (Please see Case_CS576077, _Unsubscribe and Unsubscribe_page_1) I have good reasons to not want to...

Beyond The Rack / I cannot reach anyone

dianagal2017 on Dec 8, 2017

Hello two weeks ago I made an online purchase at Beyond the Rack, and they charged my credit card last week. I found out the product ordered is not available for delivery until at least three weeks! I have tried to contact them by email many times, tried calling the toll free number, and...

Beyond The Rack / Worst online store

Raulina Ratch on Nov 30, 2017

It was a horrible experience, to be honest. They worked very slow and I will never deal with them again. I ordered one single dress that was in stock at the moment of placing the order, but it took them one month to finally ship it. One. Single. Dress. That didn't even cost much (but of...

Beyond The Rack / product and price

Samuel Patrick on Aug 18, 2017

Made a search on google and you will see that the articles on this site are more expensive, in addition this company has problems of debt, that is why they do not refund their customers. They want to make money during the holiday season and black friday, that is why they give you a credit and...

Beyond The Rack / refuse to return $500 credit

Chau Tran on Aug 9, 2017

I've been their customer for 2 years. I bought some I returned some, they don't do refund but give credit for returned items. Last year when I checked my account, all my credit disappeared without any explanation. I called them and they said they changed ownership so all credit is gone and...

Beyond The Rack / product and service

Caroline Arcuri on Jul 27, 2017

I ordered a watch on July18, 2017 and received it today. The watch was quite different from the one I ordered. The ad showed an oblong shaped watch in white mother of pearl and I received a watch face with a huge circular front in stainless steel. They did not indicate that it wa...

Beyond The Rack / complaint

TLB2017 on Jul 18, 2017

2017-07-18 requested a return label. Horrible customer service. I cant believe how you can treat loyal customers like this. Changing your policy without any notifications. Not return emails and not taking a customer seriously and making them feel bad. I called and they don't want me to...

Beyond The Rack / no return label included with order

Donna Jacker on May 30, 2017

I have notified BTR twice, to email a RETURN LABEL so that the merchandise can be returned. PLEASE do not ignore this request. I desperately want the get the items sent away. Feel that BTR could do better for its customers by paying more attention to the things that go wrong, rather than all...

Beyond The Rack / fraudulent business

Pam Fryar on Apr 4, 2017

Placed an order with Beyond the Rack on line Nov. 17th 2016. Order # 18057208-CO for $65.98. Called BTR customer service was told item had not arrived to their warehouse and would not ship by Christmas. Called back in Jan 2017 requested cancellation and refund. Feb 10 2017 received an...

Beyond The Rack / case cs5634140 removal of credit from account

Ardise Newcombe on Feb 23, 2017

I bought a top and as it was the wrong size, I returned it and received a notification that I had a $30 in my account. I tried to order a tote and the credit was not in my account. I emailed Customer Service and had a reply fom Mike Hernane. We went back and forth about the credit not...

Beyond The Rack / red dress ordered in nov. 16 - never received

AZkitty3 on Feb 10, 2017

Either their employees are pathetic #####s or they are pathological liars and scam artists. My incident is just on of many on this website v btr. Essentially, Purchased two items in nov 2016. 1 black coat. 1 red dress (Same order). The black coat arrived in jan 5, 2017. The second item...

Beyond The Rack / where is my credit for returned items?

Irabelka on Jan 24, 2017

I'm tired of trying to reach customer service to ask them why my credit amount disappeared from my account with them?.. how is it even possible?.. Where is my credit? Something is really off the line... To Customer Service: (if any even exists), please call me and explain to me... where i...

Beyond The Rack / refund policy

Terri Mertz on Jan 20, 2017

I purchased a bracelet in December of 2016 that was broken when it arrived. I was able to return the broken item at not cost to myself, but they will only give me credit for their store, not to my credit card. They do not respond to additional emails request refund to my credit card. My...

Beyond The Rack / customers with credits on file have their money stolen by company

Joseph DeVriendt on Jan 12, 2017

Beyond the Rack had $150 of my money as a credit for a return I had made and they had received. I went to use my credit and it had disappeared. I made enquiries to which they were very slow in replying and eventually they just said they were under new ownership and would not be honouring...

Beyond The Rack / theft!!!

Barb Crispin White on Jan 3, 2017

I purchased 3 pairs of boots March 2016. They did not fit. After contacting BTR they explained the sizing / manufacturing was different then specified and that I could return them and receive a refund should I order them all again in the size to match the manufacturer specifications. I...

Beyond The Rack / ralph lauren polo long sleeve

Marci Bakke on Dec 29, 2016

I purchased this shirt from them in XXL. When I received it it looks more like a medium. They want me to pay for the return and give me store credit for something that was misrepresented on their website. I will never buy from them again. I also purchased a jacket for my husband for...

Beyond The Rack / never received refund

Chad Ramocan on Dec 29, 2016

I ordered an item in February. I received an email in April to say my item was not going to ship. Instead of giving my money back. The company issued me a credit - they never provided my refund for 149.99 and the credit from their website disappeared. Initially the customer service agent I...

Beyond The Rack / ray ban glasses

Lisa Mills5151 on Dec 22, 2016

I purchased a pair of rayban sunglasses which if real are made in Italy the ones I got were fakes the glasses say they're made in Italy but the label on the rayban box says made in China you would think if btr is going to sell fakes they would remove the label showing they're fakes btr ha...

Beyond The Rack / credit not returned

Igor Plotnikov on Nov 27, 2016

The company refused to honor the credit for the returned merchandize justifying this by the company's restructuring. Looks like they fleeced many people this way Sales Order #17615395/17647547, placed in January. I've noticed a couple of months ago that the credit information disappeared from my...