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Ideal Image Complaints & Reviews

Ideal Image / coolsculpting

Camille Symons Patty on Aug 28, 2017
Charged $3000 and absolutely no success after painful process and bruising. I called to attempt to rectify or cancel debt and they offered me a second service for another $3000! A definite bait and switch preyin on vulnerable insecurities about body image on women. What a travesty. I could...

Ideal Image / coolsculpting

Rayra on Aug 26, 2017
On Feb 15th 2017 i had coolsculpting on my upper and lower abdomnal and also on my back rolls i paid $8000 and have not seen any change i went back and they claims that i need more treatments and was told that the treatment only work to debulk the fatt and that would need several more...

Ideal Image / cool sculpting

Gloria J. Noble on Aug 12, 2017
wanted to give myself a gift for my birthday. Went to ideal image in novi. Everyone was great showed me pictures and reassured me. Had hear about the procedure on the Dr. Oz show., I should have turned off the set. Not only was this procedure very painful (they lied about that) but it wa...

Ideal Image / cool sculpting and lip filler

Dcombs1223 on Jul 5, 2017
I went in last year for a consultation. I'd been working out and eating better, but my belly area was still bloating. The consultant informed me that I was a good candidate for cool sculpting and let me know how much the treatment would cost and what kind of results I could expect. I wa...

Ideal Image / billing

virgil perry on Jan 10, 2017
Upon starting treatment 4 years ago I was told when I signed up that I would not be charged interest as long as I made the required payment every month. This turned out to be a lie, I made every single payment that was sent to me and I am now being charged 1200$. After I was done with my...

Ideal Image / cool sculpting

41freckles on Dec 30, 2016
Had sessions done in July 2016 and have been back since for more pictures. I haven't seen any difference except for the "added" weight. Plus I have had "more" colds since then I have had in my entire life (age 75), about every 2 weeks I am in bed with a cold. Not sure this is caused by...

Ideal Image / laser hair removal is a joke

kellyyabs on Oct 20, 2016
if you've ever considered laser hair removal, i would not recommend Ideal Image. When I initially went in for my consultation, I was promised I'd be hair free, just like they advertise. No more shaving! No more waxing! No more plucking! That sounded incredible! I was in! I was so excited...

Ideal Image / cool sculpting

Lacm on Oct 13, 2016
I researched cool sculpting and was very interested in having the procedure done.The staff was pleasant enough and led me to believe I was a good candidate for the procedure. I went to the Fleming I Island, FL location. After all signed and sealed, they then told me they could not do the...

Ideal Image / cool sculpting

randileann on Mar 8, 2016
I went to ideal image because I have had so much success with them from laser hair removal. I did like the facility so I started to look into their cool sculpting options. I went to the consultation and was told I would without a doubt lose inches in the area I had the procedure on, which...

Ideal Image / cool sculpting

HIGHLY FAVORED on Dec 8, 2015
In or about in july 2015, i too went for the free consult for the sculpting. Everyone was very nice and pleasant. I had did some homework on cool sculpting and previous was scheduled to go to another Dr. for this procedure (should have stuck with that Dr.) and it was a couple of hundred...

Ideal Image BB / not so cool sculpting

Lisa Tenaglia on Sep 26, 2015
I agree with the negative reviews. I went in for a consult, they said I was an Ideal candidate but I disagreed, I feel I'm too overweight but they assured me. So when it came to finance, I applied for their financing but told her, I didn't know if I was going to use my credit card or...

Ideal Image / look how I can steal you

susu11 on Sep 12, 2015
The only appointment that had had with Ideal Image was an "initial free consultation" appointment to find out more about their laser hair removal process and the costs involved. They asked me to sign some forms that was explained to be more of a formality. Fifteen days later I...

Ideal Image / hair removal

susu11 on Sep 8, 2015
It is a scam company, they use fishy way to hunt you, and after you sign their tricky contact, they will tell your now you have no choice other than pay!! Yes they have me signed a contract of $2700 and after 24 hours after I found it is a scam they won't refund the 10% I paid in front and...

Ideal Image / worst company

kzi103 on Aug 9, 2015
I did pay $1500 for armpits hair removal. They did all laser treatments under contract, but hairs ARE STILL GROWING!!! No, they will not give you any additional treatments for free in this case. Basically, I waist $1500 for nothing!!! Plus they tried to get some extra money from me. At...

Ideal Image Laser Hair Removal / scam!

Staceys on Jun 15, 2015
Bottom line: I was told I was the "perfect candidate" for treatments and paid over $4000 for brazilian and lip/chin and after the treatments 0% of the hair is gone. I will be getting ALL of my money back one way or another and as for Danielle Maranro on z100? I will be reaching out to her...

Ideal Image / scam artists

Anonymouschick on May 6, 2015
These people are just the worst! Do not go near this place and if you do never go inside!!! These people are basically car sales men, you go in thinking your going for a consultant when there only aim is for you to immediately sign there contact binding you to there overpriced package for...

Ideal Image Louisville, KY / scheduling/rudeness

Karen Snow on Apr 1, 2015
I had used their services a few years ago and in the last year have been battling cancer. I called to schedule a touchup appointment, which I knew I would be paying for. I told the lady scheduling the appointment that I had some regrowth after chemo. She scheduled the appointment for me...

Ideal Image Models / scammers not paying their models

Teresabizzle on Feb 8, 2015
“In Dec. 2013 I signed with Ideal Image Models in Chatsworth, CA. They have only booked me for two shoots. First shoot was B/G, which happened to be with my agent, TJ (Tee Reel). They advanced me the money for my test, which was taken out of my check on the day of the shoot, as well...

Ideal Image/Laser Hair Removal / does not work

baileegirl on Feb 4, 2015
My husband has been going to Ideal Image for over 2 years. He paid over $6000 for laser hair removal on his back. He said it is very painful. Ideal Image suggested some numbing cream that he could order and put on before his treatments. He has to order it from Florida for $40. There i...

Ideal Image / buyer beware

hzjewl on Oct 13, 2014
Buyer beware! Ideal image is a complete scam. Their Advertising is false, misleading and illegal. Their consultants work on commission and will mislead you, misrepresent Their services, and outright lie, just to get you to sign their contract. They charge nearly ten thousand dollar...

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