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Do not know where to start complaining about this bank, as it is shameful to call this a bank. After getting tired of getting customer service for debit card, address change or even about unwanted charges levied on my account, multiple mtce charges in single month, multiple charges for issuing debit card, i finally went to branch to close the account, I was assured of closing account with reversal of charges and balance amount in bank to be sent to me by DD. But nothing came in, besides my mutual funds in demat accounts also missing, demat account also closed, These managers who lied to me and pocketed my money for themselves or for the bank. God knows why this bank is looting money from accounts ?

This bank is nothing more than a scam and shame for India. NO body even should go close to this bank . They equally cheat on NRI as well as for resident accounts. Took this matter to highest level. but standard reply and closure of complaint. Nothing came in even from highest escalation.

Steer clear of this bank and beware of cheating managers SARWAGYA UPADHYAA AND AMIT GOEL .

This bank is complete disaster, in another incidence in past, my son wasted 45 days to open NRI account, bank took 500$ and couldn't provide valid user id, password or internet banking even after several weeks, Debit card never worked, user id password were not linked, in all this account was just numbered but nothing existed, even the amount 500$ we gave was no where..
Even the NRI manager had no clues who came to our place, we had to stop him at our place till they refunded our 500$. This bank is shame in banking industry on this globe. Shame less Chanda kochar never responded after we sent many tweets to her. Wonder how she is managing this [censor] bank. This bank needs to be shut down by rbi.

avoid this bank by all means. This is nothing more than an Indian scam.
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