IberoStarhotel / iberostar group refusing to take responsibility

K Jul 27, 2019

At 07:15 am on the morning of the 2nd October 2018 whilst walking from our bedroom (Room 231) to the restaurant for breakfast with my Husband I slipped on what I believe was a wet tiled floor. The result of this fall and subsequent impact I unfortunately experienced trauma and bruising to my left elbow and a comminuted fracture of the proximal humerus (Shoulder Region).

The wet floor may have been as a result of a spillage or due to the fact it had recently been cleaned, a point the hotel has subsequently denied quoting their "cleaning policy" stating that staff do not commence cleaning bedroom and corridor areas until after 08:00 am. However irrespective of the cause the hotel has a duty of care to ensure the floors are safe for guests.

Nevertheless I would dispute the hotel's position that the cleaners were not in the area fiercely, as the noise from my fall alerted 2 members of the cleaning staff that miraculously appeared out of nowhere within seconds. If they weren't in the vicinity carrying out their duties, why were they there?

Secondly when my Husband reported the incident to reception at approximately 07:35 am and requested the urgent attendance of a doctor, not a single member of staff came to investigate or inquire as to the nature of the injury I had sustained. There is a legal obligation for any hotel to immediately record and investigate incidents of this nature especially where guests are involved, but I can assure you that no accident report was completed or investigation made at the time. An obvious breakdown or failure to follow the most fundamental and critical of policies, yet the hotel is adamant that the staff had not cleaned the floor because they have a policy.

The doctor arrived at approximately 09:50am of the same day but no member of staff had made any enquiries in the intervening period. Following examination by the hotel's he felt that there was sufficient evidence of a more serious injury to warrant a hospital visit to carry out a radiographic examination and consultation with an orthopaedic surgeon.

The Doctor took us in his personal car to the Clinic Les Oliviers, Boulevard 14 Janvier 2011 in Sousse.
The clinic carried out the necessary x rays, followed by a consultation where treatment was administered. This treatment consisted of binding the arm for the purposes of immobilisation with a "Mayo Dressing" and the prescription of painkillers and muscle relaxants.

Following treatment I was able to return to the hotel at which time there appeared to be significantly more interest from the hotel management and staff, probably due to the fact that I was wearing a very conspicuous dressing and body brace which was very hard to ignore. However once again neither my husband or I were asked to provide information to complete an accident report.

On Saturday the 6th October 2018 I had to return to the clinic for further examination and the issuing of a "Autorisation De Voyage" to permit her departure on the following Tuesday.

Following my return to the hotel the staff were very sympathetic and attempted to make the second week of the holiday as comfortable as possible, however it in no way compensated for the pain and discomfort I endured. Following the incident we noted that it appeared common practice to clean floors without any visible signs of the potential hazard in many areas of the hotel, especially at times when few guests were present. The lack of signs indicating a potential slippery surface is a failure in the "duty of care" incumbent upon the hotel to protect its customers, although once again the hotel denies this happens.

Despite repeated attempts to engage the Iberostar Group they have refused to respond to any correspondence, I assume in the hope I will go away.

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