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My wife and I went to Valley Kitchen tonight around 6:50 pm with our 2.5 year old twin boys. There were two hostesses in the front and as soon as one hostess named Vanessa saw our babies, she told my wife that there is no table available until 8 pm while other hostess was trying to accomodate us right away. The hostess named Vanessa told us that all tables are reserved and we can either To go the foods or order Room service. As we were waiting outside in cold for about 40 min, I felt something was wrong as there was no one else waiting for a table, and there were plenty of empty tables in the restaurant. As I saw one couple with a baby getting seated right away, I asked whether they had a reservation tonight and they told me No. My wife and I got really upset about this situation as we felt discrimated, and told the manager named Sam. During our whole dinner time, Vanessa just kept ignoring us as she was walking in front/next to our table. It is just absurd and flabbergasted how Hyatt keeps this kind of rude, stuck-up employee who just left home while I politely asked Sam to have Vanessa sincerely ask us how was the dinner or sorry for the miscommunication. We would like to let the Hyatt corporate know about this particulate employee's rudeness as I have never experienced/encountered this kind of an employee being World of Hyatt member.

Hyatt Corporation

Oct 07, 2019

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