Hush Puppiesbad quality shoes and bad attitude towards customer


I bought I a pair of slippers from hush puppies showroom located in the GIP mall, Noida, UP, India. The heel broke badly after a year of purchase. When I went to the same store requesting them to get it repaired, i was not only declined the service, the store manager very rudely stated that I had come with a very old slipper that was sold 3 years back. When I said it was purchased a year back he implied I was lying and showed me to show him my bank statement as an evidence.As I did not take with me a copy of my bank statement with me before visiting the store, I am submitting my complaint here and yes I do have the proof with me that I am attaching here. Malfunctioning of products from such a big brand is already not acceptable and then this kind of rude attitude towards customers is beyond acceptable. I hope there is some response to my complaint ASAP.

bad quality shoes and bad attitude towards customer


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    anjaliphlip Jul 09, 2015

    I bought a show from hush puppies, brigade road, Bangalore on the 21st of may 2015. A shoe that was said to be totally washable for a price of Rs.4500. The bill is still with me. The shoe has a 2 month warranty.

    CST number – 90550018
    Article number – F55421720000
    Cash memo number – 21 – 05 – 15 / 1/ 0007

    After 2 weeks of use all the colour ran from the pink lines into the grey parts of the shoe. When i took it back to the store ( about 4 times )they gave me very bad treatment saying nothing is worng with it if you want we can service it for you.
    I contact customer care to take this further as the shoe was under warranty and it was a defective piece that I had received. They gave no acknowledgement of the problem for a month and kept telling me i will receive a solution by the end of the day everytime I called ( about 10 times ).
    Today i receive a mail from them that it will not be serviced or exchanged as it is regular wear and tear !
    The shoe is still under warranty but they hold no responsibility for their product.

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