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broken shoes

Hi there I bought a pair of hush puppies about 6 months ago and wore them for the first time on 13th march...

London Airlines


I would like to request to return or exchange the item that I have purchased on Sunday of 12th. Please refer to the receipt which I have attached.
Those shoes were really slippery when I wore next day and nearly got me injured. I fell seriously on the concrete. I was lucky not having broken arms. Bruised badly though.
The problem is I do not have the box. The shop assistant suggested to send you an email if you can approve that I can get a refund or exchange for this item.

Kindly await your reply.


Sent from my iPhone


Poor quality of shoe and zero after sales service/unprofessional reply from your partner in india bata

Dear team hush puppies

I purchased a hush puppies product (Green suede shoe pair) from kerala india one year ago. Few months back the sole deteriorated and has come to a non usable state. Photos of present state are attached for your reference.

Thereafter I approached bata showrooms in goa, india (My present location) and asked for possibility of repair on payment basis but I was told shamelessely no after sales service by bata or hush puppies.

I tried to get it repaired outside locally through roadside vendors but they refused because it requires sole replacement in a professional manner.

Then I wrote emails to bata customer care again asking for repair on payment basis & not free (As I know one year has passed) refer trail emails. I got the following stupid dumb reply from bata more than five times:-

"with reference to your concern related to the damaged product and in line with our company policy, we provide 100% replacement in case a major manufacturing defect is identified and highlighted to us along with the cash memo within 90 days from the date of purchase. "

I don't know why bata people are acting like ###.

I also know one year had passed, I am asking repair on payment basis because otherwise they are not usable and I will have to throw shoes.

And please not that model is still under production and marketing in bata showrooms so am sure repair on payment basis should not be a problem, it just requires a sole replacement and I am ready to pay for repair.

I want to submit the following for the benefit of hush puppies global office.

You have opted to partner with bata india and see the irresponsible and unprofessional way they are handling your brand name in india.

I have few questions for hush puppies to answer:-

# why should one invest approx rupees 3500 ($ 70) in a hush puppies brand shoe which does not have its own presence in india and is dependent upon a pathetic brand like bata which further doesnot feel ashamed to tell that zero after sales service.

# why should such a costly shoe start deteriorating wihin one year??

# and why should we not buy other good brands like woodlands, red tape which are offering better quality long lasting shoe at almost same price and most importantly with good and prompt after sales services (Free till 3 months and thereafter on payment).

I regret buying hush puppies product in india.

Hush puppies is risking its brand name associating with an unprofessional brand like bata.

I urge hush puppies to find a solution to my problem and email / call me asap and get my shoe pair repaired on payment basis within india.

Awaiting reply email / call from hush puppies.


Aneesh nanda

Poor quality of shoe and zero after sales service/unprofessional reply from your partner in india bata
Poor quality of shoe and zero after sales service/unprofessional reply from your partner in india bata

Shoe deteriorated and since over 1 year old - hush puppies said in effect "too bad".

Copy Of their e-mail: Hello John, I am very sorry to learn of your experience with our product. Hush...

Complaint Regarding the Bad Quality of Shoe (Article no. 8544916) Reference number is CRF597120

Dear Sir/Ma’m,

I would like to bring it to your notice that I have bought a pair of shoes from HUSH PUPPIES shoes store at Fraser Road, Patna, Bihar. I bought it on Friday, 31st July 2015. Within six months of purchase I noticed that the sole is getting detached. I have approached the store manager and asked him for the return and he suggested me to file a complaint to the customer care department.

I have been using the products of Hush Puppies since long tome and purchased almost 10-12 pairs & this is the first instance I found the product is unsatisfactory. I am highly disappointed by the quality of the product I bought.

However Hush Puppies is known for its quality and comfort but this time it is not justifying its brand name.
Hence while I am writing this to you and request you to suggest me proper channels/ways to replace the shoe and regain my lost confidence in Hush Puppies products as I never expected this type of quality from a well renowned and reputed shoe manufacturing company.

Article no. - 8544916
Cash memo – bill lost but attached here with the account statement of my account showing debiting Rs. 4499 in favor of BATA India dated 31st July 2015.

I have also lodged a complaint through toll free number and get a response on my email having complain number - CRF597120

This is my humble request to please take care of my concern as soon as possible and make provision to return my shoes.

Hoping for an early and positive response.

I will be thankful for your kind act.

Complaint Regarding the Bad Quality of Shoe (Article no. 8544916) Reference number is CRF597120

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Bad Supervisor

I was work as a part time promoter warehouse brand Husp puppies ( ladies department) at Parkson sg.wang...

Sole Torn apart (from centre) of newly purchased shoes

Namaste, This is to bring to your attention, I had purchased Hush Puppies shoes; Article no. 804-4908 from...

Shoe Exchange Required

---------- Forwarded message ---------- From: shashank jain Date: Sun, Nov 16, 2014 at 3:36 PM Subject: Re...

Bad service

My complain Is about Hush Puppies Outlet in Aeon, Sitiawan, Since I was shopping for my husband I checked with cashier if I Could exchange my purchase if needed, was told that I can do so Within 1week. I spent RM 300.00 I received good service from the male assistant. The problem is, I also bought a box of men's under ware which I Overlooked the size, so I tool it back Within the week with receipt, there was 2 Malay female employee who really lacked training. I was told That no exchange on under ware when asked why no reason given she called Someone on the phone and gave me the Phone. I was apparently speaking to The manager, who was the rudest Chinese guy. I didn't get an explanation, he was not interested to listen Even. I got so upset and walked out. Very

  • Ku
    Kuaci Jan 04, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Due to hygienic reasons, briefs are not exchangeable.

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bad quality shoes and bad attitude towards customer

I bought I a pair of slippers from hush puppies showroom located in the GIP mall, Noida, UP, India. The heel...

Torn shoe

I bought Hush Pappies 2 pair of shoes from Central Mall in Indore, both prised at 2999 each.

One shoe after one wearing got torned and I complained this to the same shop, they gave me a defective slip and told me that they will do some thing, NOW today they call me and say that they will get a the shoes repaired and will not replace it. What is this, why do we buy brands like hush puppy if we have to get repaired. I dont expect this from a brand like yours.

Do something.
Article stype no : 854-6884

Shishir Gupta

Defective shoe

I purchased a pair of Hush Puppies shoe from the shop "Tip Top Selection, Brough Road, Erode" for Rs 2, 899/- vide cash bill No 3174 dated 24.09.2010. The shoe was manufactured by M/s. Bata India Ltd, 6A, S.N. Banarjee Road, Kolkata- 700 013.2. The particulars of the shoe are Article No: 854-6831, Size:9(28.7cm) Color: Black.

Defect: The shape of the toe portion of the right shoe started looking indifferently. The place at the left toe of the right shoe looks weird with wrinkles. More shockingly, the threads in the ‘vamp’ portion of the right shoe started breaking resulting the joins peeling off. I complained to the shop keeper on 02.06.2011 where i bought the shoe. But i was told the company has refused to entertain the complaint and to replace the shoe. I also sent an e-mail to the customer care of Bata. But no response yet.

Apparenly its a manufacturing defect. I need for a replacement.
Thank you

Hush Puppies passing the buck

I bought a pair of shoes in June, at Hush Puppies The Glen. Two days later, I left for London, and on arrival found that I had been given the incorrect shoe size (size 5 instead of size 6). I wore the shoes maximim 2 hours the next day, because I had to get to meetings and find myself a new pair of shoes (that fit!). No guessing how painful that was! .Travellers know that you can take only 27kg on international flights, so you're limited to the essentials! On return to SA, I called on the store and requested that the shoes be exchanged. The manager on duty refused to exchange the shoes, arguing that because I wore the shoes, they were no longer fit for re-sale! The fact that the incorrect shoe size was dispensed, was totally ignored. I was even asked to demonstrate that the shoes do not fit! I was told to lodge a formal complaint, and submit the shoes for 'investigation' . What is there to investigate - the shoes don't fit!

Telephone calls to HP Headquarters did not help either - I was made to feel that I had comitted the ultimate sin by wearing the shoes! The shoes were still good, but for marks on the soles I lodged my complaint on 220709, and have not heard from HP since!

Defective sandals

I was out today wearing a pair of Hush Puppies Sandals (name unknown) I have only worn about ten times when...

Defective Hush Puppy shoe.

Dear Sir,

Sub: Defective Hush Puppy shoe.

I have been using BATA shoes for more than 3 decades (I am 56 years old now). Even today out of three pairs of shoes I have two are of BATA company. AND I NEVER HAD ANY COMPLAIN. My son too has two pairs of shoes of BATA company out of three.

But the last pair of shoes (one of your best brand 'Hush Puppies') which I purchased about two years ago had manufacturing defect which I brought to the notice of managers of BATA’s various showrooms but none helped or rather passed the buck. The facts are:

1. The shoe is 'Hush Puppies' without laces.
2. The colour was cherry.
3. The colour soon faded and became brownish
4. Its sole started chipping off.
5. Sole completely broke down

In the beginning when soon after the purchase its colour faded the manager of Mahanagar, Lucknow showroom got it coloured but soon that too faded out. Other than this there was no help available and none paid any heed to my complains.

I sent the shoe (one piece) for their (BATA) expert opinion whether if indeed there was any manufacturing defect or not. But to my great dismay BATA returned the pack and did not even bother to wrote me any thing.

Ram K. Goel

Complain for defective Shoe Replacement

12th November ‘2007.

From : Tapan Mukherjee
E/P/6, Sarat Bose Colony
Kolkata – 700078

The Managing Director
Bata India Ltd.
6A, S.N.Banerjee Road,
Kolkata – 700013.

Sub : Complain for defective Shoe Replacement.


This is to bring to your kind notice that I am a regular customer of Bata India Ltd. last 15 years. Recently I have purchased one pair of Hushpuppies Shoe from your branch Hindusthan Park Bata approx one and half months back. Within a short period the pasting of the shoe comes out. The cost of the shoe was Rs. 2499/- as to my knowledge goes. Unfortunately I have lost my cash memo. I went to your branch Hindusthan Park Bata for complain and ask your employee for your Branch Manager. Some of your employee told me that without cash memo we can’t do anything. I never expect such comments from your end.

Your product has an International Reputation and there fore such type of defects certainly do not speak well of the Bata Shoe Ltd. The shoe for the front looks it still new and never I had any earlier problem with your product.

Once again I am telling you I have lost my cash memo.

So I hope that you will consider my case favourably and give order for suitable measures are taken with intimation to the under signed as an early date.


Yours sincerely

Tapan Mukherjee

  • Ta
    TAPAN MUKHERJEE Jan 24, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Sorry, I yet not get any answer.

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Cracked shoes

I purchased one HUSH PUUPIE shoe from Bata in Patiala in Punjab (INDIA) from auth. showroom in the month of April 2006. But that shoe get cracked just after 4-5 months, I approached to the dealer but he said they can't do anything because Guarantee is valid only for 70 days...

SHOCKING for me I purchased this shoe on the cost of 1100 Rs. after 50% less mean actual cost is 2200 Rs., so according to dealer the life of the shoe is only for 70 days for thier top brand. Its totally a fraud with the customer.

And then I approached to companies head office, written a mail and faxed the complaint but still no reply.

Attached is the mail which I have sent to the Bata head office but no reply, even I have copy of fax which I sent for same.

Everyone beware, never buy buy defective Bata shoes!

Avinash Singla
Patiala (Punjab)

  • Si
    Simaw Aug 28, 2018

    I bought these shoes and I'm having alot of discomfort. It seems like the tongue of the shoe keeps on slipping and when I walk I'm having pain. Please help me with this matter. I really love the shoes.


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  • Gr
    Graces Tan Sep 05, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Red colour fade and wore second time the thread take off. I am hand washed it. This was second time experience with the different pattern of the underwear. I was so disappointed for the products.


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  • Ra
    Rajvir Singh kohli Sep 18, 2018

    I had purchased a hush puppie shoe for my father approximately 6 months back and I have observed that only after 3 months of usage the leather has started cracking from all around.


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  • An
    anilg Oct 21, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i want my huff puppies shoes purchased a year ago from bata vastrapur ahmedabad to be repaired

    i have been highly benefitted by these shoes due to reduction in pain in my legs


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  • Su
    Suemosan Feb 01, 2020
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Bought a travel trolley 20" silver from Saudi Arabia in August 2019 and the outside shows peeling of plastic .
    Price tag and pictures attached
    Susan K


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