Hungry Jack's Australiastaff and customer service

I bought a grilled chicken ceaser burger meal from lismore hungry jacks today.
The burger was missing ingedients and the peice of chicken was about the size of a 50c coin, it had 1 peice of tomato, it was basicly just a bun smeared with sauce, not a burger. After arriving home horrified, I took the burger back to the store and showed the staff at the window. Everyone in the store was laughing like it was a joke.
I requested a different burger. They then made the burger as it should be but instead of grilled chicken they on purposely put the other type of chicken patty when I specifically asked for grilled chicken. When they handed me the new burger the people who were working stared towards the drive threw window at me and laughed amongst one another it made me feel as if they had done something to the burger for complaining. I have thrown the burger out now.
i have lost money and time and had to purchase my lunch from another store as your staff made me feel unsafe to eat it.
Time and time again that store has let me down and I continued to give them the benifit of the doub but after today i will no longer go there and I will do my best to make sure noone I speak with wastes their time going there either.

Oct 11, 2019

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