Hungry Jack's Australiamanagement behaviour


Good Afternoon, this morning at 8.40am I arrived at the Gympie store for breakfast, accompanied by my Assistance Dog, who was clearly wearing her identification jacket. I advised the operator that I had a service dog and was told that was ok. 5 minutes into my breakfast a young girl by the name of Rebecca was approaching my table and before she even arrived she said in a loud voice "dog's are'nt allowed in here". As she put both her hands on the table and leant towards me I felt intimidated by her. I informed her that my dog was an assistance dog but she insisted that I leave the restaurant because another customer had made a complaint. I informed her that she should have approached me in a subtle manner and asked if my dog was an assistance dog and that I would have replied 'yes, she is'. That would have been the end of the conversation. Rebecca carried on raising her voice saying I could not stay, I informed her that my dog has the same rights as a guide dog. She said that I could sit outside. I refused and asked her to call the police as she was breaking the law. She refused to call the police and said she was going to call head office. When she returned she told me that head office said the dog was not allowed in the restaurant. She then asked if I had a letter for the organisation and I told her I did have one in my van outside. She asked me to go and get it, I told her I would get it after I had finished my breakfast, she said "no, you have to get it now". I again told her I would bring it after I had finished my breakfast. She kept insisting and I got angry with her and told her to go away. I told her she should have discreetly approached me and not embarrassed and humiliated me in a restaurant with several other customers watching on. I am 71 years of age with a hip replacement and was ordered by this girl to get the letter now. How dare she speak to me like that. I did return with my dog's registration and a card listing all venues I am legally entitled to enter without this disgraceful behaviour. Please educate ALL your staff on the rights of an assistance dog so no-one else has to endure what I endured this morning. Rebecca made an apology to the customer that complained but she did not offer an apology to me. I had done nothing wrong but was left shaken up by the time I left the restaurant. My dog is a therapy dog and her behaviour only added to my anxiety.

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