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Really difficult company to deal with. I recently signed up for Humana/ Compbenefits dental plan through my credit union. I sent in my first premium as instructed in Nov. 2010. In December they double drafted me which left my account $2.00 overdrawn and my payment was refused. The bank in turn charged me a $29 OD fee. (Had they billed 1 month as they were suppose to by contract I would have not incurred this cost) So by January 2011, I was in the hole not only for 2 months premiums but also an additional $29 fee assessed by my bank. I am fully disabled with MS and am confined to a wheelchair. My budget is limited and allows me only enough each month to pay for necessities. I deposited my monthly premiums as they were due and was never aware there was a problem with my account until March when I broke a tooth and needed to actually USE the benefits I thought I was paying for. My account with Humana had been closed since January. I contacted Humana and was told that even though THEY created the problem, they were not able to correct it, or return any of the money that I lost due to THEIR error. I was told if I wanted to be reinstated that I would not only have to absorb the cost I already incurred but ALSO give them an additional 4 months premiums to catch up to May 5th. I tried to compromise by saying, ok, let's forget about the initial money that I am out of pocket and let's start this over. "Can I give you a check today to start this over effective May 5th?" That seems fair, right? NOPE! They expect me to pay them for 5 months premiums on a plan I didn't have access to on top of already absorbing the cost of the original malfunction which they admit was totally their fault. I have been through several customer service reps. Each one has been individully rude, uneducated and very UNhelpful in this situation. I've had better service at the DMV.


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    Turtle73 May 03, 2011

    I am OP's wife. I would like to add my frustrations to this thread. I have been a member of Humana compbenefits for a year now. I second the opinion that they are poor quality. I originally went with them becuase they offered discount rates to credit union members. Upon receiving my start up letter (One page that says welcome, visit our site) I logged in to their website. It is extremely difficult to navigate. Logging in takes you to your benefits page. Once you select your plan # it directs you to choose a new provider. If you try to use any other function, it directs you to the Provider Only website of which customers have no access. In order to get back to your plan, you have to re-log in. Regardless, I have other complaints. The first provider I chose - Staff was friendly on the phone. The day before my first scheduled appointment my selected provider killed 3 people in a DUI accident and was arrested. I contacted Humana to ask them to waive the 30 day waiting period for changing providers which they did accomodate. I was seen by Dr. Gargasz at Downtown Dental quickly however, when I arrived at the office I was greeted by a customer that was dirty and not wearing any shoes. He appeared to be intoxicated. I made a quick comment to the receptionist about him and was informed that is normal there. I was told" You should have seen the one that was in here earlier, he was high on Oxycontin" apparently that customer informed them of their intoxicated state and was still serviced. At this point although I was nervous, I didn't have much choice. I needed to see the dentist to troubleshoot a loose crown. I waited over an hour and finally made it to the back. I was met by a lady that covered her mouth as she yawned before she told about how late she was up the night before. After about 20 attempts to get bitewing xrays, I had to position the plate myself for her. She left the room and I was left for another half hour or so. Then the dentist came in. He was a young stud (he thought) and had a very full of himself attitude. I mentioned the reason I was so rushed to see him was becuase of the other Dr.s DUI involvement. His response was "It can happen to any of us" and continued over to his computer to look at my xrays. At no point did he look in my mouth yet he came up with an estimate for over $5000 worth of reconstructive procedures that I needed. I just had all my metal fillings replaced 2 years before so I know it was very impossible to need that much work. A new crown maybe, 5k worth of reconstructive work is ridiculous. I told him I would need to think about it. I received my cleaning and left (which by the way was nice. The hygenist should seek employment somewhere else. She's a rarity in this office)...6 months later- I am scheduled for my routine cleaning so I go ahead with it. I informed the staff 2 weeks before my scheduled appointment that I have lost a small bit of one of my fillings (eating candy) and can it please be addressed at my appointment. I was told no problem, we'll put it on your chart. I took time off work and went in for my cleaning/ filling. When I arrived, it appeared empty with the exception of 1 lady in the waiting room. I was called to the back and had my cleaning then was told I was all done. I said wait, I need to get my filling fixed still. I was then told that if I wanted to be seen by the dentist I would have to wait until all the other people were taken care of. I said ok, "How long do you think that will be?" I was told the guy next to me was next and he had been there since 9am (It's now after 1pm). I asked the receptionist if it would be ok to leave if it was going to be a long time (I live 3 miutes from the office) and they could call me with a 5 minute warning. This appeared to be no problem and after confirming my number I was on my way. I received my call at 4:30pm. I was told there were still people there and that they would not be able to see me. Where did they hide all those people if they were so busy? I mean seriously, it's a small office. Aside from the service, let's talk about cleanliness. Although the office did have all the proper plastic covering, I'm not sure they change them after each person. The blue tape on the overhead light was splattered and the headrest sleeve was quite worn. When the assistant came in, she put on gloves then reached for the light, typed a little on the computer and wrote some stuff down with a pen that had been rolling around. After all of this she attempted to come at my mouth with those gloves. Are people aware that gloves are there for MY safety...not hers. I couldn't believe she wanted to put her hands in my mouth after touching all that dirty stuff. Anyways...I feel a little lighter now, thanks for listening to me vent. Hey Humana----> get it together. I called Humana to ask about reviews for their providers. I was informed they don't screen them and that it's my responsibility to "do the research" The next research I do is going to be for a new dental plan.

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    IJRC Mar 13, 2012

    Humana Compbenefits is a scam. I picked this dental plan that was offered by my employer only to find out that Humana and all of the dental providers worked hand in hand to scam the consumer. I recently took my family in for their routine check up and dental cleaning. Each individual I took needed crowns which cost $500-$600 for each crown. What a coincidence I needed one crown, my older son needed a crown and my youngest son 17 needed two crowns. When it was time for our cleaning which was free. We needed deep cleaning which for my son was $50 extra but myself was $200 just for a cleaning. I advised them that I just wanted th routine cleaning offered for free which my insurance company would pay them. Instead I was told that if I did not select the deep cleaning that I would get no cleaning because they would only do the services that they recommend. I complianed to Humana who told me to choose another provider. All of the providers under the plan had the same ideology. You either pay what we tell you or you get nothing. Last time I checked this is called blackmail... So, to sum I am paying for this health insurance plan every pay period that I cannot use because in order for me to use the plan I have to pay for their overpriced dental care. Instead I have been going to other dentist without using this insurance plan and paying less for my dental care. I got a dental cleaning along with x-rays and check up for $60 per person. I am writing about this experience in hopes that someone will read this before making the mistake I made. Humana compbenefits is a money making scam at the consumer's expense. Don't fall into the trap about their low cost premiums because once you go to their dental providers they will tell you that you will need services that are not covered and you will be charged high cost for dental work. You will still be paying the premium to Humana but will not be able to use the coverage. You are better off finding a honest dentist and paying honest prices.

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    Lorri Dahman Sep 20, 2018

    Really difficult to deal with. I work at a dental providers office and simply wanted information regarding a patients benefits and co-payments. This seemed to be a bit to much for the benefits department, the claims department and the financial department. I asked for a supervisor several times and was never connected. I was transferred 6 times, the last time to the medical department and was told after 1hr and 14min and 10 sec that i would need to be transferred again to dental . I am so frustrated .

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