Hughesnet Sattelitereturn policy, fap, customer service or lack of!!


I currently live in a very rural community with cable internet stopping 2 miles up the road. I was sucked in on the fast internet ads for hughesnet sattelite internet. I had satt. internet about 7 years ago, and it had no kind of FAP( fair access policy), which means it was insanely fast and had no limits all for the same price. So i went ahead and bought the hughesnet equipment so i wouldnt have to sign a long term commitment. BIG MISTAKE!!! I was told it (hughnet) would work for x-box live. Lie #1. I was told if i upgraded to the pro plan it would support x-box live. Lie #2.I was told of unlimited downloads with an upgrade.Lie #3. I was told if i cancelled my service i would be given an address to return this junk. Lie #4. I have been calling everywhere just to get a damn address so i can send this junk back, and get transferred to some 3rd world country where u cant understand a word their saying. Now they're trying to give me credit on my account which i no longer have. I've been fighting with these [censored]es for 2 months now just to get an address that i can send this back to, so i can get my money. Don't know if it will ever happen. Can anyone help me; [protected] orcall me at [protected]

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