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Hughes Network Systems Complaints & Reviews

HughesNet / Bait & Switch? HughesNet Lied about its service...

Gsel on Jul 21, 2017
I had to cancel my service and am being charged a penalty, this despite HughesNet wholly misrepresenting the service, its use to me and its eventual actual cost. I explained to the agent when first exploring whether or not to sign: 1. I work from home and am on internet most of every day. 2...

Hughes Network Systems / hughes network security

rmalloy on Jul 2, 2017
For the THIRD TIME my account has been "hacked"? I can sign in to my account but when trying to change or access my account information I get the message "OpenID or Credentials". Previously (in May I believe) someone cancelled my service (not me). After it was restored, my...

Hughes Network Systems / customer service in billing

Vivienne Wilson-Ford on Jun 22, 2017
My name is Vivienne Ford. I had service at 4808 s elwood ave lot 629 Tulsa, OK 74107. I also have an acct in Seymour, MO for my elderly mother . I moved from Tulsa to West Plains MO in February and called to cancel Tulsa acct in March. Your customer service also canceled my mothers service...

Hughes Network Systems / unethical behavior, fraud

Cat Fox on Jun 15, 2017
I signed up for HughesNet Satellite service in July 2016. After hearing I could purchase my equipment or pay 15.00 a month to lease it, I decided paying the 450.00 would be the best option as the equipment would pay for itself in less than three years compared to leasing. I received an...

HughesNet / unethical behaviour

Matikah on Jun 13, 2017
After eight years with HughesNet I upgraded to Gen5- Minor internet usage is using a ridiculous amount of gigabytes, when I contacted support, they said they could not tell me why and then cut the phone conversation off. If this is how the company is operated there is a problem and I...

HughesNet / internet

pallan68 on Jun 9, 2017
I originally ordered hughesnet because DISH recommended them for internet. I called them and talked to a representative, and told them what I needed to be happy with their product. Number one, I wanted unlimited data. I never had satellite internet, but I had heard it was limited. He...

Hughes Network Systems / I am complaining on the customer service I experienced.

Britchis12 on May 28, 2017
I am not sure this is right complaint site but worth a shot. My account number is 8255909886940276. My name is Barbara Ritchison. I had your services installed on 4/4/2017. I had no issues with the install or services. On Wednesday, May 24th, I called your customer service to tell them...

Hughes Network Systems / internet service

Yarbee on May 24, 2017
I live in a small community outside of Sparks, Ga, 31647. Hughes Net is the only internet service that we can get here. The service is horrible. At times it is slower than old dial up. Even at the beginning of the month I can barely watch a small video without it constantly stopping and...

Hughes Network Systems / hughes net satellite internet

Chris Nace on May 16, 2017
I am an active duty service member supporting a family of four and have followed all instructions from Hughes net regarding the return of equipment. On Sunday, May 14 a payment was processed because Hughes net does not have my equipment which was sent out over a month and a half ago. I...

Hughes Net / internet service

Karla Myrick Fillion on May 16, 2017
I called Hughes Net for home internet. I spoke to a slaesperson named Ike. I explained we were using Verizob Wifi and going through about 60 gigs a month. He assured me that the 8 gigs Hughes would provide was equivalent, because the dish is locked on to the satellite, whereas the mifi had...

Hughes Network Systems / hughesnet internet service

mimiharris on May 2, 2017
I cancelled my hughesnet internet service late in 2016 due to continued price increases. The company sent a prepaid shipping box with a request to return only the radio attached to the satellite. I packed it and delivered it to USPS myself. I began receiving credit card bills for $219.50...

Hughes Network Systems / phone service

Cody Burns on May 1, 2017
I purchased a campground in Jan. 2017. On Feb. 7, I contacted Jeff Abert, a sales representative, to talk about switching my service from a residential to a business line. I wanted to provide WiFi for my campground and a business number. My chief concern was that I would not be able to...

HughesNet / telephone service

Cody Burns on May 1, 2017
I purchased a campground in Jan. 2017. On Feb. 7, I contacted Jeff Abert, a sales representative, to talk about switching my service from a residential to a business line. I wanted to provide WiFi for my campground and a business number. My chief concern was that I would not be able to...

Hughes Network Systems / autopay

Lisa Deral on Apr 30, 2017
HughesNet insists on using auto pay, even after calling and telling them to change to paper billing only they still take the money out of my bank. In January I asked to get paper bills, in February when I went online to pay the bill they automatically changed me to autopay again. My wife...

Hughes Network Systems / internet. cancellation policy

Rlnecg on Apr 5, 2017
Circumstances out of my control I had to move. I called hughes not to have my serve changed to the new address and they said they couldn't and because of that, I am no longer responsible for the contract. Six months later I'm being charged for early termination and equipment. Third party...

Hughes Network Systems / satellite internet and phone

HughesNetScam on Mar 23, 2017
I was told by the sales rep that I had ten days from installation to cancel and receive a full refund. I explained that I worked from home and also go to school from home and have 4 people in my home including children. I needed to have the internet capable of handling internet on multiple...

Hughes Network Systems / internet and customer service

misty marlee on Mar 23, 2017
Today I spent 3 hours on the phone with your rude, condescending, and incompetent customer service team. I was hung up on twice when I asked for a supervisor. The supervisor argued with me about being hung up on, insisted the phone system did it, but then could not explain why I had to go...

HughesNet / false advertising

dressagerider on Mar 21, 2017
You'd be be better off with a passenger pigeon. The internet upload speed averages 0.54, download speed averages 3.52. The biggest pile of crap out there. Their phone drops every inbound call and nearly every outbound call. Save yourself the frustration. Their customer service sucks. Their...

HughesNet / internet services

Leona39 on Feb 27, 2017
Hughesnet has a commercial that says that they can give you internet where ever you are but they couldn't get my internet hooked up where I live without putting the satelite on someone elses property then they wanted to charge me if they had to do that. I used them at a previous addre...

Hughesnet Internet / satellite internet - data gigs pd for - disappear when log on

GunsNGSDogs on Feb 25, 2017
Living in a rural area with few choices for internet service, i *thought* i researched hughesnet enough that i trusted them. #1 - i never got the installation rebate i was promised (On the phone). #2 - i would get online once a week, only to discover within minutes half of my gigs were...

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