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Hughes Network Systems Complaints & Reviews

Hughes Network Systems / satellite service

Michael Manlove on Oct 12, 2017
I bought into Hughes with the promise 20 Gig was plenty for a small family. That was a lie. It lasted two weeks and I have been writing them from my computer everyday with no response. always a Supervisor to return my call and not once did I ever get a Call. Most are foreign and give you...

Hughesnet Internet / satellite internet

Baker Family on Oct 10, 2017
I moved to a rural area and contracted HughesNet for internet service because they were a partner with DishNetwork who we have loved for many years. Dish said they were a partner with Hughesnet. Because we have had such great experience with Dish, ... we trusted their input. For the past 6...

Hughes Network Systems / unauthorized billing hoax, fraud or spam

Sandy Joy on Oct 9, 2017
I have been getting these pop-ups, on my PC when I am on different websites since August 4 from the link below. http://messages.hughesnet.com/scccp1.cfm?SN=12229264 It says, "This message is being sent to you directly from HughesNet to collect payment on your account. If you need assistance call...

Hughes Network Systems / internet

Blaine Sanderson on Oct 9, 2017
We just moved into a new home in Pflugerville and set up internet with Hughesnet. After four days of horrible service my wife called to cancel service. The customer service representative that she spoke with tried to upsale us to a higher package and all we wanted to do was cancel service...

Hughes Network Systems / relocation service and unethical customer service

MrRickW on Sep 13, 2017
Set up transfer of service from Texas to Nebraska. Was told didn't need to move old equipment because it was outdated and new Gen 5 equipment would be installed. Set up the move and new install date. Hughes failed to install on scheduled date. Called to cancel service. They offered $200...

Hughes Network Systems / unauthorized debit charge

Nanab63 on Sep 8, 2017
I called to cancel my service on March 3, 2017 .The representative that I spoke with kept saying that I should only suspend service.I finally agreed but my understanding was that it would be turned on whenever I called back.I called today, Sept.8, 2017 after noticing that a pymt of $98.25...

Hughes Network Systems / wifi final bill

Art1234 on Sep 4, 2017
I am writing on behalf of my mother, Martha Helpingstine, account number DSS34258644. I am very angry at the way she has been treated. She called to cancel her service on July 7 and again on July 14. After receiving the box she returned the equipment on August 19; UPS tracking says it...

Hughes Network Systems / telephone number porting

Alan Hasselwander on Aug 29, 2017
HughesNet does not allow me to port my LEC wireline number from Frontier Communications. This is in violation of Federal Regulations, specifically title 47, 52:34 "Obligations regarding local number porting to and from interconnected VoIP or internet-based TRS providers." (a) An...

HughesNet / hughesnet internet and voice service

gilmac on Aug 20, 2017
I signed up for both the HughesNet Internet service as well as their phone voice service a year ago. From the outset the phone service was terrible with dropped calls, garbled communications, and long transmission delays. I then discovered for the first time that the phone service wa...

Hughes Network Systems / telephone service.

Yvette Burns on Aug 16, 2017
08/16/17 - The customer service Technicians are HORRIBLE. First of all why every customer service rep/tech that I spoke with today could not speak good english. I called 5 times today and was disconnected twice by the automated service and 3 times by the rep. because they could not hear me...

Hughes Network Systems / internet

Robert Nelms on Aug 8, 2017
This service is laughable. I was lied to from the beginning! First I was told that no matter how many devices were relying on the internet, I would never be able to use all of the data, it takes, on average, 15 days and we are out. The connection and reliability simply makes me mad. It'...

HughesNet / internet service

HughesScammed on Aug 7, 2017
While with them I had to call in multiple times because I was not able to do everything the sales rep who sold me the service said I could. They also sold me and inappropriate modem when installing the service and wanted me to purchase another one to help with some of my issues. Kept...

Hughes Network Systems / cancellation of satellite internet service

Lori A Young on Aug 7, 2017
In December, 2015, I called to cancel my service (918-637-5262). Your representative claimed that all calls are recorded but mysteriously you have no record of the call. I called again in May, 2017 to complain and obtain refund for charges for services never used or received. They finally...

Hughesnet.com / internet service

Bob.c. on Jul 30, 2017
We signed up for Internet service in 2013. It is now 2017 and after many years and attempts to quit after my 2 year agreement was up I finally blocked their access to my account. They would not allow me to cancel. Now they say I owe them $365 for the two year contract which was fulfilled...

Hughes Network Systems / fraud

maryju on Jul 26, 2017
I am returning your hughesnet internet system to you. It is being returned without an RMA, but with proof of delivery because your service Representative refused to give me an RMA when I requested one on 7/25/17. You have failed to provide adequate service to us since we ordered your...

HughesNet / bait & switch? hughesnet lied about its service...

Gsel on Jul 21, 2017
I had to cancel my service and am being charged a penalty, this despite HughesNet wholly misrepresenting the service, its use to me and its eventual actual cost. I explained to the agent when first exploring whether or not to sign: 1. I work from home and am on internet most of every day. 2...

Hughes Network Systems / hughes network security

rmalloy on Jul 2, 2017
For the THIRD TIME my account has been "hacked"? I can sign in to my account but when trying to change or access my account information I get the message "OpenID or Credentials". Previously (in May I believe) someone cancelled my service (not me). After it was restored, my...

Hughes Network Systems / customer service in billing

Vivienne Wilson-Ford on Jun 22, 2017
My name is Vivienne Ford. I had service at 4808 s elwood ave lot 629 Tulsa, OK 74107. I also have an acct in Seymour, MO for my elderly mother . I moved from Tulsa to West Plains MO in February and called to cancel Tulsa acct in March. Your customer service also canceled my mothers service...

Hughes Network Systems / unethical behavior, fraud

Cat Fox on Jun 15, 2017
I signed up for HughesNet Satellite service in July 2016. After hearing I could purchase my equipment or pay 15.00 a month to lease it, I decided paying the 450.00 would be the best option as the equipment would pay for itself in less than three years compared to leasing. I received an...

HughesNet / unethical behaviour

Matikah on Jun 13, 2017
After eight years with HughesNet I upgraded to Gen5- Minor internet usage is using a ridiculous amount of gigabytes, when I contacted support, they said they could not tell me why and then cut the phone conversation off. If this is how the company is operated there is a problem and I...

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