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Lied, tried to cheat me, then stole from me

I have recorded information of the promises for perfect streaming Hughes Net failed to deliver; when they lied and tried to cheat me out of charges for unnecessary service calls; and when I canceled after only two months due to the absolute breach of contract on their part. Despite this information, Hughes Net stole money from my bank account. Consequently I have filed official complaints with the BBB, FCC & FTC.


Your internet service is absolutely horrible. And your customer support system is the worst I have ever seen...

System doesn't work

The service is terrible didnt work from day one. Said i used all my data and couldnt even get online.
Cancelled in less than 30 days and they said i owed $540.
CS said i owed nothing but return modem etc. Which I did.
They tried to charge me by removing $540 from my bank. I disputed it got it back now they sent it to collections. I sent back everything they asked. I have nothing for them and they gave me service TERRIBLE TERRIBLE COMPANY


Every time I try to get on a website highest pops up about billing, I don't even have an account with them, I need this popup removed from my computer now not next week, remove it now. Also your service stinks

Internet does not work. Cell signal is faster than this if I can get that.

Just keeping it short and sweet/sour what not. I live in Northeast Tx. Had huesnet for over 3 years. They have satellite problems and they know it. I think the original just went out. My own daily speed tests did avg. 3.36mb/ps down and 7ish up.
Now its 0.34 upload and 7ish upload. This is pure theft by deception. Has to be a way to sue for all lost service over entire time. I have 80% signal strength. Thats good..ish. Must constantly restart router for certain applications. Reading in I see a pattern that has been obvious long before I was even a customer. Only time its ever worked is if I call. It will work about 20 min after call then throttle back down to dialup 200-500kbps. This issue must be dealt with. Launch a new sat or 4. I know they steal enough from customers to at least put up 3. And my contract will soon be up. Guessing a 2k antennae for dsl is looking better and better. Im trapped in a small valley. Im the only one around that has to use this garbage. So 2 contracts almost down and never has it delivered as advertised.

Anyone else have this problem? (Joke)

Thanks, Tired of getting screwed, Northeast Texan.

Internet speed — Extremely slow speeds

On Friday March 20th, I was on the phone with Hughesnet tech support for over five hours about slow speeds, they had me purchase Hughesnet Home Support at an annual price of $200.00 The Home Support people could not fix the issues with speed, and sent me back to Hughesnet Tech Support, they as well could not fix the speed problems. This is the incident number they gave me [protected]

Hughsnet — Very rude customer service at hughesnet

I called to check and see how much it would cost me to have internet set up at my home. I found out today that I may have to telework from my home because of the Corona virus. I don't have internet and was calling to see how much it would cost me Incase I have to work from home. The guy that I talked to was very nice until I told him I would have to call back tomorrow because I won't know until tomorrow! He then told me that Hughsnet is the only one available in my area so if I wanted service I would have to sign up unless I don't care if I can work or not! He also told me that it wasn't very smart because I must not care if I lose my job and he asked me what was my purpose in calling if I wasn't signing up! You really need to listen to hi on our call if you can. The call was at 3:37 and my number is [protected] . I would not have someone like that talking to my customers! I have never heard anyone trying to sell something to me talk the way he did! I would very much appreciate a call to actually talk to someone about internet service.

Internet — Charged for services not received

My name is Lynnette Molkentin.
My address is 10651 FM 2908, Tyler TX 75708

I live in the county north of Tyler Texas. The only other service available in his area is AT&T and they made 3 failed attempts to provide service at my home.
I received a call about Hughes Net and how reliable and good it was for a satellite service so I set up for Hughes Net internet over a hear and a half ago.
The morning the man came to set it up, he asked me to confirm it on my phone, which did work. He has me sign a form. I told him I already have service on my phone through T Mobile and have a booster box for internet as well as calls. I needed to try it on my laptop because my phone signal is not strong enough to use it as a Hot Spot. He said he did not have time, "You already signed the paper. Take it up with them".

My lap top said connected but I could not access any websites.
SO, I bought another used laptop. This did not work either even though I called and had a Hughes Net Tech make sure I was set up.

SO I bought a new Windows 10 HP for over $600. No luck, not to mention that I had also purchased a security system a tablet, a Firestick and an Alexa, none of which worked because I had inadequate signal. I was able to use my phone on it a few times but rarely.

I spoke with some one at Hughes net on most months explaining that I would not pay for services I was not receiving and would like to try switching out the modem box which may be the problem. No luck.

SO, last summer one of your workers (who were always great) agreed that if I I paid $68 and took off work a week from that Saturday so that the service would be on for the technician Hughes net was sending out to switch out the box. When he arrived, the system was OFF. He was pretty aggravated and said there was nothing he could do if it was off. He could not switch out the modem.

I continued to ask to switch out the box. I make a good salary. I have not problem paying for services received.
I have 2 jobs that require me to use the internet at home and I have had to drive 3 miles to either Dairy Queen or the hospital where I work to use the internet after hours.

AS a result, I am single with
1) no security system,
2) no internet access for any of my 3 my lap tops or my tablet
3) Have had to turn down 2 supplemental jobs due to lack of internet
4) Cannot rent out my guest house to resident or research scientists at UT which is only 3 miles away.

I received a bill from a collection agency for over 600 dollars and was told that it has been marked on my credit. I have had clean credit and a high score since after 2005 rectal cancer and I work hard at it. I was told that a letter was sent in November.

I can tell you that I received no letter but I did receive a box and continued to call and ask just to switch out the box. One woman told me that the box WAS switched out. No, it was not.. The repair guy came but the system was off so he could not do anything. AS many times as I asked to reschedule, they kept asking me for money.

Payment for services rendered is a 2 way street. If you do not provide the service agreed on your end of the contract, I will not pay.

I have a letter for various agencies including the FCC, BBB and FBI Fraud department. I have not sent these letter because I am hoping for some rectification here. It was explained to me that I must pay 300+ is for the equipment to send back in the box, and the other 300 is for service, once again, THAT I DID NOT RECEIVE.

Hughes Net it my only hope for internet where I live. I have heard horror stories from enough people to know that It does not work as well as promised in several places, but I am asking to at least TRY A NEW BOX and I will pay when service works. That's all I have asked for over the past year and a half. That way. I can complete my work at home, set up my security system, and rent out my guest house. It is not right for your to ruin my credit because of inadequacies in your equipment. The Highes Net sateliite is next to my TV satellite which works fine. There MUST BE A WAY.

As much as I have requested it, I have only been able to speak to a supervisor twice in all that time. I am hoping that whoever reads this pay attention and will work with me to get this going THE RIGHT WAY.

I work at a hospital with patients and cannot answer my phone most of the time so I prefer texts, also because of SPAM calls. Please have someone call me so this can be straightened out. I do have a box to send equipment back, but no letter.

My number is [protected].

Thanks so much for reading this and I hope we can get this going correctly.


Lynnette Molkentin
10651 FM 2908
Tyler, TX 75708


My name is Erick Ammon and I am writing to file a complaint about an install of new service I had on:
[protected] between 11:00 am and 2:00pm
At my home located at:
560 Salyer Loop Road
Salyer, CA 95563

I received a call from a local person in Salyer saying to me that he saw photos of extensive exotic game room that the installer had taken photos of while he was in my home doing the installation. This same installer went to another location in Salyer, CA where the house is known as a "herion house" and was showing all the photos to these people.
I am now fearful that my home may be broken in and me robbed of valuable items from my home.
I have contacted Pradman Kaul via your site that states contact us, called the customer support line and am now submitting here.
My account number is:
I believe it is in HughesNet best interest to contact your installers and prohibit this kind of activity.

Please call me at [protected] on my cell or Linda Liddell at [protected].

Your prompt attention to this matter is greatly appreciated.

internet service

Hughes Network Systems advertised heavily on local Virginia tv stations in September-November 2019 promising broadband services. I was unhappy with my Verizon DSL service because of a long regional outage and decided to contact Hughes Network Systems online. They asked for my name, address and I think even my social security number whereupon they sent a technician to my house. He put up a dish antenna on the roof of my foyer and installed a modem after which he asked me to test his work. It was all right while he was here. Whereupon he asked me to sign an electronic tablet. It was black blank but he told me it was to certify that he was at my house to install the system. So I signed. Then he asked me to sign again saying that was to indicate that I was satisfied with his work and that the system was working to my satisfaction. So I signed again. After he left, however, I found that the transmission was slow as I could not watch my streaming subscriptions on Amazon Prime Video and on Netflix. The images kept pixilating and bufferring every few seconds. I also found that checking my emails and doing my banking transaction was very slow because of poor transmission. After two days of this, I called up their office and a technician from Texas spoke to me and did some adjustments from his end. It improved for a while and went back to intermittent buffering that it was impossible to watch any streamed video at all. Over two months I contacted them via their online support help which was unresponsive or through their phone some 8-10 times. I got into conversations with their technicians some five times both American and Filipinos handling calls from Laguna Province, Philippines. I was given various advice. One was to turn off and disconnect the modem for a few minutes and turn it back on. It didn't help. Another was to buy tokens for extra mbps units to improve my reception. I didn't like that as it seems just another scam to extract more money from me for their unsatisfactory service. Another ridiculous advice was to stream videos some time in the wee hours of 2:00 - 5:00 am when traffic was low and they also give bonus mbps units. I tried that. Didn't work either. After two months, I could no longer stand the situation and I sent them a certified letter duly delivered by USPS telling them that I was no longer using their service. I disconnected their modem and engaged the services of Cox Internet. Now Hughes Network Systems Llc. are asking me to pay a penalty of USD400 for not keeping my subscription for two years per their contract to which I allegedly agreed and to mail back to them all the equipment at my cost. I do not agree to their demands because I did not agree to buy a defective product and the two year commitment was made known to me post facto after the installation. I filed a complaint with Consumer Complaints Division of the Office of the Attorney General of the State of Virginia. I can transmit to you the record of my complaint complete with the ANSWER Hughes Network with my rejoinders. The Consumer Complaints Division of the Attorney General has given up trying to mediate between me and Hughes Network Systems and the staff in charge of the case has advised me to get a lawyer to file a case in court. Judging by the quality of their service I am sure there are many dissatisfied customers. Meanwhile, Hughes Network continues to pile charges on my credit card for service I do not use.

service, service, service

Acct [protected] for Farrell Williams . First off your service is [censored]. I'm paying almost $70 a month and can't listen to a song or watch a show without delays . I did a test and it's downloading at .66 and upload 3. What kind of service is that for $70 a month ??? I don't even want to pay What I need to do is take my 70 a month to a company that will give me service without interruption. Not to mention when I started calling for help and to give you a new card for payment I've been lied to and hung up on three times and on my fourth phone call with an extremely high call volume so holding for almost 10 minutes now . The previous call was just as long so after holding for almost a half hour the agent hung up when my dad was giving permission for her to discuss and help me his daughter since it's his acct. This will be our last payment so I suggest fixing this immediately

internet service

The salesperson sold this company miles above what they are. He needs an Emmy. He told me this service was 20x faster than the service that I was using and that service provider was terrible. Hughsnet has been robbing me from day one. Not one single time has this service been available for use. I have to turn my wifi off anytime I use it. Hughsnet sent me a survey after I subscribed to them and I told them exactly what I was experiencing and how terrible the service was. After i submitted the survey it asked if I they could contact me, of course I said yes. Never heard a thing from them. Sent another email months later and never heard a thing. I've called customer service and they've troubleshot with me over the phone and nothing. They kept telling me that the service "throttles down" at the end of the month and I advised them that it was as sorry at the beginning of the month as it is at the end of the month. I'm buying a new house and called to cancel my "subscription" (I have never been so glad to cancel a service as much as I was this one EVER) and was told I had to pay $130 because I still had a few months left on my prison sentence. I asked to speak to a manager as I was buying a house and moving a couple of counties over and not just cutting ties with Hughsnet hoping that they might waive the $130 fee. They did not. If word of mouth advertising is what they say it is I'm advertising to anyone and everyone that I know and let it be known that Hughsnet is the WORST product that I have EVER tried to use. It's as if I throw $ out the window every month. Im sure that this email will find its way to the trash file as I've never had anyone at this company call me back [protected])or reply to an email. I will absolutely be filing a complaint with the FCC, the FCT and the BBB. Thank you for your robbery and continued success of you and your corruption.

Kevin McConnell


I am getting a pop up about paying a bill to Hughes Net, and I do not have an account with the company, have not used any credit card for any transaction with your company. Should you need to address a payment concern, please contact the person with whom you have an account, and not send generic pop-ups attempting to get payment from anyone you possibly can.

Thank you.

the company itself

In the 1 month we had NEVER worked and I called over 16 in that first month. After talking to multiple foreign people and hung up on several occasions I was called a racist because I told him I needed a person that spoke English. Anyways, I had to use their internet box ( after being told I could just use my own). I can't even tell you how many times I had to reset my box, and they even told me I had to pay to have someone come out to service my broken devices.
In addition to all of this, they canceled my account then turned it back on, they also I told me I "might" get my money back.
I sent back the device that I bought and I JUST recieved a letter from collections that I owe 794.98. WTF
Never deal with these people and I would love to see how many others they've ripped off and start a class action lawsuit. This company is BS.


Worst service ever! Had them for total of 60 days called every week to complain. Unauthorized charge of $385.00 to cancel their crappy service. I am submitting a black list for Hughesnet on the Military Installation I am located on. This company is nothing but problems. I do not suggest anyone utilize their service. The costumer service reps just hang up on you.

internet service

We live in an area where high speed internet was not available when we first arrived, so we got HughesNet internet to fill the gap--it seemed to be the most highly rated dish internet service. In hindsight, we should have just paid the extra fees for unlimited phone data/hotspot connections, because the internet from HughesNet was patchy and slow, even during "fast" periods. The worst part of our experience, though, was upon attempting to end our service after almost two years of being on-time customers. Unbeknownst to us, when you cancel your HughesNet, they expect you to return a part of the satellite dish that *a professional* installed **on your roof**. If you fail to do this, you incur almost $400 in extra fees. In our case, we did venture onto our roof, once we found a friend with a ladder high enough and safe enough to make the attempt, and returned the requested part. However, we were then informed by HughesNet that there is apparently a "108 day" rule, where if you return the part after 108 days, you forfeit your $400. Never mind that you performed their extremely unsafe request and climbed onto your roof to retrieve their equipment, never mind that they now have this equipment in their inventory, never mind that you may have done this within 113 days, and never mind that you were never once informed about the 108 day policy. They are keeping your $400. Frankly, I am appalled at such a company policy. I will never again consider HughesNet as a viable option, and I would never recommend to anyone that they should go with this service for their internet. Please, save your time, money, and safety and choose unlimited data through your phone service provider.

service plan usage.

I unplugged my internet and usage is still being used. What a bait and switch this company is. First ten days of bait was good, then the bottom fell out. Upped my service used more and faster. I'll have to get a usage time software. Will check with the Minnesota attorney general next week. Such a greedy rip off. Will try to join the class action lawsuit as soon as possible. I was way better off with phone wifi service.

  • Updated by gpenrod · Nov 17, 2019

    How do they sleep at night. Bait and switch is illegal.


So I go online and try to place an order, I get to payment window input my card information and it says it can't use that card as payment, my social security goes directly on that card which was given to me by the government are you people kidding me? I don't have a major credit card as I'm getting disability.So how can I order? You ppl are loosing alot of business due to this very problem, I went and googled it and I saw 100 or more ppl with same exact me when you all come to your sences


I was sent to a collections agency/being sued for $700.00 on a account that's not mine. I paid my roommates bill 1 time before she got rid of them for double billing and lack of service . Now the bill comes in MY NAME and I'm told I'm the responsible party because my card and payment are last on file.are you kidding me?! Do you know how many times I have had others make payments for me I have never heard of such a thing. So my roommate is wiped clean of this debt and I have it .i have NEVER nor will I have an account with hughesnet

internet/customer service breach of contract

I call on October 26 to request to not renew my contract on Nov 6. The representative continued to inform me on info I had already know about. I explained I just wasn't happy with the service and how my bill was continually messed up. How they wanted charge me for a service fee that was outta my control on there product. That there were other companies that had better pricing. He wasn't listening to me he wanted to get out wht he wanted to say. He there continued to get me upset so I was at a point and hung up the phone. So I'm guessing he cancelled my service before the date I requested. This uncalled know I have no service until my new provider comes which was requested after the date of Nov 6. This why I dont want there service.

unauthorized credit card charges

Request Refund 10/24/2019
I did buy out the contract on the month OF AUGUST,
2 months past bye and they charge my card 334.50
they Did not Send Any Letters or Email and Charge my
Bank With out Authorization,
People That i Talk to That Could not help me get my Refund.
People That i Talked To People .
KAI PEREZ, Supervisor could not help.
Jhon Baker, Supervisor could not help..
Jhon Hernandez could not help. .
Amanda Pigment could not help.
Ref.no124720323 [protected]
Case [protected].
I did sent out the black box and receiver,
tracking no.95055111164792997156648.
the thing that Jhon Hernadez told me that i would
refund Nov 1022019.
they told me i would get my refund later in
Nov 18, 2019 there a big deference in time .
pictures that i provided are the items they charge me for.

unauthorized credit card charges
unauthorized credit card charges
unauthorized credit card charges

hughes net

Recently moved with Hughes net . My old address was ok with Hughes net.
Cannot get the service at my new address even though Hughes net told me I could get it.
The Installer came out and said this was all he could do. All my lites were on the modum but nothing was going on my computer.
I was Charged until the 19th for no service. I
Cannot just cancel because they only have standard cancellation. If you are in a contract with them and u have this problem there is nothing they can do for u except to get your money. U can talk to many people at Hughes net but nothing will get resolved. This business has been practicing this way for 10 years and they are proud of themselves. My suggestion is to get on Facebook and tell your friends to stay away from this bogus service.

internet/customer service

Laura, a rep from hughes net cold called my mother advertising assisted transferring accounts from dish to hughes net. This rep promised a $40 reduction in the bill, free installation & she also very clearly promised that she would contact dish to cancel our internet after hughes net was installed to be sure everything worked before the old account was cancelled. She told my mom that she could negotiate with dish to lower my moms cable tv bill by having the 'silver service' removed. This is the reoccurring bill for line maintenance. She told us that we would not be billed until installation was completed, yet pulled 59.99 from moms acct minutes after they hung up! Saturday morning when the tech arrived he immediately wanted $100. For installation. My mom attempted to call this rep laura, the one who promised the sun & the moon, but she refused to answer calls & did not return any calls either. So, today my mom gets back on the phone & reaches this laura because the tech gave us her cell number by accident. This lying piece of crap denied promising my mom any of these things! Oh, she also told my mom that getting a paper bill was not a problem & wouldn't affect the bill or process at all. Well an extra $5.00 a month just to get a bill instead of auto withdrawal is a pretty steep and noticeable problem for someone living on retirement income! Additionally, my mom checked her account today & hughes net is already dipping in without authorization helping themselves to my mother's money. So far she has been charged a $1.00-check your card fee, the $59.99 that was pulled out a week earlier than promised, the $100.00 + tax free installation fee, and today a random $2.99 - reason still being determined. Absolutely unforgivable for a company to run this scam. Seems they are allowed to promise anything just to get a person to sign that contract. [censored]!

service billing

Dear Mr. Pradman Kaul CEO:

I took your internet service with the opinion that it would cost me $59.98 per month. There was no mention of any more money to be taken out of my account especially on the next day after service was installed. So with this being said, an amount of $1.42 was taken out of my account on October 13, 2019. Now I called the Hughes Net customer service and they said that I owed that money. I asked for a supervisor and was kept on hold for I don't know how long. Then I asked her to give me the $1.42 back to me in my account. Now I am asking you to refund the money back to my account and if you don't then I will cancel that card and you will not get anymore money until I am ready to pay in November 2019. I know that you will do the right thing. Thanks. Patsy A. Hartsock, 121 S. Division St., Seymour, MO 65746.

hughesnet steals money and internet is crap

We have had them (hughesnet) about 3 years. They were supposed to send someone out to give us all new equipment a year ago, and instead they guy straightened the cable in the back of the router. It worked for a little bit then kept getting worse and worse. When we called to have them look at it and do what they should have in the first place we were told it would be almost $200 to have someone come out to our house. After explaining again about how they never fixed what they were supposed to the first time and that we didn't feel we should pay extra for them to finish what they were supposed to have done before they said we wouldn't have to pay for the service call or our next month's bill (this month). Today I saw that they took $110.12 out of our account. We were paying about $55 a month because the first guy gave us a reduced rate for a year because it was so horrible. I called to find out why were charged and to get my money back and they told me the best they could do was have us pay $5 for next months bill instead. I told them that did not cover the $110.12 they just took out and that that was the amount I wanted back. I got hung up on. I then called and got a manager. The manager said she could only refund $29 of the $110.12 and that she could give us a $10 discount on next months bill, not the $5 the other lady had mentioned. There was nothing else they could do about the money they took from us and they would not be able to give it back and are 'sorry' about that because it might have been a misunderstanding on our part. I asked her to playback the phone recording from that call and was told she didn't have time for that.


I had hughesnet one day, after that I could not do anything online. everything went down. Said I used my data up, so they slowed it down. What a joke. I sent there equipment back to them the next day. Than what do I get but a $385.00 bill for early cancel. Which they told me I would not have. So now what can I do. Does anyone have any ideals? had it hooked up 9th month, turned off next day.

don't try to run a business through this companies servers

I have found that this companies servers (Hughesnet) have BGP Prefix Hijacking. My business is in the U.S., yet my IP is broadcast in Russia, Japan, Brazil, and NOT the U.S. - Everywhere I go tells me that it is my ISP's problem and they need to fix their Boarder Gateway Routers, yet when I call them to ask for help, they tell me it's not their problem and pretend like they have never even heard of it, and there is nothing they can do. RIPE tells me they can update their boarder router configuration for my ASN 6621 - but they make it seem like it is no big deal. I used to get $$$$ a month with my business and I now get $ per month. Someone is eaith stealing my sales or dumping my IP out there in never-never land. There is nothing else I can do. If anyone knows of how I can go around them and get this fixed I would truly appreciate it. They don't seem to care about their customers.

These are my supposed 'peer group' in the routing of my IP

RRC00 Amsterdam, Netherlands 32097 724462
RRC00 Amsterdam, Netherlands 35619 769343
RRC00 Amsterdam, Netherlands 55720 789973
RRC00 Amsterdam, Netherlands 13830 788102
RRC00 Amsterdam, Netherlands 202365 773572
RRC00 Amsterdam, Netherlands 4608 791442
RRC00 Amsterdam, Netherlands 20205 785156
RRC00 Amsterdam, Netherlands 202365 708075
RRC00 Amsterdam, Netherlands 15562 756771
RRC00 Amsterdam, Netherlands 395152 790625
RRC00 Amsterdam, Netherlands 57264 756410
RRC00 Amsterdam, Netherlands 59919 776182
RRC00 Amsterdam, Netherlands 50304 762731
RRC00 Amsterdam, Netherlands 3549 761150
RRC00 Amsterdam, Netherlands 20514 766601
RRC00 Amsterdam, Netherlands 49432 771254
RRC00 Amsterdam, Netherlands 204092 776549
RRC00 Amsterdam, Netherlands 55720 793911
RRC00 Amsterdam, Netherlands 131477 773266
RRC00 Amsterdam, Netherlands 50300 766214
RRC00 Amsterdam, Netherlands 852 762871
RRC00 Amsterdam, Netherlands 48821 769503
RRC00 Amsterdam, Netherlands 64050 761755
RRC00 Amsterdam, Netherlands 64271 784728
RRC00 Amsterdam, Netherlands 29504 769544
RRC00 Amsterdam, Netherlands 43607 777579
RRC00 Amsterdam, Netherlands 3333 769821
RRC00 Amsterdam, Netherlands 1403 767257
RRC00 Amsterdam, Netherlands 328474 768959
RRC00 Amsterdam, Netherlands 57199 766724
RRC00 Amsterdam, Netherlands 58057 769336
RRC00 Amsterdam, Netherlands 47422 772049
RRC00 Amsterdam, Netherlands 206499 764361
RRC00 Amsterdam, Netherlands 17639 786842
RRC00 Amsterdam, Netherlands 174 756169
RRC00 Amsterdam, Netherlands 396503 784701
RRC00 Amsterdam, Netherlands 6881 788207
RRC00 Amsterdam, Netherlands 57381 763469
RRC00 Amsterdam, Netherlands 38001 784050
RRC00 Amsterdam, Netherlands 7018 757255
RRC00 Amsterdam, Netherlands 8758 778774
RRC01 London, United Kingdom 42473 761568
RRC01 London, United Kingdom 51185 776105
RRC01 London, United Kingdom 328145 765142
RRC01 London, United Kingdom 6894 771211
RRC01 London, United Kingdom 12779 759844
RRC01 London, United Kingdom 2914 761738
RRC01 London, United Kingdom 8218 772991
RRC01 London, United Kingdom 25160 767600
RRC01 London, United Kingdom 64271 774799
RRC01 London, United Kingdom 207044 765527
RRC01 London, United Kingdom 57111 764189
RRC01 London, United Kingdom 8896 766022
RRC01 London, United Kingdom 13030 735656
RRC01 London, United Kingdom 57695 753158
RRC01 London, United Kingdom 14630 776795
RRC01 London, United Kingdom 286 760250
RRC01 London, United Kingdom 35266 762807
RRC01 London, United Kingdom 8607 765120
RRC01 London, United Kingdom 31742 763081
RRC01 London, United Kingdom 56730 769285
RRC01 London, United Kingdom 39122 772750
RRC03 Amsterdam, Netherlands 8455 761635
RRC03 Amsterdam, Netherlands 47692 769388
RRC03 Amsterdam, Netherlands 51088 758568
RRC03 Amsterdam, Netherlands 14907 767844
RRC03 Amsterdam, Netherlands 12859 766685
RRC03 Amsterdam, Netherlands 205206 765541
RRC03 Amsterdam, Netherlands 59605 775332
RRC03 Amsterdam, Netherlands 8283 763082
RRC03 Amsterdam, Netherlands 47441 775002
RRC03 Amsterdam, Netherlands 64271 770849
RRC03 Amsterdam, Netherlands 15435 765193
RRC03 Amsterdam, Netherlands 47147 762059
RRC03 Amsterdam, Netherlands 57111 764190
RRC03 Amsterdam, Netherlands 24875 769125
RRC03 Amsterdam, Netherlands 6453 761229
RRC03 Amsterdam, Netherlands 30132 788555
RRC03 Amsterdam, Netherlands 1103 765802
RRC03 Amsterdam, Netherlands 50673 779522
RRC04 Geneva, Switzerland 12350 764204
RRC04 Geneva, Switzerland 20932 766244
RRC04 Geneva, Switzerland 29222 779674
RRC04 Geneva, Switzerland 15547 778210
RRC04 Geneva, Switzerland 25091 770759
RRC05 Vienna, Austria 47147 762059
RRC05 Vienna, Austria 13237 767103
RRC05 Vienna, Austria 47692 769384
RRC05 Vienna, Austria 35369 774707
RRC05 Vienna, Austria 6720 777207
RRC06 Tokyo, Japan 2497 767851
RRC06 Tokyo, Japan 25152 785205
RRC06 Tokyo, Japan 4777 773802
RRC07 Stockholm, Sweden 49515 764312
RRC07 Stockholm, Sweden 6667 766513
RRC07 Stockholm, Sweden 42473 767786
RRC07 Stockholm, Sweden 20764 778654
RRC07 Stockholm, Sweden 9002 770814
RRC07 Stockholm, Sweden 24482 772475
RRC10 Milan, Italy 51185 776128
RRC10 Milan, Italy 196753 760821
RRC00 RIPE-NCC Multihop Amsterdam, Netherlands 50 of 50 100%
RRC01 LINX / LONAP London, United Kingdom 21 of 21 100%
RRC03 AMS-IX / NL-IX Amsterdam, Netherlands 18 of 18 100%
RRC04 CIXP Geneva, Switzerland 5 of 5 100%
RRC05 VIX Vienna, Austria 5 of 5 100%
RRC06 DIX-IE Tokyo, Japan 3 of 3 100%
RRC07 Netnod Stockholm, Sweden 6 of 6 100%
RRC10 MIX Milan, Italy 16 of 16 100%
RRC11 NYIIX New York City, US 7 of 7 100%
RRC12 DE-CIX Frankfurt, Germany 19 of 19 100%
RRC13 MSK-IX Moscow, Russian Federation 13 of 13 100%
RRC14 PAIX Palo Alto, US 8 of 8 100%
RRC15 PTTMetro Sao Paulo, Brazil 18 of 19 95%
RRC16 NOTA Miami, US 4 of 4 100%
RRC18 Catnix Barcelona, Spain 2 of 2 100%
RRC19 NAP Africa JB Johannesburg, South Africa 7 of 7 100%
RRC20 SwissIX Zurich, Switzerland 21 of 21 100%
RRC21 France-IX Paris, France 17 of 17 100%
RRC22 InterLAN Bucharest, Romania 0 of 0 -
RRC23 Equinix SG Singapore, Singapore 4 of 4 100%
RRC24 LACNIC Montevideo, Uruguay 3 of 3 100%

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Todd Sirbasku
A Loyal Hughesnet Customer Thats Very Disappointed

slow internet, problem with satellite

I have contacted Hughes net customer service several times about my slow internet service. The first time I was told it was because I used up all my data for the month. I explained that I upgraded to 20 MB in August of 2018. Apparently your customer service rep didnt put in the order, so I requested to be upgraded again. I was told the speed would be up in 30 minutes. I called back again about a week later complaining of slow speeds, we ran test on my system and computer and I was told there was a technical issue on your end with the satellite. I was offered a 30.00 discount on my bill but not a time when the issue would be fixed. I called again tonight, 9/26/19 to again complain about my slow internet. The rep wanted to run diagnostics again. I told him I dont have 2 hours to waste just to find out that the problem is still on your end. I am tired of your rude customer service reps, they hang up on you when they cant answer your questions, they drop the ball when they need to upgrade service, and no one can give me an answer on when or how you plan of fixing the satellite. I am constantly being booted off the internet. I am so frustrated with your company I could scream. I want answers and I want them now. You dont mind taking my money but you continue to give me crappy service. Your commercials at this point are false advertising because the customer gets nothing like you advertise on tv. In my area you are the only internet provider so I am screwed no matter how you look at it. You do know that a breech of contract has occurred. I am thinking of suing and by the looks of the complaints on the internet looks like I could get a class action suit against you. What do you plan to do to fix my problem. I am not paying another bill untill I get the service I was promised when I signed my contract. Your customer service reps need to be schooled in how to deal with the public because they stink at their jobs.

billing and customer service

I am beyond pissed! I cancelled my account 3 months ago at least I thought I did. Only to find out that the person who was doing it did NOT finish the transaction and the only way I knew was because they took $70 dollars out of my account. I immediately called. They cancelled it, but told me it would be be 4-5 days before they refunded the money. I kept waiting, no refund. I called again and was told oh no we said 45 days! I said WTH ! I threw a fit. I was told there was nothing they could do about it. I waited awhile still no money, called back and threw another fit to again someone in India or wherever, amazingly I got the money that day. Well we returned all our equipment and before when I had cancelled our service they asked us to return the radio transmitter. I told them we had no access to it since we didn't live there anymore. They said oh then that's fine, just return the modem and everything. We did. Yesterday I went to the bank and discovered I was overdrawn because Hughesnet withdrew $212 from my account! I was FURIOUS! I live on Social Security and this caused me great financial hardship. Immediately I called and was told that charge was for the radio transmitter ! I let them have it. The rep went back to my previous calls and says oh yes I see where it says your radio transmitter did not need to be returned. Then they told me I would have the money back today. WRONG! I called again and was told October 22! I said absolutely not. I want my money back TODAY! After an hour they said 1-7 days. I then expressed my dissatisfaction with them asking for a supervisor. Told there was nobody who could help. Expressed more dissatisfaction and was hung up on! This company is HORRIBLE and I will NEVER recommend them to anyone. I am calling back again and again until I receive my money.

the entire system/telephone service.

I was promised high speed internet. This didn't happen. My computer is slower than ever. Times i am unable to get on line. My TV is unable to use the abs because computer is to slow. Sometimes neither the tv nor telephone works . After a service man was sent out nothing changed. Hughesnet has breached the contract. I want to know how i can get out of this misery . I am better off with any other company. I would not recommend Hughesnet . I want some sort of satisfaction. I also want a response. My phone number is [protected]. My name is Clinton Garrett 2508 49th st sw lehigh acres Florida 33976

hughes net

They didn't cancel when I requested so I was charged a whole extra month. When told the charge would be removed it wasn't. I couldn't get a return box. Had to call 4 times! They kept blaming it on "system issues". Evertime I asked for a supervisor one was never available. Then 7 days into my actual cancelation they turned me over to collections!!! In the middle of my refinance!!! The damage is done and no one will help me. I refuse to pay them anymore money and they wont credit back the charges. Worst company. They need shut down. What they're doing is illegal. Also, I never got the speed promised. I could never do more than check my email it was too slow.

internet service

Ever since we have gotten Hughes.ney for our television and internet service, we have not had adequate service. The television service is fine unless it rains, then nothing! But our internet service is inadequate and frustrating! Most every day we cannot pick up the internet! I cannot talk on the phone without it cutting off the person I'm speaking to! We have to hold our phones and tablets up in the air and walk around the house while trying to find a "connection"!! This is unacceptable! The people I e spoken to at tell me it's my servers fault! We have ATT. ATT tells us it is! We want this problem fixed immediately!! Otherwise we will cancel and find another internet server! We have been paying for months and months for service we are NOT getting!!!Enough is enough!!

home internet

We have been dealing with inadequate internet for some time now. I have made several calls to Hughesnet tech service only to have them continuosly repeat what they have previously said yet do nothing. I was told they would call 2 weeks ago, I waited that day, no call but was told they had tried. I called again only to have everything repeated and was told they would call Sat. or Tues. NO CALL. Called them again today was told they had called and was given some random number they had tried not even close to my phone number. Then I was told they would call within 24 to 48 hours, again.
All I can say is Hughesnet you are not a customer oriented company at all. We pay an astronomical amount for your service because we live in a very rural area and you are extorting us with your exhorbant fees and lack of ways to resolve issues that arise.
I have the reference numbers from the last two incidents if you are at all interested. I believe you are not. I wouldn't recommend your company to any one. Your lack of customer care and inability to resolve issues promptly or at all are proof of that.

cable and internet

I had a major do mestic issue and had to relocate immediately for my safety. The place I was forced to did not allow satellites at all plus they already had internet service. I paid for a month I did not have service and then stopped paying. I called to cancel and advise of the situation. Everyone claimed to understand until it was time to not pay for the 295$ for being forced to break my contract. I demanded corporate and a supervisor as not to be responsible for somethingnoitside of my control.

  • Da
    Darlene Stone Jan 01, 2020

    Nightmare! paid for AT&T bundle with DTV and hughes net. I cancelled and moved out of state, due to fleeing from domestic, elder and financial abuse i am on social security and unable to pay a termination fee that was never explained to me. After DTV installation they lost my account so hughes net could not install my internet for almost a month. Calling almost daily, no one could tell me anything. 6 months after my cancellation hughes net has hacked my account they have on file and stolen $413.84 without my permission.

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internet pricing

could someone please call me because i have a huge complaint about your services and billing because hughesnet lied to me. i just found out this am about this problem. please help. my phone is [protected] my name is terry white of marion, ohio. i really need to get this resolved and your represenatives are no help. thank youterry white.ok you need this longer. i need this matter resolved now. your hughesnet reps were very rude and sold me the wrong plan and lied to me. they destroyed my roof putting up satelite and we had to fix our roof because of it and you guys would not even return my calls about it..


Sales person stated Hughes internet service would work for Netflix and Amazon Prime. She lied. Watch an hour of TV and end up watching it buffer and buffer, but according to support, it's always working great on 'their' end. $90 a month for this kind of service? No. Called and complained to customer service numerous times, and was jerked around repeatedly. Had the account suspended and was given a credit, which was supposed to cover the equipment. So I wouldn't have charges while the account was suspended. Bank account was accessed via my Visa and overdrawn. Called and complained, was told I would receive a refund for the charge and overdraft fee. Big surprise...Nothing ever showed up. Talked to more of their staff today, 8.6.19, Tony -operator # 8655402- who no matter what I said replied 'No one has lied to you and all charges are valid'. It's quite clear this guy never had any intentions of helping. I would say his job is to shut up anyone complaining about hughesnet, and/or slam them with as many charges as he possibly can when they try to escape the hughesnet trap. Talked to a guy who used to install for them. He quit after his boss told him to say whatever it takes to get people to sign the papers, roping you into a two year contract. What was I told at installation? 'If the service doesn't work, you can cancel within 30 days, but you'll have to send the equipment back.' Well every time I talk to anyone about canceling, which I tried to do two weeks into it all, and have tried to do repeatedly, I get the $400 disconnection threat and/or legal action against me. Hughesnet employees' job is quite clearly to BS you and get as much money out of you as possible. They haven't kept their word to me one single time. At this point in my life, a sudden $400 hit would be enough to make me homeless. So I killed the visa to protect myself. This has to be the most dishonest and worst company I have ever dealt with in my life. They are the only company I've ever had a problem with who absolutely refused to work reasonably with me in any way. Come to think of it, other than Fingerhut 20 or so years ago, they're the only company I've had any issues with at all. I may take a hit on my credit report, but at least I won't be living in a card board box under a bridge, which doing such a thing to someone would no doubt thrill hughesnet to no end. Some government agency needs to nail this company and stop what they're doing to people. A company shouldn't be able to do the things to people this one is doing and prosper from it. All they needed to do was give me good service, or take their equipment back and let me go, but I imagine that to be to complicated a concept for them to grasp. Avoid this company. Do yourself a favor. If you can't get cable, invest in a DVD collection. It won't set you back near as much as you might think, and you can broaden your selection by swapping with other people you know.

take money while account was on hold. I was told that no money was told I couldn't get back cause I didn't check my account

I am so mad. I was lied to.!!! They lady told me cause I ask no I would be charge nothing. It was odd amount. Roughly 60 dollars. This guys today told me they would only give it back if I would sign back up. Hell no. U lied down stole money from my account. Why would I give Hughes another chances. I will stay with att and tell everyone not to go with you. And you all didn't even try to make it good. U all stole from ur customer !!!

hughesnet gen5

Purchased equipment, started service 1/28/19.
Have twins in duel enrollment/high school.
At night I've attempted working on credit report breach.
I have been triple charged, had over 30-40 calls trying to resolve billing issues & trouble shoot continued daily failure. Contacted Corp, opened a claim. Total joke, to date no call, letter & system still down. I've over paid my service. Falsely billed for "tokens"? That I've never heard of. All customer service, outsourced & even the executive contact that "opened my case for advanced billing" made promise, ... opposite, honestly think she was outsourced as well. There is ZERO contact to have a true account manger relationship to aid you as a consumer. I've got BIG losses from using this fake scam.


Your service tech came out to install the system he damage my swuer line I had to pay $700.00 to have it fixed now all I get is the run around I haven't received anything on their liability insurance so I guest Hughes don't have any since its Friday on Monday I will have to file a lawsuit this has gone on for over 45 days the only thing that they tell you is we will call you back and they never do


January 2019 we had to call customer service because they were billing us four months into our 6 month hold. In April 2019 a representative told us we were able to put our account on hold for another 6 months until October 20th 2019, however, this June 2019 again I was being billed for services I was not using and had not been using. After speaking with another representative, I was told my account was reopened in June and the billing for June and July would still be due and was on the verge of going into collections. I'm very displeased that I had to pay $124.00 for a mistake that Hughesnet made and has been making for the past 8 months. This is a constant issue and luckily my services will be terminated soon. It is such a hassle having to contact Customer Support each time they decide to reactivate my account without my consent. I lost money and will lose another $190.00 just to cancel my contract this month. This is beyond ridiculous.