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Hughes Network Systems Complaints & Reviews

Hughesnet Internet Service / Internet services

S. Myers on Aug 17, 2018

We changed from DISH network to Direct TV for our provider, and was told that if we bundled with our cell phone (AT&T), and Hughesnet we would get a great deal. We love the Direct TV, did not change anything with cell phones, because of the extreme cost, and have found that Hughesnet doe...

Hughes Network Systems / service

hnbyoungren on Aug 14, 2018

Same issue as everyone on this page. i will make a suggestion...and that is request a copy of your signed contract be emailed to you and if they cannot provide one within 7 days where the contract has your signature on it then they have no legal right to send you to collection and if they...

Hughesnet / internet

Katrina Thomas on Aug 13, 2018

I hate this service, I've called a talk with reps concerning this service.Had to do a step by step process to reinstall the service just to have it go out again..One guy tells my it was the weather, when it was sunny out...Smh.I want out off this said high speed you said...

Hughesnet / internet signal

JenMart on Aug 12, 2018

This is truly the worse internet service I have ever had and I've had internet since the beginning of internet. I thought Century Link was bad but Hughes is worse. I initially was searching for a Dish package with TV, internet and landline. I didn't know Hughes was going to be the internet...

Hughesnet Gen5 / internet service

Lynda Stafford on Aug 11, 2018

I've had Hughesnet Gen 5 since March of 2018! It was supposed to be fast and for the first 30 days it was, and since then it has been getting slower and slower and buffers so bad I can't even watch videos at all!!! We only use two devices an iPhone and an iPad mini, we can't both use our...

Hughes Network Systems / 3rd party contractors that lie about terms of service

Momontheflipside on Aug 8, 2018

I purchased HughesNet from a third party representative of HughesNet last August (8/2017). The rep. was with Eagle Satellite in Missoula, MT. We knew we would be at this residence for a short period of time, one year at the maximum. It was very important to me to have no contract due to...

Hughesnet / service

Rdillard on Aug 6, 2018

I thought I was going to get a good internet company but no hughes net is the worst Internet company I have ever had. They make promises they will not honor. They charge too much for the poor service you get. When I decided to sign up with hughes net I was told that I wouldn't be charged...

Hughes Net Internet / billing and service

jazminmartinez85 on Aug 3, 2018

ok so before i even bought this new house im in ...I called internet companys to see who would service the new area im in ..turns out hughes net is the only one well i called before i even bought the house to see if it was compatible with what i need for work because i do work from home...

Hughes Network Systems / Internet service

Rdillard on Aug 3, 2018

The first thing is I was told my first payment wouldn't be taken out until the service was installed which was wrong they took it out immediately which caused my to have three overdraft which wouldn't have happened if I would have known would have put money from savings in checking...

Hughes Network Systems / Phone line

Adana on Aug 3, 2018

I have made numerous calls to have my phone line repaired. A box was sent to replace box we had here. Cable guy came out and since then no phone service. I need someone immediately at the house to repair this. I am not going to do your job when I have already been through the trouble...

Hughesnet / re: resetting my data

rcpbooths on Aug 2, 2018

First off I was late with my payment of $50 plus I had three $9 tokens that I bought. 6 days later I paid my bill the 80 something dollars and my data was never reset. HughesNet claims that it was reset never have I ever used all of my data in 6 days being alone and constantly checking to...

Hughes Network Systems / wifi internet

Duane Morris on Jul 26, 2018

Gen 5 service in Dahlonega, Ga. zip 30533 case ID # 113815683 customer Duane Morris account # DSS35734715 After my first week in the month, every night, internet speed drops below 1mb/sec. I raised service to next level of gigabyte/sec. with same result. I found it darn near impossible to...

Hughes Network Systems / internet/phone

Rhonda Rosario on Jul 25, 2018

This company is HORRIFIC..only 24 days within a two year contract and 9 reps and three days later they are wavering my 2yr contract and assure me I won't have to pay the $ 400. I have had spotty phone service dropped calls even with their reps. And their internet...or I should say what...

Hughes Network Systems / satellite internet

Jamie Cervantez on Jul 23, 2018

Signed up for satellite internet because xfinity/comcast was not available where I was moving. Very slow internet speed of 25mb/s with 1mb/s upload speed. So unhappy with this service. I can't play a game on my phone without having to buffer let alone trying to game online through...

Hughes Net / poor service

Mike996 on Jul 20, 2018

I initially signed up for internet and satellite TV with HughesNet in April 2018. The. Technician came out and installed the satellite and cable to the two TVs. The technician left, and about 30 minutes later me and my daughter tried using the Internet and TV. Neither one work. I...

Hughes Network Systems / internet service

Shica Hazel on Jul 17, 2018

My mother has had Hughes for a few years in Bainbridge, GA as it is the only service that really works in her rural location. When I was home 8 months ago, she called to see about reducing her plan and spoke with a representative (Shelly) who told her about the new 5G plan--faster speed at...

Hughes Net / gen 5

Lynda Schmidt on Jul 9, 2018

I have been repeatedly lied to by Hughes Net and I'm tired of it. I was told if I went with a two year contract with the Gen 5 I wouldn't have as many problems with my internet. Will the problems are worse. My security service that protects my house hasn't worked right since I ordered the...

Hughes Network Systems / hughesnet internet service

Karen Vann on Jul 6, 2018

Before I ever agreed to the service my first question was, "Will it run my Netflix without buffering every few seconds?" His reply was how many devices do we have, I told him 2 phones, one iPad, one smart TV. He guaranteed I would have no problems. Next, I had to wait weeks to get the...

Hughesnet / gen5

Ann Campbell on Jul 5, 2018

Finally convinced to upgrade to Gen5 from old plan I had for years and while we did have problems with it every once in a while, the switch to Gen5 was the biggest mistake EVER! The technician installing it said I would need to wear a seat belt because of the increased speed. What a joke...

Hughes Network Systems / internet

kcow on Jul 3, 2018

Terrible company!!! Buyer beware!!! Hard to cancel, threats about huge cancellation fees. Make sure you read the contract word for word. Sent someone to the house I just sold even though I told them not to and got in a n argument with the new owner, charged me a large cancellation fee and...