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Hughes Network Systems Complaints & Reviews

Hughes Network Systems / unauthorized payment

Kclark79 on Dec 15, 2018

Just like the many MANY other customers, HughesNet also took an unauthorized payment from me. I canceled the very slow and terrible service when a serviceman came out to see what was wrong with my equipmentment and told me HughesNet does not work well for streaming Netflix. I told him...

Hughes Net Satellite Internet / damage to roof from installation

Shawnking on Dec 12, 2018

HughesNet installer damaged my roof by dropping DISH on my roof November 9, 2018. I contacted Hughes net regarding the damage and was told my case was escalated and that someone would contact me . November 29, 2018 I received a call from HughesNet asking me questions about the damage...

Hughes Network Systems / internet service

Sydpeter on Dec 9, 2018

Speed test said i was 98% slower than the rest of the country. Tech said no problem and tried to rope me into a 2 year " upgrade " at a cheaper price. ? Asked for a tech to come to the house and was routed to a no answer phone line. Have been a customer for many years. Maybe Comcast can help...

Hughes Network Systems / service

Toshika Spratley on Dec 4, 2018

I went through Direct Tv for a bundle package better than what I had. Keep in mind I had digital service and I asked specific questions. I was told that this service will be better hands down. The technician for the WiFi came a day early and we noticed as soon as he hooked it up it didn't...

Hughes Network Systems / hughes internet service/ lack of!

jon bishop jones on Nov 20, 2018

I've had HughesNet Internet Services this year starting at $60 per month. The service lasted for the first week of every month. Or about 4 days. Then no service! They continued to ask for more money. My payments have grown, month after month to $130 . The customer service rep was so rude he...

Hughes Network Systems / internet service

Cyndi K Flowers on Nov 20, 2018

I would like to know if anyone has successfully cancelled service w/ HughesNet... I will be calling soon to try again since per my last complaint form they gave me a big run around the 1st time I tried talking about all these fees I would owe... & somehow they used my last cable/internet...

Hughesnet / internet service

Cyndi Flowers on Nov 19, 2018

Yes! I am having the same issue w/ HughesNet, I tries to cancel almost 2wks ago because as you said that suck!, the entire yr I've had them I have had issues with the service, like not even being able to watch a 15sec video on my phone w/o it buffing 5 times, or if I try to stream a movie...

Hughes Network Systems / satelite does not work

BigMike02 on Nov 16, 2018

I am a senior citizen, disabled vet, on a fixed income. I could of chose any company but I chose Hughenet. Two hours after installation I realized I made a big mistake. Internet was so slow it wouldn't load any Apps. The installer failed to install the router close to the TV, so I could...

Hughes Network Systems / internet services

Earnie0328 on Nov 15, 2018

My phone has not worked since I changed internet providers. It has been working properly for years with the previous provider. I am not able to use my phone at home now. Please resolve!!! I can make calls but the person on the other end cannot hear me at all. Up until now I have never had...

Hughes Network Systems / service representative

ToddW117 on Nov 6, 2018

I truly have no other options for internet in my location. I had to make a choice, given that I could not afford everything that I wanted. I chose internet and looked around and Hughes Net was my only simple option. I called and proceeded to go through the process and give my information...

Hughes Network Systems / Internet speed and Phone

Laura Milano on Nov 2, 2018

Hughesnet is so slow and you are unable to play any games either on the computer or an IPad. Started in September and every month I have had to purchase tokens and am unable to play any of our games. We totally lost internet and phone a few weekends ago, no offer to comp for loss. I am...

Hughes Network Systems / internet

Tralic on Oct 23, 2018

My tv/internet bill was getting too high so I saw an offer combining Dish and Hughes net for a better price. When I ordered it I was told that it would meet my needs. ( I live on my own and believed my requirements were small). Since then I have had consistent performance problems and wa...

Hughes Network Systems / ip service

iowjhefdiosmxdqio on Oct 16, 2018

September 13, 2018 Dear I am hoping to resolve my issues with you IP services Username: List of cases numbers (#): 1. 109344526 2. 45189674 3. 109823024 4. 107031801 5. 107028788 6. 109344526 7. 105103996 8. 109764146 9. 109823024 10. Current (I hope still...

Hughes Network Systems / internet sevices

Angel Mejias on Oct 13, 2018

2 months ago, I got a service, since beginning the quality of the signal it bad, event a clear sky and disconnected all my equipments from the network and siting next to módem. I been working with there customer support every try out thing on my own to solve, the only alternative they provided...

Hughes Network Systems / cancellation fee

Rosanne1061 on Oct 10, 2018

When I signed up it was through a sister company that works with HughesNet. I told the man I live on a fixed income an he found a promotion that would provide me internet and phone for $80 monthly. First month in my bill was $107.48. When I called to complain I was told that was the price...

Hughes Network Systems / service

Jami Lee on Oct 4, 2018

I just recently moved to a rural area and had read reviews about HughesNet but it was the only internet I could get. So I bought the equipment (450) and paid the installation fee (250) and bit my tongue praying it would all be ok. Not a chance, got the service Aug 27, 2018 and the first...

Hughes Network Systems / satelite internet service

Little Dog on Oct 3, 2018

This is a SCAM, and Dish Network is promoting it as being their Internet Service. But have a complaint and contact Dish and they will say they have nothing to do with them... I had DISH employer install Hughes Net, and have never been so dissatisfied with a service...I had it for not quite...

Hughes Network Systems / disconnection and charges

Rosemary McDonald on Oct 3, 2018

on 8/8/18 I contacted Hughes Net to let them know that my internet was not working, I was not able to stream even YouTube and they did some technical support to see if they could fix it; they asked me to try it for a few weeks and call back if there was still an issue. On 9/4 I called back...

Hughes Network Systems / hughes net

Amanda Blanchard on Sep 27, 2018

When my husband signed us on with Hughes Net, he explained to them that we needed something that worked for our family. We watch Netflix, our boys play PS4 and I play online MMORPGs. She said that thier service would work with all that. Boy were we highly lied to. They charge way too much...

Hughes Network Systems / cancellation fee as well as rude, rude, rude customer service

Patty Bradt Ehlo on Sep 27, 2018

I cancelled my HughesNet service a couple weeks ago as I was having trouble working from home using VPN. I've had HughesNet over 2 years, but was still charged a cancellation fee of $80 because at one point during that 2 years, I upgraded to the Gen 5 Modem, which in the end was a waste of...