After weeks of trying to narrow down what could be causing my2yr old sons sudden severe allergy outbreaks my daycare provider shared that she too used Huggies and started having problems with a lot of rashes with her son since the middle of February. Looking into some mom groups online she discovered that there were more complaints from other moms of Huggies diapers causing allergy outbreaks. One mom says she discovered that Huggies made a formula change in their diapers in January of 2010, just around a month before each of us started having issues with these sudden rashes. For some they are medium-regular looking diaper rashes but for my son it's severe. He scratches around his waist and then anyplace his fingers touch cause further blister looking outbreak. It's been a nightmare for us trying to pin down what's caused this for him. I'm very angry with Huggies for not testing this new formula better before stocking store shelves with it. Probably not all kids will be affected but my son who's been extremely healthy--NEVER had allergies before; is reacting in a severe all body blistering effect. Huggies should have put something on their box...some kind of warning to parents that they changed this chemical makeup of the diapers and allergic rashes are possible. Luckily my son is old enough we're going radical potty training, but what about those people out there with younger kids? Please pass it on if your friend, or relatives kids are having sudden allergy problems that don't make sense, try changing away from Huggies to see if the rashes stop. If they do...complain! We have to voice this problem in order for them to hear us and change back to a safe formula. I have a picture but my printer isn't working for me to scan it and put it here.


  • Tr
    tracy133 Nov 19, 2009


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  • Sm
    smilesarecontageous Apr 08, 2010

    the same thing has been happening with me. I am in the us and this is the 4th time!

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  • Ma
    mark8318 May 24, 2010

    My girl has used huggies since she was born and all of a sudden this year she goes up one size and this new formula gives her a very severe swollen rash in the shape of her diaper! It goes all the way around and looks like she has a beet red diaper on when she is naked! The diaper do have a funky smell to them that I cant put my finger on! This pisses me off badly!

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  • Up
    upset with huggies Jul 31, 2010

    As much as I loved huggies with my first two childrn who are 11 and 9 now. I'm not loving them as much with my 1 yr. old. He don't wet as much anymore, but when he does it's leaking all over. I thought the maybe it was just the new little movers, but the snug and dry aint no better. I hate to say it but Huggies has let me down with my third baby. And I've also gotten some where the straps were missing as well. Tried to remain loyal but can't be buying pampers every week cause they not holding like they should.

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  • Ts
    TSummers Aug 11, 2010

    My daughter has NEVER once had diaper rash of any kind. I have always used the pampers brand but I bought huggies becuase of the blue jean attern however after a day of use my daughter has an EXTREMELY TERRIBLE BLISTERING RASH!!! I've tried everything and relized the only thing changed was her diapers. This furiates me to no ed. Huggies is suppost to be one of the leding brand. I will let everyone know of the pain the diapers have cause my baby girl who is 17months. Thank goodness she is learning to use the potty. I will NEVER TRUST HUGGEIS again!! Her poor bottom is blistered and she is even sore to walk. The is ridiculous!

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  • Vt
    vtjennygirl Sep 13, 2010

    My twins needed better overnight diapers so we bought the Huggies Overnights. One started using them weeks before the other due to specific needs. A few weeks later, we put them on the other twin as well. She woke up two days in a row covered head to toe in a hot, raised rash. No one knew what it was. We had used Huggies in 2009 so we didn't dream it would be the diapers. We switched back to just generic Toys R Us brand diapers, and it helped. Of course we had to go through a steroid treatment first. I called Huggies and they offered to send me free diapers. Seriously? I did accept the coupons and used them for wipes. Still, the Sam's Club wipes are stronger! Since this happened, I haven't found a diaper that doesn't cause an irritation. It's not the same all over body rash, but anywhere a diaper touches is red with bumps.

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  • Hu
    Huggies r GREAT Dec 30, 2010

    I have been using Huggies since the day i have had my kids, the last 2 large boxes i purchased at walmart canada have been terrible, the straps keep tearing off, out of the 2 boxes i maybe got use of 50 diapers, I am one unhappy customer at this time:(

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  • Ma
    mark8318 Dec 30, 2010

    We also have noticed that the Huggies wipes played apart in the diaper rash as well...

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  • He
    heather adams Jan 16, 2011

    I have been using Huggies diapers on my daughter ...before I had her I purchased diapers so I would have them on hand I bought all different sizes the new borns and size ones I had no problems with but I am usuing size 2 and the tabs all pull off them lucky if you get to use 40 diapers out of the bag. With the price of diapers I hate to waste them .

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  • Me
    Merante Feb 10, 2011

    I normally LOVE huggies and have been using them above all other brands since my daughter was born in November. Never a problem.

    Until the past 2 months.. I ALWAYS buy the biggest value box the store carries. My daughter was in size 3 when I realised most of the diapers tabs were snapping right off when I would fasten her diaper. I figured it was one faulty box and I still had a box of size 3 (other brand) from my baby shower I could use up. Then I get to the next box ( same size) to notice the same thing happening. I don't know if it the store taking poor care of their goods or if this is a bad batch of diapers that was distributed? Sad to say more than 70% of the 248 diapers I paid for were unusable! :( :(

    I'm afraid to purchase huggies again, afraid of the same thing happening.

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  • Lo
    lotso79 Mar 13, 2011

    i have never bought any huggies that leaked so bad i would like to be refunded.

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  • Ch
    ChristopherJR1 Mar 18, 2011

    My daughter is 2 months old and we put her in ONE Huggies tight and dry diaper and in just a matter of hours had developed TERRIBLE painful blisters that were filled with puss and blood. There is no warning label, in fact they go through a lot of wording to try and assure you that their diapers are completely safe... When I called Huggies they said something along the lines of: 'I apologize this is happening but I assure you that we have tested this and its not our diapers. I can send you some coupons for more diapers'... We went to a doctor and she said that we were right and it must have been the diapers. And what was that woman thinking??? NO I DON'T WANT COUPONS TO SUPPORT YOUR COMPANY!!! If they want to do ANYTHING for us they can put some money in a college fund for my baby girl for the pain and suffering and possible SCARRING that my poor baby has had to deal with. THEN they can put a warning on the package alerting parents to the dangers of using their cheaply made product. If coffee has to come with a "Warning: HOT" label and peanuts have to say "Warning: may contain nuts" then by God they can put a label that says 'warning may contain severe blistering on some children'

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  • Mi
    miss vagas Jun 02, 2011

    hi i got a problem everymonth with huggies every month there is 3 nappies broken and its always by the straps i mean im the loser most of the time please email me [email protected] or contact me on 0837232699

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  • Ul
    ulysses b felder Jun 07, 2011

    I purchased a carton of newport 100's and they were stail, do u know what i paid for these newports ???? i think some one needs to get in touch with me of refunding me my money or replacing my newports. I still have the newports as well as the me at [email protected] address ios 517 fleming rd trenton sc 29847

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  • Ul
    ulysses b felder Jun 07, 2011

    This is my second time writinng u all about the jean diapers that i bought...still havent heard anything from anyone. If u were in my shoes and the way the economy was the u would be acting the same way that i am...when u pay for 3 boxes of diapers that is poor quality and have to change ur childs diapers every 30 -45 min then something is wrong, if not u will turn around and my child is naked because the diaper has either fallen off or just broke...please get in touch with me [email protected] or 2711 edgefield hwy trenton sc 29847...i HOPE TO BE HEARING FROM U...

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  • Va
    vayasmom5 Jul 03, 2011

    Did it look anything like this. My daughtereras huggies and I have no idea what its from. I took her to the e.r and the doctor were no. Help.

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  • Km
    kmohara Aug 15, 2011

    Same just happened to me. Our first try with Huggies because they have Mickey Mouse on them and our older son thought they were awesome. 10 diapers in - she has a horrible rash. Shame on Huggies for knowingly allowing a product to hurt children. I just logged a complaint with the CPSC. Everyone here needs to. It is the only hope for them to pull this product, and the Pampers Dry Lock, off the market.

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  • An
    andrew ridge 1986 Sep 15, 2011

    ive been buying huggie diapers for three years and still buying them for my son and buying pullups for my the past ive had issues with the straps now im have a problem with how weak they are. The old huggies use to hold alot now they hold like loves does.. Not not happy i love you guys and dont what to switch

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  • Al
    alinasmommy Oct 07, 2011

    i have been using huggies since my daughter was 9 months (she's almost 20 months now) and just recently she developed a ringworm-type rash! i find it strange considering this is the first time it happened, but a big thumbs down to huggies for not pre-warning parents.

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  • St
    stretchy sticking out Nov 07, 2011

    My son David was born on sep 19 2010 ever since we used all huggies diapers, I never had any problem with it, and we never went to any other brand, even my friend we recommended this brand. Now recently our latest which we are using now we had most of them the diaper when you stretch it was sticking and when try to open tearing apart, We are really disappointed in this regard what can we do to replace or even i don't have receipt right now what to do? Please contact me i will appreciate you. my email [email protected]

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  • Ca
    carebear4496 Jan 21, 2012

    i have also noticed this and my son had developed a wicked diaper rash turned yeast infection from these diapers. i am now battling a child custody case from the result of this, claiming i have been neglecting my son. my lawyer is about to become involved in this.

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  • Sh
    sharon kellar Feb 18, 2012

    I want you to be aware that my daugter in law is using her name, her husbands name, her childs name and my name to report defective products. This includes... diapers pampers and huggies, procter gamble ALL laudry soaps and fabric softeners, dish soaps. AND is receiving large amounts of FREE COUPONS. The person abusing your system is CHELSEA SNEED OR CHELSEA MERYDITH or whoever's name she choose's to use to cheat you. I do not want to be a part of this and want her banded in whatever way you have to from continueing this illegal activity!

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  • Pu
    Punkyh07 Apr 05, 2012

    My grand baby has had the same problem!!! Severe rash it was awful!!! Buggies should be ashamed!!! We will NEVER use huggies again!!!

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  • Ho
    hollygolightly077 Aug 08, 2012

    I've been using the Target brand diapers and they always worked very well. They recently started leaking so I switched to Huggies Overnights and my daughter developed a rash all over her body a couple of days later. Then her lymph nodes on the back of her head started swelling. The diapers are the only thing I've switched. In addition to this, I've had at least 3 or 4 of the tabs break off when I go to put it on her. Will NOT be finishing the box or buying any more Huggies! My poor baby is scratching till she bleeds!

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  • Nd
    ndieken Nov 03, 2012

    We have always used only Pampers diapers on our daughter, who is now just shy of 1 year old. Lately she has been peeing more during the night and sometimes soaking her regular diapers, so we bought the Huggies Overnights to see if that would help keep her dry through the night. Now our poor baby has such a terrible diaper rash! She is so red and puffy and sometimes she will just break out in screaming tears just from sitting down on her bottom. Huggies should be doing some serious research here to find out what they are doing wrong that is creating so much misery for babies and their parents!

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  • Ya
    Yajaira rosario Jan 09, 2013

    I bought some pampers and the were like 10 pampers with no strap on one side. So could use

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  • Mo
    moniqueharris Apr 02, 2013

    Hi my name is monique an i have a 7 month ood baby by the name of luke, i have been using huggies dry comfort nappies on him since birth an never had any problems until recently when it started giving him a rash often . Also i found that out of a pack of nappies there is always a few that do not stick.if there is any1 with a similar problem plz let me knw

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  • Sb
    sbushey12 Apr 06, 2013

    I used huggies when my son was first born in September 2012 and he got a rash so i switched to parent choice and I haven't had a problem huggies has a new gel in the diapers that helps absorb the urine better i think huggies needs to take the "new and improved" DIAPERS and switch to the other ones and do more research on the new ones before putting them back on shelves.

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  • Ja
    JAYSIE JUSTINIANO Nov 05, 2013


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  • Si
    single mom jj32 Dec 06, 2013

    The Global VP of Digital, Ecommerce and Customer Relationship Marketing for Kimberly-Clark - maker of Huggies, Kleenex, UbyKotex and others is an abusive, discriminating homewrecker to homes with babies. Kimberly-Clark has factual documentation of these claims, including his own admittance in writing, and has chosen to turn a blind eye. This man threatened subordinates and contractors making out-of-scope demands with no additional pay, and used his influence of power to home wreck homes. This caused so much stress on the women involved, one pregnant woman's baby has developmental injury. This is all fact and true and they cannot deny it. So this company cannot be well-equipped to market to families, moms and babies when they let sociopaths run their global business.

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  • Be
    Bellamie Dec 06, 2013

    Where is your proof? Where is your proof that a child has developmental delays due to this person's actions? Where is it in writing? Where are your sources? You cannot just spout off a bunch of accusations without backing them up with evidence.

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  • Tr
    troymac Feb 20, 2014

    Ive bought 2 packs of nappies and the 1packet i got about 8nappies where seal broken and gel comes out all over its the second time now, i prefer pampers to any other and dont want to be forced to change please can you check your production as something not right

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  • Ba
    Bayliner Feb 26, 2014

    My Granddaughter developed a rash with the Mickey Mouse Huggie's size three, that looked like she had been burned with a lighter. The crying and pain was horrible. I used Huggie's on her Mom and now her. I'm really angry at a brand I have trusted for 23 years

    .B. Epperson

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  • Ta
    Tamjud Jun 12, 2014

    Hi Huggies

    I need to ask what happened to the good quality Huggies that I've purchased just weeks ago?

    Last night, I changed my little one, noticed that the new pack's diapers prints are a bit darker but i excused that because HUGGIES is huggies right? WRONG! the new pack is a cheaper version of the previous pack I bought weeks ago, it feels harder more like plastic-ish not so soft and cottony like the others. I've never had to dry my little one during the night if I've changed his nappy before bed, but last-night his PJ"S was soaking right up into his back! it's too cold to be changing nappies during the night therefore I've been using Huggies since he was born and loved it before!

    This batch is definitely NOT as elasticated as the others and that;s why the nappy leaks! and it disappoints me to pay so much and trust a brand if they do not stick to their quality!

    I'm STUCK with this full pack and refuse to use it, if you could assist me I'd very much appreciate it.

    Kindly awaiting your respone

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  • Wh
    whitepearl Sep 08, 2014

    I brought huggies dry, all night non rash diapers for my 2 month old son on Sept. 6 2014. i purchased huggies for the first tome and because of your low quality product, my baby got rash and cut marks on my baby legs.

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  • Ai
    Aidensmommy334 May 13, 2015

    Everytime my son even pees the slightest bit your diapers now have busted open and thats just becoming ridiculous i have bought nothing but huggies for my son and now i wont be buying your brand anymore

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  • Re
    Reviewer36403 Aug 21, 2015

    I open two brand new packs of huggie wipes the have smaill pieaces of glass i never had a problem before with the wipes until now these definitely need to be recalled asap

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  • Re
    Reviewer49409 Aug 22, 2015

    I have been buying huggies for 3 years fo both of my babies.. My daughter had broke out in a really bad rash and my son was really itchy and i didnt know what it was until i found glass shards on their wipes. This has me so mad i have went thorough every pack and bought a new pack to see if it was just in the ones i already had but there is glass in every pack i have checked, this has me so mad i wipe my babes bottoms with this and its suppose to be safe.

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  • Re
    Reviewer83584 Dec 30, 2015

    I have complained directly to huggies and got no response from them. I purchase a package of diapers and nearly all of the pull tabs popped off while trying to use them for the first time. Talk about a waste of money and really frustrating that they don't care about me wasting money on a diaper that soaks up well but does me no good if it doesn't stay on. I will stick to my LUVs diapers from now on.

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  • Mi
    Mikeysgirl666 Apr 08, 2016

    Gave my daughter
    a very bad rash and blisers all over her privates very unsatisfied will never buy any Huggies products again

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