HSNdallas cowboy t shirt and hoodie combo


On 10/6 I ordered a Dallas cowboy t shirt and hoody combo. I was told my credit card was declined. I called customer support to see why my transaction was declined. They said it was fraud protection and wanted to make sure the purchase was valid. I valley HSN back and replaced the order was told everything was approved and I was set up on flexpay. I was also told I would that I would receive an email confirming my purchase. After hanging up I did not receive an email. I called back and asked why I hadn't received an email yet confirming purchase. I was told orders do not post until after midnight and was assured I would receive one and I did. I called today on 10/15 to check on my order and I was told it wasn't processed and that my credit card was declined a second time. I asked if there was anything that could be done about this, and was told no. This was my first time using HSN and this experience has been very upsetting and disappointing. This was suppose to be a very special present for my fiancee!

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