HRRGcompany didnt even send claim to insurance.


I received a bill in May stating that i owed HRRG $900.00 from a ER visit. They have called me non stop since I first received the bill. I finally on 11/13/13 asked the lady from HRRG if she could look and see if my insurance had paid any on the bill, she states that insurance didnt pay any but she said that i could call my insurance and ask them. I called my insurance company and they said that they never received a claim from them for that date and the bills that they did receive for that date of service were paid in full. So i had to call the actual company and they stated that they had submitted the claim but never heard anything back. Dont you think if the insurance didn't respond then you might need to resubmit the claim. Considering that i have double coverage insurance, i shouldn't owe that much for a freaking ER visit. Especially since the insurance paid the other 2 claims in full for that day of service.


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    Kathleen Jacobs Jun 28, 2016

    I also had an ER visit and had Ins coverage shown at time of services. HRRG continually phoned me months afterwards to recover over $700.00 which HAD been paid already!!
    I talked to an attorney and found you can tell them to discontinue calling your home- as this is legal. However they put this bill on my credit report and still send harassing notices of non payment.. I have noticed reading others complaints HRRG seems to do this with many people and like the ER visits for some reason. Then they claim the physicians portion is different than the hospital- THIS IS NOT CORRECT. This is a corrupt billing service and I have sent a complaint to the hospital and did have to threaten legalities IF they dont remove from credit report- and i have reported HRRG in this practice also. I suggest anyone with this issue with HRRG get very tough and protect yourself as thay are crooks. Reason the customer service people are so rude is they try to put you on the defense as they are scamming people to get this money.

    Paula Jacobs

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    BAA79 Oct 25, 2016

    Ditto for me. Went to emergency care on Christmas day 2015 - my UHC insurance paid for the emergency visit and xray but ER Doctor never submitted bill (Inphynet) and sent it to collections at HRRG. After 4 months I finally got Inphynet to submit the bill but UHC can deny coverage due to not being billed in a timely fashion. So I am in a hopeless loop between these three entities. Actually, Inphynet and HRRG seem to be owned by same people so is this a scam to get more money from individuals rather than taking the insurance payment which is lower? I am beyond frustrated and have documented the hours of phone calls I have been subjected to...

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