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The complaints manager at HP UK is a nasty piece of work called Paulette Hughlock

She hides behind staff and will not speak to customers, but here email is: paulette.[protected]@hp.com


  • Valerie Nov 02, 2006

    My laptop was originally having issues with the screen so I sent it into HP to have it repaired during the summer before I went back to school. I received my laptop back and it was working fine and they didn't replace any parts. Only a week after I got back to school, I started having the same issues again. So I called HP and they recommended sending it in for repair. I did it and they had my laptop back in a surprising three day turnaround. The repair summary said that they had replaced my system board and reinstalled Windows. I noticed immediately when I went to use my laptop that USB devices weren't working properly, my touchpad wasn't working, and it took forever to load Windows and sometimes it wouldn't load at all. So I sent my laptop back in for repair and this time they kept it for five days and replaced the system board again. I just received it back and now the fan is running constantly on the system board and it didn't do this before. I called HP and they said that I should send it in again for repair. I expressed my disgust about their service to them and they told me that all they could do was have it sent in again and said that it would receive "priority" repair. As a result of this, I was going recommend to my father a new HP laptop, but now I don't think I am. This is getting to be extremely frustrating and by now I think I deserve my money back or a new laptop.

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  • Mo
    Monika Raj Dec 15, 2006

    Dear citizens of India,
    I am also one of the victims of this fraud made by this company.When i registered the product online, no redemption code has generated. I tried for almost three to four times but failed. This is not happening to a single person but happening to so many peoples in our entire country. HP is so clever that he forces us to buy his products at a cheaper rate but for the cartridge he asks the same amount from us. He knows that once we purchase its product we have to purchase its consumables also.

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  • Mi
    Michelle Sep 03, 2007

    Good luck with that! I have the same problem with the screen but now.. I sent it in for the 2nd time for repair (it has been 3 weeks) and they can't seem to find my laptop:) Or have a clue what I am talking about. I will never ever buy a HP anything again. I have spent at least 2 days a week for the last 3 weeks tied up on the phone getting the run around. It's ridiculous.

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  • Va
    vaibhav bhandari Sep 13, 2007

    Pathetic response. I got one HP survey, where i rated HP very bad and it was clearly communicated to contact me, but nobody contacted me. Then why the hell customer survey is generated.

    Very poor service!

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  • So
    sourabh joneja Oct 04, 2007

    I have purchased a HP notebook model no DV2214TU in april 07 got registered for a free TV tuner card the very same day against a DD / chq for rs 500 (redemption code 0G8VQURL0Z). Post this I had also received a confirmation of the clearance of the Chq paid to HP redemption cell in May.

    But till date I haven't received my gift till date even after endless reminders and phone calls nothing has happened. Complaint no with HP is CCHSAP111299. Still no resolution.

    Am highly dissatisfied and have already asked my friends and colleagues not to buy HP products.

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  • Na
    naresh Nov 10, 2007

    I had called to HP long back and placed the order for Service ( repair ), since my laptop is under warranty. When I could not receive the Box for 7 days I placed a request to then and they sent me the box ( F60988-01). Next day I received a Empty box (with Reference no F60988-01) in which I kept my Laptop and I shipped to HP repair center. I sent the laptop to HP repair center, but the laptop was returned to me after few days without repairing. I again placed the order for repair . I told to customer care this situation. By the time I received the empty box for my first order (F 57107-01). I called Immediately that this is situation shall I send my laptop in this box. They said that i can send my laptop in the box (which was referring to the order no F 57107-01. Its almost 13 days back story. I shipped my laptop to the HP on 30th Oct. from the next day itself I am calling to HP that whether they had received my laptop or not. Just to confirm that they had received it or not. Daily I am calling to Customer care and they just route the call here and there for around 2 hours . Daily i am spending around 2 hours to get the status update but everytime customer care says me that they don't know anything about it. I am highly frustrated and irritated with the response I am getting from customer care. Beware people!

    Thanks and Regards,

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  • Ch
    chris Jan 16, 2008

    I purchased an HP DV 6000 laptop about a year ago, and just recently it quit working, took it to a shop and they said it was the motherboard and video card. I have looked online several times to the forums of this product and it seems that this is a problem by a lot of people and poor customer support from HP on fixing the laptops, shipping dates and additional problems in a short time after it is fixed. I am not going to get involved with even trying to get it serviced, because it will probably be unreliable and i can purchase another one for a little more than the repair bill and headaches.

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  • Sc
    Scott Johnson Jan 16, 2008

    Is it still under warranty? Why not get if fixed?

    Did you see how much it would cost if not on warranty? That would be helpful to make a decision.


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  • Ka
    Kay R Feb 09, 2008

    Buyer Beware! I ordered a complete desktop suite from HP, including 19 in monitor, slimline tower and 3-way printer. I specifically asked for a built in modem and the system arrived without a modem. Several calls to overseas people who can't understand or speak English later, they decided to send me another tower with a built in modem. Tower 2 arrived without a modem. Several more calls totaling 4 hours this time resulted in a lucky transfer to Canada where they explained that they don't build in modems anymore. They should have told me this when I ordered, right???

    I have logged over 12 hours on the phone and have spoken to over 22 people, only two of which spoke English and weren't named some cutesy american name like "John Wayne" or " Betsy Ross"... sadly I'm not kidding.

    Now I am waging another battle via email trying to reach someone in HP Corporate to discuss the ridiculous exchanges and hope to secure some type of rebate or compensation for my time. I am currently on my 7thy email where they keep providing a canned response with a 800 number to speak to a supervisor. The supervisor at that number is in India, can't speak clear English but won't transfer my calls to a U.S. call center because they are the supervisors. Then they tell me there is nothing they can do to compensate me but want to sell me additional HP products.

    I am continuing to try to find a real live English speaking person in a suit at HP who would like to keep my business. Wish me luck!!!

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  • Lo
    Lori Mar 18, 2008

    I have contacted HP Support with various issues. I purchased the HP Care pack to go along with my expensive laptop for a nice tidy sum of $$. All of which gets me people who do not speak or understand a word of English. This has been the absolutely most frustrating experience. When I do finally get someone who can speak "some" English, the response is incredibly slow. It is clear they have no clue and are following a script. There is ZERO thought process going on at the other end of the phone.

    My latest issue is my CPU is pegging at 100%. After 1 hour of clearing out temp space, the tech said I had to completely restore my PC. I asked "what is the cause of the CPU staying at 100%". The response was something about my contract. Now clearly he had no answer and made one up. I just called moments ago to try again. Guess what? When I said I called last night with this issue, the person hung up!! Yes, that's right. Poof! Gone!

    I have more stories, but what I'm really looking for is the "phone number" of who to call to get this complaint to someone at HP that can help.

    Enough is enough! I want to cancel this USELESS HP Care pack contract and get my money back!!!

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  • Valerie May 16, 2008

    This is an ongoing saga. You call HP CS. You have to answer some robot; then get put on hold. Then someone answers the phone, asks you for all this information, including model # serial # to check your extended agreement (which someone put the wrong date on, but doesn't matter since the printer is the 2nd one received this year from HP because of problems). Then you get transferred to another phone -- ONLY TO HAVE TO ANSWER ALL THESE same QUESTIONS AGAIN!!!

    Now why do they give you a complaint number? Why do they make you repeat the same thing? Why when it's in the computer and person #2 sees it, do they ask you for your full contact info, serial number, type of machine, etc. etc. all over again??

    It's plain dumb!!!

    This IS A COMPUTER COMPANY!!! and they have a DUMB, customer unfriendly customer dis-service, customer drive us crazy service department.

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  • Ti
    Tiger May 25, 2008

    I bought a laptop with $100 cashback but they have not given me the money.

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  • Gr
    Grrr May 26, 2008

    I too am having major problems with HP support. Found this page looking for a complaints number or desk or anyone that even appears to be able to help. My computer will not start only beeps when I power it on. I have been given the run around for a week now. Including being told twice they would call me back and dont. At the moment I have been told they have sent the replacement parts to an agent that I have personally spoken to and been told does not do their warranty work any longer. I could go on...

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  • Jo
    jordan Jun 14, 2008

    check this out...called hp because my photosmart 2710 all in one began kicking me off line whenever hardwired to my hp pavilion notebook dv9610us...I called tech support only to be told that the printer was now out of warranty but for a cool $60.00 they could get me up and running...SCAM! consumer theft!

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  • Valerie Jul 15, 2008

    I bought a HP laptop at Sam's Club. Yes, it was in the scratch and dent section, marked repaired keyboard, but I was assured that it carried the full HP warranty on it.

    (It had a $50 rebate included that I never did receive, as well.)

    I had it about two months and the spacebar was a problem--hit it anywhere but dead in the middle, and it would not function. For the most part, I was using the system in medical billing, I installed networks and had to have a fair amount of data from the offices and access to the network.

    It was inconvienent, but workable, and I figured that I could get a replacement keyboard from service. Roll on to 8 months after purchase, I contact service and find out that they cannot ship me the replacement part. Not user replaceable.

    I'm not the typical user, I did electronic calibration and repair in the AF, and ran two calibration labs. I also repair HP laser printers, and I had just replaced the screen, part of the case, and the DVD drive on a customer's Compaq R3000 laptop. Which meant I had to totally disassemble (and reassemble) the unit.

    They sent me the link for the repair/replacement of the keyboard, but they wouldn't send the part.

    Well, I still had to have the use of the laptop, so I put it off a bit longer...and so when I called back in November and said that I could finally send the unit, they said the laptop had gone out of warranty. I ended up having to send them a scan of my receipt, and the back of my laptop. After which, I never got a reply, confirmation, or whatever.

    All during the time I talked to service, I was dealing with outsourced techs that were in India. Hello, my name is BOB (yeah, right). Only saving grace was that my statics and dynamics professor was Indian and it was at 8am.

    I finally bought a keyboard on ebay--for half of what HP parts wanted. And it was still in plastic. Took me 15 minutes to drop it in.

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  • Jm
    j Magyar Aug 11, 2008

    I just sent in a compaq to be repaired under warranty, they said I abused the machine and wanted to charge me for an adapter which did not need replacing, I sent it in for an LCD screen which was not functioning. After talking to three different rewps I was told this is policy and it can not be changed.

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  • Fi
    Fins Sep 23, 2008

    HP's service is very poor and just an insult to a customer. For a broken hard drive, I've talked to 11 employees, sent 21 emails and still no solution was found, after all these weeks. I finally bought a new hard drive in the store and got my computer running in just a couple of moments again. The laptop was just 4 months old and NO SATISFACTORY SERVICE DELIVERED BY HP!!

    I did recommend friends, relatives and colleagues to look out for a brand, other than HP or Compaq.

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  • Valerie Oct 13, 2008

    I started school so my husband and I decided that we needed a computer, We purchased an HP notebook laptop, it was the best buy the store had so we got it, Had everything installed, looked nice, worked nice for the first 3 days then it crashed, so we took it back and got another HP laptop, got everything installed and it looked nice yet again, we took it home worked nice and fast, but wouldn't let me download ANYTHING so yet again we took it back to best buy, and they said they would need to run tests on the computer and someone would call me with in a few hours to let me know what was wrong with my computer, so yet again I was out of a computer. I waited and waited for them to call me and no one did, I ended up calling them, and got put on hold for 45 minutes while they looked up the status of my computer. Then the guy says "your CPU went and needs to be shipped back to the company to get fixed." so I told them to send it back, then he tells me that it will take 4-6 WEEKS to get back. I got flustered and said whatever. I talked it over with my husband and we decided that we could not wait and wanted a new computer. We spoke to an associate and he said to come in and we would talk about this. We went in and they wanted to sell us a beater, that I was not interested in. I mean my computer has to last me my entire college career and my husbands, so we got a Toshiba, and so far it has worked. I mean seriously both computers CPU's going with in a month?? odd and not very likely I don't think they were the best buy after all.

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  • Valerie Oct 13, 2008

    My printer was only 5 months old. It would not recognize brand new, HP- brand cartridges installed. Went to self-help on web site--no help. Next, I tried chat support. The tech went through the same steps I already did via self-help. The chat tech was a horrible typist and speller. Email support was next. The emails were confusing, with words all over the place. The same procedure was prescribed that I already tried twice. The email tech thought I was trying to fix a 4315v, not a J4540. Phone support was last, and I could not understand a word the caller said. I gave up, wrote HP headquarters a letter, and said Sayonara for ever.

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  • Sa
    SANTOSH KUMAR Oct 25, 2008

    I have my laptop for service. But at HP Service center they changed by processor.

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  • Aj
    ajay bhalotia Nov 06, 2008

    not satisfy with any of ur service...minimum 10 - 20 call...to the service center...bt no 1 is responding..evertime ther tranfer the call...n ther is no service person to reply for the calls...
    its been 20 days i hav given my laptop to your service center in INDIA AT VIKAS BUILDING 1ST, FLOOR...1, DrU.N.BRAMCHARI ST(LOUDON ST)KOLKATA-16...for reparing on 17/10/08
    my token No.is 23639...bt pepople there are tooo buzy..they hav no time to reply to ther customer...I m realy fedup calling to the center...2o days hav passed i hav no reply from the service center...plzzzz look into the matter...

    ajay bhalotia...

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  • Rk
    R.K. Mishra Nov 08, 2008

    The companies like Hp is doing so bad, which I never expected but I may say the company has to do something for after sale service otherwise they will loose havily.

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  • Ta
    taVor-17 Nov 11, 2008

    5.35 % mal 3000$

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  • Pe
    peter harrison Nov 21, 2008

    i totally agree the customer service for HP is absolutly shocking... it might help if they could actually speak english

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  • Al
    Ally Nov 30, 2008


    I'm going to send them an email right now. My DV9341eu notebook has just broken down for the 4th time in just over a year. All graphics related problems.

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  • Fi
    Fidelia Dec 02, 2008

    Do you know uptil now HP has not given me the rebate they promised to send I think about $50 I bought my lap top since February this year and uptil now they dont even talk about it.

    Infact, I have gone through alot with this HP people. I wish them luck in this autocratic way of doing business.

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  • Wa
    Walter L. Whitehead Dec 25, 2008

    Called and was on the call for amost 2 hrs. Was transfered to another person and they told me a I had to give them a credit card number to send me a part when it is a brand new laptop out of box with a bad hard drive. I don't know who I was transfered to first of all and I have a service contract which I am paying for that they needed a credit card number for the exchange. Then the next thing I know I was disconnected from the call. Now I have to call back and wait for someone from Hp to answer the call again and see if we can have a conversation about what the problem is all over again. My question to them is why must I provide a credit card # to them when I'm already paying under HP credit card # already for the brand new product which I just opened up for a Christmas present and am just starting to pay on the product. This was through HP Service department

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  • Ai
    Aik Feb 19, 2009

    Both of my sons received this model laptop one year ago for Christmas. On both computers, the wire cord to the battery adapter has burned out at the end closest to the computer. It appears that the wire got so hot that it melted its coating.

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  • Ca
    Carol West Mar 13, 2009

    Absolutely horrid service and I feel I have been ripped off...
    I bought an Compaq laptop at Christmas time...it never worked from the word go...I bought it from Wal-Mart where I went wrong was I waited until Christmas for it...it was bought in November...I took it back to Wal-Mart but they would not refund the money or exchange because it was over their allowed return time for electronics...I contacted Hp and they had me send it in for repair...they have had it over two months...everytime I call they give me a phoney ship date...I call and again and again given phoney ship dates...this time I lost it and ask them if they ever intend to send it back...they then said mail in the reciept and then they will send a refund...but it will take 3 weeks???? they said on the work order it was stamped shortage of parts and had no idea when they would ever recieve them and refused to replace the computer..I asked them why all the phoney ship dates...of course no one can say for sure!

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  • Vo
    Voice Of Consumer India Apr 17, 2009

    My experience with this company is recorded here on my blog...


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  • Hp
    HpHater Aug 14, 2009

    I bought a notebook with the intent of making movies of my vacation pics in windows movie maker, the finished product worked fine at first but now the moving pictures leaves trails across the screen in the first second or two, then they clear up. i've talked to their tech people once in the hp chatroom, and 3 times over the phone, no issue resolution, and know they want me to pay 59 or 100 dollars to let their 2nd level techs try to solve my problem. at this point i feel they should replace this unit with one that works or refund my money. i've bought 3 hp computers so far but this will be my last one, ever, they don't stand behind their products.

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  • Me
    Melissa L Aug 14, 2009

    If the computer is NEW you shouldn't have to pay a dime. I would say for your problem, you probably have too much stuff running at once. That's usually the only reason of why the picture "residue" is there.

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  • Al
    Aloy Sep 07, 2009

    hi i want to put together a lsit of names who have had poor HP products and also had the complaints department either treat them rudely or not do anything about the situation.

    please send your name to [email protected] and please pass on to your friends

    thanks x

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  • Le
    lee6619 Sep 14, 2009

    my mum bought a hp shes been having problems with it for last 8 months now it has gone altogether little did we know hp had extendecd the warrenty by 1 year now it is just out of date to have any warrenty work done on it hp do not care they do not tell customers they have extendecd the warrenty hers machine was a compac.
    if any one else is having problems with hp type in or copy and paste into your serch bar;-
    Compaq Presario F500 Series Notebook PCs - HP Limited Warranty Service Enhancement to see if you are entitled to extra years warrenty
    we will never buy hp or anything related to hp again lisa

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  • Gp
    gpreetsingh Sep 18, 2009

    i bought hp dv4 last year. got some problem with its touch panel and battery. when i took it to hp service center (amritsar). they told me that battery is okay, but the software installed show it need to be replaced. the serivce center guys dont believe and tell me its okay. when i charge it, wont charge the moment is plug it. starts charging after 20 min.
    then what is the fun of buying. i am really fed up

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  • So
    so bad company hp Oct 24, 2009

    As per the secheme launched by you i purchase two compaq 108tu in janaury.At that time the secheme was of gift of KODAK digital camera.SO i send two demand draft and all the document also for that.But after long time i got feedback from your side that mY claim was rejected.Now i did not got my demand draft back from you.

    Please help me because my two Demand Draft are pending at your side costing worth near 3000/-.Also i request it to the HP SALES MANAGER IN SONEPAT.Please return my both demand draft.


    So please return my both DEMAND DRAFT to my home address

    The details are:--

    579561 CND844282T
    579584 CND84427NZ

    H.NO 53, SEC.13
    MOB. 09896072237

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  • Bi
    bigman01 Dec 17, 2009

    I have a £1750 HP laptop in warranty with 3years accidental cover. I made a claim as it was accidentally damaged. I called up the South African/Zimbabwean call centre, the manager told me accidental cover is only where a part stops working internally. (This is rubbish see their Ts&Cs.) I now have no laptop and a £1750 hole in my pocket. I will fight this to the end of the Earth - I have already spoken to my lawyer. I need as many contacts for HP UK as possible (the higher up the corporate ladder the better). I will be sending them this link in my official complaint letter.

    After researching HP and Customer Service it seems as if the consumer has been bullied for far too long. I am getting in touch with my journalist friends aswell. Lets fight this sort of thing people.

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  • Ma
    magicianhumphrey Jan 04, 2010

    3 times same problem = free upgrade/replacement

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  • Cl
    Clmann Jan 11, 2010

    I completely agree. HP have utterly failed in honouring my warranty as well, claiming damage to my computer was done by myself (I have an external technician maintain the problem is internal). In addition, the financial costs that have have incurred as a result of their negligence are huge. Have you found ANY email addresses to which complaints can be sent?

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  • Am
    am-mchugh Jan 22, 2010

    the service i have received from HP is disgusting, the people you talk to are rude and offhand, they refuse to supply you with their name when you ask, and do not honor it when they say they are going to call you back.

    i have been told my product is out of warranty when in fact the product is less than a year old, and instead of explaining to me that a hp warranty is from the day tesco had the product, the initial lady, who refused to provide me with her name when asked, just said your product is out of warranty, when i questioned this as i had already told her the date i brought the product she used a rather aggressive tone n proceeded to talk to me like i was a child. she refused to put me through to a technical department and refused to listen to what was wrong with the product, she put me through to the complaints department who told me i could not speak to a manager as there where none then when i said that waas ridiculous she said oh but were all managers.

    my partner then rang the following day was promised numerous times to be called back and never was, he faxed the proof of purchase as was told he would receive a phone call within 15 mins after he had sent it within a hour he still had not and made 4 phone calls that day. when he finally spoke to the lady who had been dealing with originally she said they had been very busy, although three separate people had promised she would call my partner back that day and he managed to get through to the department within once being put on hold for longer than a matter of minutes.

    she told my partner she had all the details and would get a technical adviser to ring us on Monday however when he asked her to confirm them she was unable to do so. she then asked for his name and phone number and what was wrong with the laptop which he had already provided 3 times that day.

    there service and manner is a disgrace and i suggest anyone thinking of buying a hp product to think again as if and when they brake you will be treated like a piece of dirt!

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