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We bought a HP Pavilion DV2202TX with Vista Home Premium pre-installed back in June 2007 for about USD 1400. At that time, we thought that Windows Vista should be already fully supported by the laptop manufacturers, and HP laptops seemed to have nicer looks and audio. It turned out that too bad we were deceived like that as we quickly realized how unreliable their laptops are. Last October (2007), we noticed that our laptop started to shut down randomly. It just suddenly powered off in all kinds of situations, e.g. when the laptop was starting up (before even entering Windows), when it was playing music or movie, or just standing-by, without any warning. After a few times, we were convinced that it must be hardware failure. But anyway, we still tried to do a destructive recovery. Half-way during the first recovery, however, the laptop powered off again and we had to start over again. Thank goodness we were able to finish the second recovery. However, the problem was not solved, and it started to shut down more frequently than ever. Initially we suspected that the problems might come from memory or motherboard, as whenever more programs were opened, the laptop just crashed down. After googling for the symptoms that we had, and reading from many forums, we realized that the problems were caused by high CPU/motherboard temperature and overheating. We also read that many users experienced large fan noise and high temperature with their Windows Vista pre-installed HP laptops. To make sure, we installed a small utility called 'CoreTemp' to monitor the CPU temperature and we were shocked to find out that both CPU cores (it's Intel Core 2 Duo T7200) were constantly running at about 60 ~ 70 degree Celsius when the laptop was idle! That was a damn high temperature! And it quickly got hotter as more programs were opened. We witnessed the temperature increase from 60 degree all the way up to 100 degree Celsius, and the BIOS came to cut off the power! (opening Windows Live Messenger plus three or four IE windows with AVG antivirus running in the background can easily make it shut down). We are almost certain that the high temperature must be the reason for its numerous shutdowns, but we do not know what caused it. It is really ridiculous as it can reach 100 degree in like 5 ~ 10 minutes! Since it has shut down for so many (countless indeed) times, we expect that many parts of the hardware must have been somehow damaged. The lifetime of the laptop must be significant shortened after suffering the ultra high temperature and numerous sudden shut down.

But this laptop is still under warranty, right? Why didn't we send it back to HP? In fact, we did, and that brings us to the even more ridiculous part.

Customer Support:

We bought this laptop from HP Malaysia and we bought it for use in the U.S. one month later. So, before making the purchase, we asked and triple-confirmed that the laptop will be under global warranty, i.e. it can get repair and service in the U.S. even though we bought it in Malaysia. After gaining their confirmations only did we decide to buy it in Malaysia. However, to our dismal, the HP warranty is really crappy and you'll know why in a minute.

When we first had the shutdown issue in October, we sent it to Best Buy, which was the closest HP accredited service provider at Lincoln. They said they would send it to HP service center, but actually they sent it to Best Buy service center at Denver. We waited for about two weeks to get it back. BUT it was returned UNREPAIRED, with a statement saying the laptop had 'different language' and it couldn't be fixed! We didn't understand what they meant by 'different language', because we have only used English, and have never changed any default language setting! So we asked Best Buy at Lincoln again to send it. They said if we insisted that it was a hardware malfunction, they could do some diagnosis and send it for service again once they identified the problem. A few days later they called and told us that the motherboard seemed to have issues as the laptop shut down by itself, so they were sending it to Best Buy service center at Kentucky. We thought this time it would be fixed but once again it was returned UNREPAIRED with the following statement:

"Language Code is incorrect. Unit was not bought in the United States, therefore we can not work on this unit. Sending back unit to customer unrepaired."

This is ridiculous. If there is language code problem, Best Buy should contact HP manufacturer and tried to do something! Moreover, we believe there must exist some person in the U.S. who can understand the language. What's worse, after they sent the laptop back, they never followed up at all, but just left things back to our hands. We really couldn't believe such a big company could behave so irresponsibly. If HP (or Best Buy) couldn't fix it, how are we supposed to know what to do on it? Furthermore, when we bought this unit, the HP Malaysia had confirmed that it was under international warranty, or else we wouldn't have bought it in the first place. (Here is the link that explains HP laptops "global warranty": http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/g...cname=bpr01266 )

Since Best Buy and HP were so irresponsible, we decided to call HP to complain about the issue. We were led to a technician who kept trying to suggest that it's software-related problems and we had a hard time to convince him that it was NOT. The technician just sounded like a total computer ### who only asked people to restore the laptop system using recovery discs. Unable to solve problems by phone, we wrote emails to the customer support. After several correspondence, they replied that a Case Manager was assigned to take care of our issues. When the Case Manager approached us, however, we were told that HP only offered one option -- which was to ship the laptop back to Malaysia for repair. She mentioned that the shipment fee would be paid in full by HP. We suggested that since October, we had not been using this expensive piece of crap (which we paid about RM 5000, or USD $1400 for) for 4 months already and wouldn't want to wait any longer. But the case manager, who goes by the name "Kandace Kamber", just said HP only offered this one and only option and nothing else. We gave up trying to argue with her, and checked the prices for laptop shipment to Malaysia. The price range was rather expensive, about USD 200+. Thus we called to confirm that the amount would be reimbursed, but this time Kandace Kamber said, HP can only covered part of the fee by giving us accessories of equal amount. We asked how could we use the accessories if the laptop was not working? But she ignored the question and stated that this was all HP can do. Just as we were prepared to send it today, we called this Kandace Kamber again. You know what, this time she replied with a big "NO", saying HP will not be responsible for anything at all. We were angry and asked why they changed their mind, and she responded that they just changed the policy. She also asked us to direct all our questions to HP Malaysia as apparently there is no connection between HP U.S. and HP Malaysia. We were speechless.

We have been contacting HP on and off for 4 months by now and they just declined to give us any help. We are extremely frustrated with HP right now and probably we should just drop the laptop off some 13-th (or higher) floor, and get other laptop. But we aren't rich and $1400 is a rather big amount to us... after all, we might resort to sending it back to Malaysia using our own money. This is not written to ask for any sympathy and this is not about generating hatred or anything. You can disagree with us if you happened to be their fans. We are doing the least thing we can do to protect our rights and to share our experiences/lessons with potential victims. If you doubt that there is any truth in this long passage, don't hesitate to contact us @ hp.dv2000.[protected]@gmail.com (yes, the account is set up for this purpose!), and we'll have the documents, the warranty sheet, emails, etc ready to show you. Actually, we are not alone in facing HP scams: a lot of similar cases have been reported -- whether or not the laptops were bought in the U.S.. HP customer support is certainly the worst one I've ever seen.


  • Na
    Nas Mohamad Jan 27, 2012

    Seriously i faced the same problem. I bought a US model Pavilion dv-6 and failed to claim in Malaysia. It also has global warranty and the customer service in Malaysia didn't give the service support i needed. The customer service was very bad. They didn't even have similar opinions. Some said yes i can claim and some said no. Now im considering to send my laptop to my friend in US to troubleshoot it. But seriously i must say this...HP customer service is the worst. I had been using ASUS before and their customer service was outstanding. Even my laptop didn't have anymore warranty, they did repair the laptop for free. Impressed with ASUS Service Centre. Comparing to HP its like heaven and hell.

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  • Ic
    iCharan Apr 20, 2011

    I also face the same issue with HP Pavilion DV2000 Laptop. My lappy gets shutdown frequently. I can hardly use my laptop and its idle at home. my whole purpose of purchasing a Laptop ha been defeated and i will strongly demarket HP to my friends.

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  • Ia
    ian_D101 Feb 23, 2011

    This is the most worst Notebook Model released by HP i was totally disappointed
    i have hp pavilion DV2315nr which was bought in US on 2006 and mainboard replaced 2x they said i don't know if the really replaced it in service center here in the Philippines, we were lucky because they accept the extended service warranty which the mainboard pricing about 35, 000 Philippine peso (About 800 USD)which is like you bought a new notebook. luckily the Laptop is still running "THANKS GOD" im still using it with lots of care (Temperature Monitor, modified cooling pad with FAN align with the air intake vent)

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  • Rs
    Rsteele Apr 09, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Bought HP Pavilion loaded with Vista. The program has never accepted the Widows Vista Service Pack update. I contacted MS help center and they said that Ii would have to get a copy of Vista from the store that I bought it from (Fry's) or HP. Fry's wanted to sell me one for $190. HP said that they could get me a system recovery disk to reset the factory setting, however I would have to subscribe to their service for $99.00. I would advise anyone to: #1 not buy any HP product, #2 do not do business with Fry's. I will

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  • Di
    Di Mort-Allen Oct 29, 2009

    Agree people should never buy a HP laptop, I see where under warranty people get a new screen. Think their "Support' is hopeless, nice people up front, but not clued up at all ere in Melb... probably tech people out back paid a pittance who may not even speak English. ( I left sheets of info from HP website on the screen issue with them, which was ignored) -also how they might replicate the problem of the zigzag screen.
    Husband whose business was 'dispute reolution' finally got my laptop back not fixed, without paying the $150 rip off.

    So am living with this zig zag screen which when I tilt it backwards, corrects itself. Doesn't crash as it did in the past. Perhaps as I'm using it as a spare only, it doesn't heat up as much?.

    The Core Temp freebie program was useful at least to check the heat problem.
    Mech.Engineer son who fixes his own Dells etc says it's got to be a loose connection near where the hinge part is, between lid and keyboard- he could delve into the back for me and find the part, then send away for a replacement. Some parts on Ebay apparently.

    Others who have the heat related problem where the screen crashes completely, and are out of warranty, might need a new screen -just ridiculous when U think you can get a new one these days for not much more.

    Think there is more than one problem depending on where these laptops originated.

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  • Ad
    adicorsair Aug 29, 2009

    i swear never to buy an HP product ever again. i spent 1200usd for a hp notebook and it just conked out in 13 months. the customer care can't seem to pin point the problem. the screen shows wierd lines and hangs. the computer just wouldn't boot. i wish i had seen these threads before the purchase. it's money down the drain. HP sucks.

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  • Di
    Di Mort-Allen Jun 15, 2009

    I too have a HP Pavilion notebook, dv2000 bought 2006 and so is out of warranty. Have seen with concern these complaints plus many scary videod examples of faulty HP laptops of this kind on UTube.
    My problem is with the display, which suddenly reverts to coloured lines, and if I move the lid forward or back it seems to clear temporarily, then can get worse. Turn off for awhile and it is OK again so I think it is related to heat as it happens when I have it on my lap after about 45 mins. and less often on a desk. HP 'Service Enhancement' notification is here -
    for the HP Pavilion dv2000/dv6000/dv9000 and Compaq Presario V3000/V6000 Series Notebook PCs but does not have my model number listed to get a free repair, but offers a software 'fix' (update the bios) that makes a cooling fan run faster . Don't get the download though if you already have a problem it says. Looking at these complaints it seems hopeless, in Australia a new product has to be 'suitable for the purpose' for which it is intended, whether our Govt. Consumer Affairs would be interested, who knows as there is no main HP address here, just a repair agent who wants A$150 to start. I agree though we could join forces. Thanks all here for the suggestions -i.e. downloading CoreTemp free software to check the temp, and maybe installing a cooling mat.
    [email protected]

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  • Kc
    kcruz Jun 10, 2009

    To Whom It May Concern:

    Please visit http://www.hplies.com

    All your question will be answered.

    Thank you.

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  • Ma
    Matt Apr 22, 2009

    The major problem with these overheating problems stems from the lack of regular maintenance on the cooling components of the laptop. As with any computer, the cooling fins are prone to the collection of dust and need to be regularly cleaned, and this laptop is no exception. The airflow used to cool the computer carries many foreign contaminants that clog the closely spaced fins. As an Engineer, I vouch that the surface area needed to dissipate the massive amount of heat produced by the Dual Core processors necessitates the close spacing of these fins, and the dust and debris often hangs in these locations. On my Pavillion, the only item that overheats is the hard drive when performing massive file transfers. This problem can be remedied with the use of any fan powered chill pad designed for laptops.

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  • Tr
    Tricia Apr 01, 2009

    I bought this 'very' expensive HP Pavillion 2000 series laptop for my son in preparation for University which he started last September. It has given nothing but trouble and he has not been able to use it for college at all. I took out a loan to pay over 3 years and he has no laptop but i still have to pay. I spoke to a 'customer care' 'robot' at hewlett packard who just kept repeating the same sentence. A tape would cost them less money!
    I am livid over this laptop as it was sold to me as the 'best' laptop and so I thought this was the truth!
    So apparently the Motherboard needs to be replaced at a cost of 400€ which I cannot afford on top of payng for the hopeless product. This product was sold to me under false declaration of product standard. It is in fact a heap of junk. So what do I do now?
    I think we need to join forces and sign a petition and then go public and embarrass this company as they are treating their customers with contempt and disregard. They need to be exposed!

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  • Bi
    Binu Mar 05, 2009

    After reading all the complaints of most of the customers, I fully agree to it, I also have aDV 2000. I got the motherboard replaced twice. Which cost most the price of a new laptop and its down again. HP should stop production of Laptop, and get into some other business. My sincere advce to HP is, please dont get into business which you;ll dont know. I feel all the DV 2000 customers in particular should form a club and file a case against HP to return the money for the Models which they themselves cannot support and their technicians themselves agree was a manufacturing mistake. From day one the battery life was hardly 10-15 min, the system hangs, the system make a sound which does not sound like a music but irritates. My sincere advice to anybody to sees my mail, Please dont buy HP models. They are just cheating the public.

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  • Au
    audrey Feb 08, 2009

    i have a hp pavillion dv2742se it sucks they have been saying they will send me a new one for almost a month i have loud fan noise 2 it's horrible i can hear it over the TV Their support does suck 2 ihad to call my "casemanager" i will use that term loosely (he did manage to screw my case up even worse)a total of 5 times i had to threaten people just to get a call back his name is "ken" and i sent it in 3 times b4 they would even think of ordering a new one there is a law about not getting the service u pay for that applys to this situation so we as consumers have a right to sue! Im talking to a lawyer on monday good luck yall

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  • Ra
    Rangga Nov 03, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    me too!! i've got the same problem.. really2 same.. it's been a long time i try deal with this problem.. but the differences is when i run the dv2000 supplied by ac power (the battery still attached).. the problem doesn't occur.. even when the temperature reach 70 C... the "suddenly shut down" problem only occurs when the dv2000 running on battery power..

    is it same with ur problem??

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  • Ja
    James Sep 24, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Idle temps on my dv2000 were 75c. any intense usage would cause the bios to kick in and kill the power. I had a lot of free time this summer so i decided to open it up to see what the problem was. It is poorly engineered. I got to the fan area and the top of it is taped on with some of the stickiness exposed, which of course caused a huge dust build up. I managed to bring the temps down 20c though by removing the fan heat sink and replacing the thermal pads with my own thermal paste. This ended all heat related problems, but it took forever...

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  • Ja
    Jason Stein Aug 10, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The Pavilion series laptops are complete garbage. More than 50 of the models suffer from the same overheating problem and faulty BIOS programming. Furthermore, their built-in webcam doesn't even function properly with their own driver! Tech after tech kept telling me there was nothing wrong with the cam even though I showed them documented evidence of 200+ cases. I eventually used a driver from another vendor! The laptop is more than two years old, and they still haven't released a driver that works? Poor product, poor support.

    Laptop just recently died again, even after the free motherboard replacement for their product defect.

    Will never buy another HP product EVER.

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  • Un
    unhappy HP customer Apr 22, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I too have an HP Pavilion dv2000 cto that has failed. It has been four months of not being usable. It has been to HP repair twice, they've sent me parts, and HP promised to send a replacement. I've called & called & called HP case managers, but they never return calls. Four months is a long time for an "in warranty" PC to not be working.

    I escalated calls to agents to case managers to HP Corporate. But I only became more upset and frustrated with HP as I heard more false promises. Cha ching cha ching they took my money and ran!

    But sadly, like your story, there appears to be a growing number of unhappy HP customers out there with not only sad stories but nightmares.

    I just wish I had done more research before I purchased my HP laptop. Complaints.Com and Ripoff.com along with www.unhappyHPcustomers.blogspot.com all have stories of unhappy HP customers!

    HP has absolutely no integrity and doesn't care about their customers.

    I'll never buy HP again. Friends shouldn't let Friends buy HP products either!

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  • Pa
    paul parish Feb 28, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i got a notebook pavilion for xmas after xmax i had it 38 days and it went bad took it to best buy and from there it went to some place in ky have not gotten my computer back yet. best buy said maybe 25 march 08 good thing i have my old toshiba of 8 yrs hope everyone reads these horror storys

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