Houzzvern pershing, art of gardening, placerville, ca

B Aug 04, 2018

This man is extremely rude. He started barking questions at me about why I contacted him. Houzz recommended him. I clearly specified "mid-century modern" in my request. Mr Pershing, when he arrived here, said "what is mid-century modern? I've heard of it but I don't know what it is". So why did Houzz recommend him? Why did he even make the appointment? Why did I wait 2 months for this jerk to show up?
He told me that I needed to learn how to communicate.
This man has no people skills, at least with someone like me. Maybe it's because I'm a woman, maybe it's because I don't have a fortune to spend on landscaping, maybe he was having a bad day.
Regardless, this man is extremely rude, tried to bully me, and I will tell everyone I know never to work with this guy. And I don't know why Houzz has him as The Best of 2018 for Service?! What a joke!

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