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they are thieves again

I am pissed. I went to their website and started making arrangements for a flight to Nashville. I got all the way to inputing computer data for credit card info. Well I tried 4 times to put my security code in and it didn't work. So I called my credit card people to verify my code was right. I called hot wire customer service as they stated to do. I called and the lady verified the code with my credit card people. She then attempted input and stated it would be 24 hours to go through due to I had inputed maximum amount of times and the computer would not take any more transaction on my card. So I said cancel it. She said thats okay go to expedia.com as they are about the same rates. I said fine. So I booked the flight. Well suddenly, I went to my email and there and behold was a statement from Hotwire that I have a Itinerary number, flight and a charge for $526.90 on my credit card. So I called them back. Hotwire stated, "well her notes are not clear about your conversation. I tried to tell her think it through...would I had made another purchase for the same flight, date and time? Why would I need two flights. The price at expedia was $60.00 more. Why would I choose that over your price if I hadn't had trouble. Now I have been charged double for the same flight and my credit card people are not standing behind me for dispute. THIS IS ROBBERY! IF anyone has a lawsuit or a class to start one it's time for these people to be held accountable. This is ###. Bobby

  • Cr
    cranky in VA Apr 05, 2010

    I am with you. I think that an attorney should be contacted.

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wrong last name on reservation

I reserved 2 airline tickets for travel to Ecuador. On April 13, about 3 weeks later, I call the airline...

beware of resort fees

When booking hotels through Hotwire, beware that the hotel is free to tack on an involuntary "resort fee" (usually between $15 and $25 per day) to the price. This is NOT included in the Hotwire advertised price. I booked a "5 star Mid-Strip" in Las Vegas (Trump International) for $114 and was charged an additional $15 per day. The price should have been advertised as $129. When I complained to Hotwire they referred me to their "terms and conditions" page which states that "special fees" may be added. Very nice of them to warn me that if I use their site I am subject to getting ripped off! Hotwire Buyer Beware!

  • 08
    0817 Sep 28, 2009

    I just came back from the Trump, where we had to put down a security deposit of $100/night per room that was not explained anywhere during the booking process. Hotwire and the Trump are deceptive.

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worst experience

I recently made a flight reservation for my boss who will be traveling to Paris, France. Flights were booked...

overcharged me for # of beds

Hotwire booked me a 1 bed smoking, when needed 2 bed nonsmoking. Found out through hotel that Hotwire charged me for price of 2 bed and hotwire takes huge commission on booking. Hotwire would not budge on changing reservation, gave me speech about policy - reason why they don't allow consumers to make bed / room preference. They rip off the hotel and consumer at the same time. DO NOT USE HOTWIRE. Call hotel directly. NEVER GOING TO USE HOTWIRE AGAIN.

  • Ne
    newmex_wes Jun 25, 2009

    Yep, just went through the same thing w/ Super 8 in Carlsbad booked thru Hotwire. Non-smoking couple booked into smoking room, neither Super 8 nor Hotwire would make right. (I asked Hotwire directly: Are you, Joslin (rep of Hotwire out of Florida) not willing to do anything to make this right? She said "I can only refer you to our TOC" to which I said "So then there is nothing Hotwire is willing to do" and Joslin said "No."). Hotwire is a ripoff, and Super 8 is in on it. My opinion only as a consumer of both their "services" (as a bull services a cow).

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  • Ph
    PhillyDog May 10, 2010

    Same thing happened to me. Booked a room in State College, PA through HotWire, ended up with a reservation at Rodeway Inn. Was never given an option to select Non-Smoking room, although that's clearly what I would have selected. Showed up at the dump of a motel, and was told that there was only a smoking room available. Was shown the room and it was disgusting, there is no possible way I could have stayed there. The manager said this happens all the time, and I should have just booked directly with them at the same price I got through HotWire. Called HotWire customer support (what a joke that is) and was told there was nothing that could be done. Tried to dispute the charge through my bank and after several weeks, they told me I was out of luck. I WILL NEVER USE HOTWIRE AGAIN AND WILL TELL ANYONE WHO WILL LISTEN NEVER TO USE THEM!!! THEY SUCK!!!

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  • Fr
    FrustrationG Dec 06, 2012

    Hot wire sucks!
    On March break we booked a flight from LA to Mexico, but both my daughter and I were sick. So we called the hot wire to cancel the flight, and told us we must use the credit in ONe year. We're OK with that.
    Now we wanted to book tickets from Bufflo NY to Madison WI during the holiday seasons. I checked onlline, there about $400/person. I thought we still had some credit on my account that I can use. When I phoned the customer center of HOT Wire, I was told the fare was $1150/person. PLUS $150/person change fee. I told the REP, the fare I just checked was $400, he said if I wanted to use the credit exchange then I couldn't get the best rate, which mean I had to pay the highest rate.I can't use my credit which totall is $1165. That's ridiculous ever!!

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non flexibility - poor customer service

Hotwire was unwilling to cancel a car rental that was 15 minutes old! Even though I was honest about the booking mistake, they said had I given a different reason, and basically lied, I could have received refund.
Manager was unwilling to work with me, even though I was in process of trying to book hotel on the site as we were speaking.
Poor customer service, it was worth more to them to keep this one booking that attaining the rest of my business for a weeks worth of hotels.

  • Be
    Beverly528 Aug 23, 2009

    I too had a bad experience last night on changing the departure time to an earlier date 3 days sooner and keeping the rest as is. This would have in turn given the hotel more business and Amsterdam city also would benifit as well as we would spend more money there by staying longer. They will not budge. The wrong date was entered in by mistake... You know who owns all this ? It goes back to Microspfts Bill Gates!!! follow the money!!! I will boycot now

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  • Be
    Beverly528 Aug 23, 2009

    Bill Gates owns Hotwire if you follow the money like we did. I will now boycott all of his companyies. My booking date on Hotwire was wrong myshusband and I called them back 2 min after the error and they wouldn't budge. Due to this I will tell all never to use Hotwire as they lost business for Amsterdam and the Hotel. We will book a different agency and just not pay.. So my credit gets hit at this point and date in time does it matter? Not .. to me.. the whole country is going bankrupt and this kind of customer service will not survive. Hotwire will keep loosing money and laying people off due to bad custome service. They can shove their rules .. Not even our ex president and vice president obeyed the rules of this government. Get Real Hotwire. Better Customer service means more money for you.!!!

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  • Sp
    spikeroomom Apr 21, 2011

    I am dealing with the identical problem right now. Their site said my booking did not go through, so I went in and booked the second time. When I went to check my e-mail there were two bookings listed, the second with the wrong dates. Their system changed the dates. They refused to help me saying their system showed no error. I will never use Hotwire again!!!
    Does anyone know how to get in touch with Bill Gates?

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fraudulent activity

Just a heads up on the 'discount' travel website Hotwire...Hotwire advertises that their website can save you substantial amounts on travel bookings by making deals with the hotel, airline, or car rental facility you may potentially be booking with to give you a low rate. The trade off is that the name of the company remains anonymous until after payment is received by Hotwire for the booking.

When the payment is received you then are confirmed for the booking and the name of the company is revealed. You may then google the company and compare prices...I just recently used this website (having used it once before) and found that there was no savings on the hotel I booked in Dallas/Fort Worth.

I challenged Hotwire as to why I should use their service again, when I received no savings and didn't know the name of the hotel. The manager, Chad, told me that they guarantee the lowest available rate. He said they could not advertise that this rate may be equal to that of the actual company's rate because no one would use the service. I told him that was exactly my point. Who wants to not know the name of the hotel you will be staying at and pay the same available rate that the hotel has on its website. Chad offered no compensation and no compassion or concern for brand loyalty.

Please be aware of this stipulation if using Hotwire.

  • Pa
    Pat Apr 10, 2009

    I recently booked several hotels through Hotwire for our family's spring break trip. I had used Hotwire once several years ago and felt I got a great deal, but this time the results were disappointing. Hotwire tacks on such high fees that you end up paying a lot more than you think. What's worse, even though they have the "double the difference" guarantee if you find a cheaper rate for the same stay, their high fees make it so that you STILL lose out! I did find a cheaper rate on one hotel's own website ($4 cheaper) and a MUCH cheaper rate for people over 55 or over (which I am), but of course Hotwire wouldn't recognize that rate since it was not available to the general public. So I got my $8 back from Hotwire, but still lost more than $20 over what I would have paid if I had paid the over 55 rate on the hotel's site and avoided the Hotwire fee.

    Like other people, I noticed Hotwire seems to be fudging on the star ratings.

    Another thing I have grave doubts about is that a clerk in one of the hotels accidentally gave me a printout of Hotwire's statement when I checked out. I had paid Hotwire a rate of $45 for that hotel, plus taxes/fees. The statement showed that Hotwire was paying the hotel only $33.

    I thought Hotwire was supposed to be making its profit on the high fees it tacks on to the rate, but based on this it looks like they are double-dipping: inflating the rate and then adding fees on top of it. I sent an e-mail to Hotwire questioning this practice, after I got home. But all I got was a standard form e-mail in reply saying how they seek to provide us the best rates available.

    The whole thing leaves a bad taste in my mouth. If I can find lower rates AND choose exactly the hotel I'm going to stay at, AND in the process avoid Hotwire's questionable policies--I'm pretty sure from now on I'll just forget about Hotwire and book my hotels directly.

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hotmail did not proivide the service I paid for

Join the campaingn: do not use hotwire!!!
Hotwire takes advantage of people.
Hotwire left me on my own after a completely irresponsible action of one of their hotel partners (Oak plantation resort, kissimmee fl). I was refused of the hotel room I had paid for in advance to hotwire. I was left without any accommodation at 2:00 am in a city unknown to me. I was forced to look for hotels at 2:00 am in a place that was all booked up because of the irresponsible actions of oak plantation resort and because hotwire did not assist me on getting an alternative place. I lost all morning and part of the afternoon recovering from a nightmare my family and I will never forget. I had to pay from my pocket for another hotel and after sending countless emails and making even more phone calls hotwire agreed to pay only for the money that I had to put from my pocket, not without a catch: I have to wait for up to 60 days to get it.in compensation hotwire offered an apology and 25 monopoly dollars (They call it hotdollars and they are only good for buying stuff from hotwire). Yes, you read correctly: 25 monopoly dollars was what they offered to compensate for their irresponsibility and incompetence.
That's hotwire for you.

  • Ma
    Mario1 Jul 28, 2014

    Shouldn't you complain to the resort?

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car rental

We used Hotwire to book our car rental through Dollar Rental in Orlando, FL. We were to pick the car up at their Universal Blvd location the evening of 02/11/2009. We were told while booking they would hold the car for 24 hours.

We called to let them know our flight was late and we would not be able to pick it up in the morning. We were told there would be an additional $300 charge for the car. We were told that the 24 hour hold was through Hotwire only and not honored by Dollar.

Had we been told this up front we would never have booked with either company. An additional $300 was not in our budget and we would up cancelling the reservation.

We wound up spending more than we had planned on another car rental and cabs. This really put a damper on our vacation.

I don't see how waiting to pick a car up by 8 hours would increase the price by $300.Both Hotwire and Dollar were unapologetic and offered no help at all. I feel since we were told we had 24 hours to pick up the car we should have had 24 hours whether with Dollar or another company or been reimbursed the difference.
I will never use either again and plan on giving a bad referral to everyone I know.

  • Ut
    UTDee Mar 05, 2009

    I recently rented from Dollar at Love Field in Dallas. I paid for a toll tag and the toll tag did not work. I pulled up to a toll tag booth and the gate would not open. There were ten cars behind me. I was trapped and the other drivers were mad. I complained to Dollar and they would not refund the amount I paid for the toll tag. Unbelievable.

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false misleading scam

Scam low price guarantee. After I booked non refundable - I checked another webiste and found the same exact hotel cheaper. But - because hotwire adds taxes and fee's after the "low price guarantee room rate" they do not honor other sites who have the rate including taxes and fee's. What a scam. And the hotel they put me in is 15 mles from the city I booked it in. They are full of disclaimers. Do not support this scam website.

unauthorized charges

I purchased three tickets from hotwire. They debited my account for the amount of the tickets which was held by them. Then they went into my account and subtracted the amount of the tickets individually. So I was charged $159 three times while they still have the $477 held for these tickets. Three days later I call them and ask why do they still have a hold on the money for the tickets. They said it was a error and they said they would release the funds. In the meantime I have checks that have been returned and have been charged overdraft fees. I contact them and they tell me that they can not refund me the money even though they are at fault for holding the money aside and then going in and taking the money out. I want them to be held accountable for their mistakes.

  • Ta
    Tara Long Feb 18, 2009

    My family and I booked a flight to Punta Cana, D.R. Hotwire held 1723.00 on my H&R Block income tax refund card that I booked the flights on. It has been 5 days since we've booked the flights and I have called and complained every single day! It seemes that every person I talk to had a different explanation of why it was still on my card when the airline has already charged my card individual seats. So basically I got charged twice.I had to call the bank that issued my refund card and hotwire.com has to send them a fax stating that it was only a hold so they could take it off of my card meanwhile... My car payments are over due and checks are bouncing!!! I will never use hotwire.com again and informed my travel agent to warn others of the double charge "policy".Bottom line is if they do not return my money to my card I will report it as a fraudulant charge. Please dont use hotwire.com try orbitz.com I have used them before and never had any problems.

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did not honor a lower rate offered by the site

I booked a 5-day car rental thru hotwire.com on Tuesday, January 6, 2017, 10 days before I was scheduled to...

customer sevice and business

A friend of mines booked a trip for me and two other friends to newyork city with hotel reservations too. she received an email confirming that everything was confirmed. we went to the airport to check in and everything was fine at that point but once we got to our destination, our hotel, we went to check in and found out that there were no reservations for us! what were we suppose to do in new york city when its late and pouring rain outside! when we contacted HOTWIRE, they said they couldnt help us. that the office was closed! we had no choice but to pay for 4 nights all over again! HOTWIRE says that she was being refunded back and 3 weeks later she still hasnt received anything. after that we went on to the enjoy the rest of our trip even though that happened... right when we thought that was the end of our worries, we encountered another problem! as we left our hotel to go to the airport to check in, we were told that we did not have tickets for our returning flight back home! so there for no hotel, no flight back home, and no customer service from HOTWIRE. What type of business would allow this to happen? why would they still give us a one way flight if there wasnt going to be a flight back home? or even a place to stay at? i am honestly disappointed with their service! this was my first time dealing with them and this will definitely be the last! horrible communication. no phone calls or emails regarding this whole problem! this is absolutely ridiculous!

  • Ba
    bajaskier Dec 31, 2008

    If you have all your documentation, I would certainly take them to small claims court.

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  • Kj
    kjohnson Jan 05, 2009

    I would not use Hotwire.com again for anything less than a 3star hotel. Their rating system is a bit agressive meaning they rate hotels higher than most other places such as AAA. I reserved a 2.5 star hotel from hotwire.com and ended up getting a LaQuinta Inn when Holiday Inn Express was listed as one of the possible hotels I could have gotten. The price I paid on Hotwire.com was more than what I would have paid if I would have used my AAA discount on the LaQuinta Inn web site.
    I will not use Hotwire.com again for anything less than a 3star or 4star hotel that is very cheap and I will think twice about using them again at all.

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unwanted service and being charged for it

In the building I live in the only cable you can have is a company by the name of hotwire that is based in...

denied medical refund

I had a dental emergency and was unable to use a hotel room reserved for 3 nights through hotwire.com. I called them the day i was due, and explained the situation. The woman was rude and unhelpful. She finally agreed to send a form to request a refund based on a medical emergency. I filled out the form, sent in the information from the dentist and a letter of explaination. As is indicated on the information from the dentist, I suffered from a ruptured molar that had to be extracted. Because the procedure was 2 days later (have you tried to get into the dentist, even on an emergency basis) hotwire denied the claim. They did not feel that a ruptured molar constituted a medical emergency (probably because they have never had one.) I am requesting a full refund and the request was denied.

scam and cheating

Hot Wire is one sneaky business! i sign up to get a great deal on a hotel in Scottsdale AZ. I thought it was legit. In there very fine print it says that you have to agree to sign up with another company that charges your account every month. Now, I have overdraft charges in my account. Please read everything before trusting anything. I feel like a fool because I didn't. I have way to much trust in humanity, I guess. I thought that they were a great company but they are only trying to make a buck off of you.

  • La
    lalinda26 Feb 05, 2009

    Hotwire SCAM, I booked a Hotel thru this website, it was a 4 star hotel for a 3 star price "supposedly"
    When I got to the hotel (HILTON) they told me that the rate DID NOT included parking, internet, and breakfast, and that if I wanted this services I would have to pay $40 more per night, so I called HOTWIRE to try to get my money back and I was not able to, they told me I'd already agree to the terms, I try speaking to the supervisor and they put me on hold forever I finally gave up and pay the extra fee... DO NOT BOOK THRU HOTWIRE.COM

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  • Sc
    Scott-Murphy May 28, 2011

    I booked through Hotwire for a hotel in Las Vegas. The description of the hotel says "Condo" but when I bought the room stay, all I got was a small dinky regular hotel room. When I called them they said that the description of the "Condo" says "most" of the condominiums would have separate room but in my case it is not condominium even though the name of the establishment clearly says Condo. Beware of them, they are biggest liar I have ever seen.

    0 Votes

awful internet provider

I can't believe that the only way you can get internet service in a High -end residence as midtown miami the only provider is Hotwire!!! I don't even know that company. There internet service is very bad. The worse part is that in this country they say is no monopoly!!! This is a joke.

Everybody is complaining, but nobody does anything. The worse part is that the owners of midtown are the well known Haddad family owners of Midtown NY and the freedom towers. How can you sell an apartment for so much money and decide which is the cable internet service provider???

  • Jz
    jz Nov 29, 2008

    I agree!
    I just moved into MidTown 2 and this is just killing me!
    Monopoly = Thieves!
    I'll review the whole internet on this, too!

    0 Votes

hotwire refuses to cancel 3hr old reservation.

Booked a flight for 2 in February 09, only to discover that Hotel at destination overbooked & canceled our...

ruined my anniversary

I requested a room located in "The Plaza" in KC for our 10th anniversary. They gave me 3 hotel options. I made my choice knowing that there really isn't a bad hotel in "The Plaza". As luck would have it, they stuck me in a hotel located 5 miles from the Plaza!!! And the hotel is terrible!! With Hotwire, you don't know what hotel you'll get until you make your Non-Refundable reservation.

To make matters worse, it was a surprise for my wife ...

I called their customer support and they acted as if they were going to help me and once he opened my account info, he completely turned directions and said "sorry, our policy states..."

Even though they completely misled me and ruined a nice getaway, I'm out $109. Unreal.

Stay far away from this company.

horrible setup and rip-off!

The worst system I've ever used. I will make sure I report this to every travel website I use. I found a car two classes better and 25% lower after I booked with Hotwire. Horrible set up that you can't back out or renegotiate your price after booking 3 months in advance thinking you're getting a good deal. NEVER USE HOTWIRE AGAIN and I'll be sure to let EVERYONE know what a rip off it can be. I will copy this note and post it anywhere I can.

  • La
    lalinda26 Feb 05, 2009

    Me too, unfortunately I also got rip off, I hate them!

    0 Votes
  • Ge
    German Jr Jun 25, 2009

    I wholeheartedly agree, I wish I had checked this website before I made my reservation, my wife says she did see, a TV report about internet travel agencies and the problems you encounter with them.

    0 Votes
  • SweetVirginia Jul 18, 2009

    That's what happens when you book online trying to save 15.00 instead of going to a reputed travel agent that would know right away the lowest posibble fare and how to get it for you.
    Better luck next time and remember that without a travel agent you are on your own.

    0 Votes
  • Li
    LikeToTravel Jul 21, 2011

    Just had my issues with a car rental through Hotwire. Found out the price had dropped 40% so I called Hotwire to modify or cancel my reservation. They said the car company would not allow it so I called the 800 number for the car company and the actual location I am to pick up the car. They said it would be no problem to modify the reservation so I called Hotwire back up. They would not modify the agreement. Warning to anyone who even thinks about using Hotwire, DON'T. You are far better off contacting the companies directly, Hotwire provides no value add.

    0 Votes

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