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The New Hostess Bakery, Hostess Brands, etc., is foisting its old brand name, but selling terrible quality snacks. So far I've tried the old Hostess labeled traditional chocolate cupcakes and their Fruit (Lemon) fried pies. The new stuff is of excessive sugary content and lacking texture and flavor. Yecch! I suppose the buyers (Little Debby?) need to pay for their purchase, but it won't be with my money!


  • Uk
    uk4ever Oct 22, 2013

    Moldy Hostess Chocolate cupcakes. 22 Oct 2013 date.
    75% of 8-pack boxes have at least 2 moldy cupcakes. I went to the commissary at Ellsworth AFB, SD and found more moldy cupcakes.
    All Hostess Chocolate cupcakes are horrible quality. Excessive moisture on the inside of the wrappers.
    The white curly thing on top of cupcakes in no way looks like the Hostess cupcakes of the old days.

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  • El
    elliemae100 Dec 13, 2013

    Why did they come back if the quality wasn't going to be the same?
    Texture, taste, size, packaging; it's all bad and the frosting has sort of a gray tinge to it. Ding Dongs: The cake is dry and the flavor is not there, there is not enough filling but it's also a bad taste anyway. The size is smaller and they look more like the quick bread rolls that come in a tube after they have been cooked. What happened to the thick hockey puck shape they used to be? What happened to the snap of the chocolate coating when you bite into it and then blissful moist cake underneath with creamy, yummy filling? What happened to the foil wrappers? Twinkies: I can admit I'm not a real twinkie fan but it seems twinkies are the same as the ding dongs. My kids commented when I surprised them with twinkies in their lunch. When hostess was gone I bought one set of knockoff and stopped. My kids didn't like them. Their comment was "wish the good one's were still around. Nobody can make them the same."
    Get it together Hostess! I wrote a review to the company website and said the same thing. These are nowhere close to what they were before and their looking toward a 2nd bankruptcy if they keep the product the way it is.

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  • Th
    Thej Bassetts Jan 16, 2014

    The Hostess powdered mini donettes are terrible. What happened? They are like foam rubber with large holes running through them. They have no taste to them. My Bassett hounds ignored them. They loved the old donettes!!! When a bassett will not touch them they are BAD.

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  • Ti
    tired of getting jipped! Sep 03, 2015

    I just recently bought a box of hostess "ding dongs"and upon opening them immediately realized that hostess has done the same thing as the rest of the big name companies and have made their product MUCH smaller and has probably raised the price as well! Im beyond sick of seeing this happen to what was once a good product! All these big name companies are concerned about is making more and more money and will gladly rip off the consumers in doing so! Everything is getting smaller and smaller while the prices keep going up and up! This is how these people (whom we as the consumers have already made rich) show their appreciation by continuously ripping us off by cutting corners on their product and expecting people to ignore that fact.its rediculous! For what its worth...I will NEVER, EVER purchase another box of ding dongs or any hostess products again! When You people at hostess changed the ding dongs and basically ruined should have also changed the name to...HALF A DING DONG NOW!..what a freaking jip!.. Ps..I hope its worth losing your loyal customers because of your greed for the almighty dollar!

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  • Ly
    Lynanne Goodwin Nov 04, 2015

    Upon purchasing a box of Ding Dongs, when opened to transfer to container, one of the wrappers held NO cake. Please explain. Also in agreement, product is much smaller, what's up with thi?.

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  • To
    Tommy Petrey Aug 18, 2016

    hostess suzy q's cakes... not near as good as the old ones... the texture is not good and you cut down the size of the cake...could u all go back to the old style of cake...will never buy anymore of the suzy q's until u redo them

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  • Ma
    Madeline Maturo Aug 28, 2016

    Hostess Suzie Q's are very dry. The taste is not as good as the old ones. However the cream is good.

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  • Wy
    wynbrcw Jan 09, 2017

    Suzzie q's a big mistake, if you ever had an original you would not make these, disqusting

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  • El
    Elizabeth Monroe Mar 04, 2017

    I recently brought white fudge ding dongs. I opened the box up and four of the single serve packs were not sealed. I threw them away because I was afraid someone did something to them. We ate the other ones and they were good.
    [email protected] 03-04-2017

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  • Bo
    bonboncookies Jul 07, 2017

    I excitedly purchased the new Peanut Butter Ho Ho's. Opened the package and to my dismay, wondered where the rest of them went. So small and no flavor of anything. Not the chocolate and definitely not the peanut butter. I believe if Hostess can't be back doing it right, then let us have our great memories and let that be that. Sorry to say, have had problems with a few other products here and there, but this was the final blow.

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  • No
    NorthKro Oct 08, 2017

    We got two Chocolate Hostess Creme (what makes it creme?) Pies from the Come and Go yesterday, and I wish we hadn't. The pies (especially chocolate) have been our favorite since we were kids, getting them at the Hostess discount outlet store. These were nothing like what we remember. Small, over priced, bland and weirdly textured. They didn't taste like chocolate, crust, or glaze. The crust was sort of chewy, as if it was only partially cooked and the pudding felt somewhere between glue and silly putty. We couldn't even finish eating them, and mine hurt my stomach. What a disappointing waste.

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  • Um is not an answer! Aug 18, 2019

    I firmly believe its because of the new ingredients that have to be used. no partially hydrogenated whatever, no trans fats.

    that is what is hindering the good ole days in taste with these things.

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