Horizon Gold / Horizon Card Services Complaints & Reviews

Horizon Gold / Horizon Card Services / a charge for $14.95

Sep 15, 2019

I need a refund I didn't know I would be charged the 14.95 today and I can't afford that right now my baby need diapers and we need food please refund my money back to my card please help and thank you next month I will be able to afford to pay it and will be doing so if you want my...

Horizon Gold / Horizon Card Services / inactivated card.

Sep 04, 2019

Didn't want card. Told horizon I didnt want card. After that they continue take money off my debit card and won't refund my money. Theft by deception!! If they do this to thousands of people. Just look at their scam. Their representatives are rude and won't take no for an answer. This i...

Horizon Gold / Horizon Card Services / horizon unsecured credit card

Aug 24, 2019

My name is Marisa, and I have an unauthorized charge of $7.95 on my account this month. I would like my money refunded. I applied, and got denied. So why am i being charged fees for a card i got denied.? You said it was a free inquiry, but this charge proves-thus-my score drastically...

Horizon Gold / Horizon Card Services / unauthorized charge!!!

May 01, 2019

My name is Samantha Kerekes. I submitted an application to your website and following that I was charged $6.95 to my prepaid card which I did not authorize. There's no reason this charge should be made to my card. I did not receive the card nor was I approved for any services. I want thi...

Horizon Card Services / charge card

Apr 22, 2019

They are taking $24.95 a month out of my bank account and I never heard of these people. I am 66 years old I spend all of my, money on doctor bills. I cant afford this. These people are criminals, how can they do this, does anyone police this kind of thing??? Please my email i...

Horizon Gold / Horizon Card Services / $500 unsecured credit card

Apr 08, 2019

Hi Ashley, Sorry for the delay on this. Here's that Horizon card that I was telling you about: . Reply STOP to cancel. This is the txt message I received Friday April 5 at 11:39. I want my money back completely I feel violated and lied too. They told me it...

Horizon Gold / Horizon Card Services / unauthorized charge to my debit 6.95

Dec 28, 2018

My name is Jennifer Smith and I have an issue too. My Paypal mastercard was charged for the amount of $6.95 on September 21st 2018. I did not authorize this and I want my money refunded. I am not aware of having any credit line with your business. I have not purchased anything at all from...

Horizon Gold / Horizon Card Services / horizon card

Oct 21, 2018

They did not tell you when signing up that you could only use it in stores. This is a joke. I want to be cancelled from the card and my money refunded or I will be getting ahold of my attorney. They have crap on there website. It's all cheap and you have to pay so much before the...

Horizon Gold / Horizon Card Services / no card I have been waiting over a month

Oct 13, 2018

Hi my name is Brandi Campbell. My address is 420 4th ST NE apartment 400 Watertown SD 57201. I paid the card payment to get my card and spoke to a worker over the phone the end of August. I was told my card would be in the mail with in 7 business days. It's been a month and a half and I...

Horizon Gold / Horizon Card Services / horizoncard

Oct 01, 2018

Horizon Gold / Horizon Card ServicesMy account was charged for the amount of $6.95 on September 28th. Thus company is a scam and I want my money back this is the second time I've been charged for this. I've already put in a complaint once. Now I will be reporting this company to everyone I can to make sure this doesn't...

Horizon Gold / Horizon Card Services / a charge on my debit card

Sep 26, 2018

I remember skimming thru your site & never knew I was even subscribed for any services thru yinz but apparently am cuz you charged my debit card 9.00$ & I Don't use your services so all I want is a full refund of my money&unsubscribed IMMEDIATELY! I should have been given adequate timing for...

Horizon Gold / Horizon Card Services / unauthorized charge on my debit card

Sep 23, 2018

My name is Shawn Davenport and I have an issue too. My Visa debit card was charged for the amount of $6.95 on September 21st 2018. I did not authorize this and I want my money refunded. I am not aware of having any credit line with your business. I have not purchased anything at all from...

Horizon Gold / Horizon Card Services / my account was charged

Sep 22, 2018

Horizon Gold / Horizon Card ServicesMy name is Kristin Allen and I have an issue I would like to be resolved. My account was charged for the amount of $6.95 on September 21st 2018. I did not authorize this and I want my money refunded. I am not aware of having any credit line with your business. Please take care of thi...

Horizon Gold Card / charging me a fee when the site said it was free.

Sep 17, 2018

I was online looking for a credit card and this Horizon card kept coming up it said it was free so i took it. It was to help build your credit up. A day or so my bank called me and said this company charged me a fee of 29.95 and it caused an overdraft charge of 34.00 dollars so i am asking...

Horizon Gold / I can't login to my account

Sep 01, 2018

I have paid for my card but cannot log into my account. I have been on the phone for 3 hours trying to get my money back. Then I finally got my refund sending back but I also went ahead & paid for some credit & now I can't login to my account. Please help me do so or I will be reporting...

Horizon Gold / billing/refund issues

Sep 01, 2018

I did not get the amount of my refund of $29.95 that horizon gold card representative told me I would go back into my checking account. I checked with my bank and the $29.95 as of 9/1/18 is still not into my account. The horizon gold card account was canceled on 8/24/18. gerald Wiita 308 w old us 2 wakefield mich 49968. I want this matter resolved.

Horizon Gold / Horizon Card Services / horizon credit card

Aug 25, 2018

This company tricks you into thinking Its a real credit card when it's really a charge card for the worst shopping site I've ever seen! Cancelling is said to be "easy and takes one minute" but I was on the phone for a total of fifteen minutes with a manipulative supervisor...

Horizon Card Services / unauthorized charge

Aug 03, 2018

I had the unauthorized charge of $6.95 as well, and when I called to get this refunded and make sure the account was closed I was transferred to a supervisor named Brittany. She tried to get me to change my mind by increasing my "credit line" to $1000, which is worthless considering thi...

Horizon Card Services / unauthorized charge

Jul 30, 2018

Horizon Card ServicesI have a change of $6.95 on my account that I did not authorize. I'm not aware of having any credit line with your business. I have contacted my bacnk and they are unable to stop the payment saying it's still pending. Please contact me with information if possible. Thank you. Jamie Spencer...

Horizon Gold / horizon gold credit card

Jun 29, 2018

My name is Ernest Surratt and I want to withdraw my application for your Credit card services. I didn't realize that this was not the best type of credit card that I thought I was applying for. I'm withdrawing my application and any esignatures. I am requesting a full refund back to my...

Horizon Gold / my information was sent to collections.

Jun 26, 2018

My information was released to collections for a reason that can not be ligit. I am currently in the process of disputing having you remove that from my credit. My credit repairer's are willing to seek legal counsel until that is removed from my credit immediately. I did not receive any...

Horizongold / need bigger sizes in mens clothing

Jun 06, 2018

Its summer time. How about some pools. Outdoor playing games. My kuds are not going anywhere fun for summer break... So I need things to occupy my kids... Board games U have nothing kid related unless your a toddler. Nerf toys... Volleyball games badminton To much clothing Not enough clothing...

Horizon Gold / horizon good card services

Jun 03, 2018

Horizon GoldThis "Credit card" claims to be helping people establish good credit. They say you are approved for $500 credit card. They take money out of your account immediately and send you the "credit card" in the mail. I received it yesterday only to find out that it is only good for their on line...

Horizon Gold / the actual card

May 05, 2018

I thought you guys were an unsecured credit card and your not you took 2995 from my card I want that money returned immediately I did some research on you guys and you are outlandish I want to cancel my Horizon Gold Card immediately and I want my money replaced immediately thank you very...

Horizon Card Services / charged my account

May 02, 2018

I noticed i have been charges to my bank account for horizon card services and dont have 1 or even kniw what it is exactly so i would appriciate you stop charging my account unless i am aware of what it is for or i will take the information to the police the number you may have is [protected] so...

Horizon Card Services / credit charge

Apr 23, 2018

i was charged 6.95 two times in one month and they told me to send a copy of my bank statement to [protected] and it says the email is invald so evidently its not correct and i called customer services who gave me the same excuse that i wasnt typing it in correctly i...

Horizon Card Services / unknown charge

Apr 17, 2018

My name is Nathan Murray. I was charged 7 dollars from horizon card srvs, and it caused me to get a $30 overdraft fee. I never purchased anything from this company, I want my money and the overdraft fee refunded to me immediately from this fraudulent company. My email i...

Horizon Card Services / they don't sell what they have 148 items of when search results are entered

Apr 06, 2018

On 4/6/2018 I received my Horizon Gold Card which when I applied for it was represented as a credit card that could be used anywhere upon receiving it I can only use it on there website so I went on their site & searched for dog food it came back with 148 blue dog food brand dog food they...

Horizon Card Services / credit card

Apr 01, 2018

This isn't a credit card. What if I want to buy Groceries or get gas? Who about go on a date and pay for dinner a couple of drinks and a movie? Exactly, I can't do it with this FAKE, credit card. Please Horizon, refund money or I most definitely will have my Attorney start litigation...

Horizon Card Services / customer service and web page

Mar 19, 2018

Remove any information that you habe obtained falsly in ref to [protected] I'D. It was an error by my daughter was using the computer and is 10 she typed my card on your page obviously. This isn't an order of slime. Don't want your service and am not going to pay or let you take something...

Horizon Card Services / I keep trying to cancel this card it took over 30$ off my card I don't want it

Sep 08, 2017

i did not want to get this card i hit the wrong button and couldnt go back on it ive tried numerous times to cancel it it took over 30$ off my card and i cant afford that i am broke thats all the money i had and i need it back by tomorrow because saturday is my twins bday party and i have...

Horizon Card Services / I checked my bank account and they took out 6.95

Aug 18, 2017

I never had this and now today I check my account it said that they took out 6.95 for what Idont have no clue i want my money back I didn't even sign up for the card and for them to take money outta peoples with out them knowing is a scam I wanna know who to call to get my refunds they...

Horizon Card Services / credit card charges!

Jul 23, 2017

I been having consistent charges on my credit card from you guys of $7.95.. & I need it to stop because I don't not and have never had any doings with you. This is the actual message copy and pasted from my credit card summery.. Will be filing with nesessery agencies to favorably resolve...

Horizon Card Services / unauthorized credit card charges

Jun 06, 2017

06-06-2017 I went to check my bank account, and noticed a charge of 29.95 taken out. They literally had just taken out the 29.95 less than two weeks ago so why are they pulling out ANOTHER monthly charge? I haven't even bought anything yet because I had just gotten my card yesterday, but now I...

Horizon Gold / credit card fraud

Apr 21, 2017

This so called business has been taking 6.65 dollars out of my bank account since June 2015 and I have just figured it out I was supposed to get a card line of credit up to 500 dollars and I never got the card or anything didn't use the 500 dollars or anything I thought I didn't qualify...

Horizon Card Services / false advertisement

Feb 14, 2017

They started me with 29 dollar fee and told me that they report to equifax. well after 3 attempts to cancel my card they told me they would only charge me 6.95 a month and increase my credit line to 1000.. well after 3 months of them not reporting to equifax I called and finally canceled...

Horizon Card Services / did not receive card

Feb 07, 2017

I have not yet recieved my card yet and they have been taking out 24.95 every month. And its bothering me that they are taking my money but never sent my card to me.? I was excited for me to get approved but when its been 6 months since i applied and still have not recieved my card it...

Horizon Card Services / horizon card fee monthly

Dec 12, 2016

I am Cassandra bebber. I called earlier today and talked to a few people and my checking account was negative and I had no idea you guys were taking a fee of 19.95 out of my account each month. anyway I got a refund for two months but this has been going on for over a yr. anyway I want my...

Horizon Card Services / horizon gold card

Dec 06, 2016

I have a very low credit scores which is why I was kind of excited for this offer especially since it came right before Christmas. I'll be honest here, I haven't yet received the card, nor been to the "store" to see what their offers might be, I won't find it to be disappointing as I've...

Horizon Gold Card Outlet / horizon gold card shopping online nothing much to choose from.

Oct 11, 2016

Need more item to chose from. To be able to shop for. Like outdoor aquipment. Like lawn mowers patio furniture. Home furniture. Kitchen items also bedroom item like the bed sets .bathroom item mats set curtain sets living room pictures also big rugs sets. Also all kind of Jewelry real and...