Hooverwindtunnel high performance 3

D Aug 03, 2018

Purchased this product on March 11th 2018 two months later retractable cord broke and cord frayed in several places called customer care and was referred to Tidewater Sew-Vac for repair under warranty terms .Took to referred service center they kept my vacuum for 2 months then called to tell me that not covered under the warranty because there was carpet powder in the vacuum I told them I have no carpet I don't use carpet powder I have hardwood floors in my house they told me that this was abuse by the product owner and not covered under warranty so I go pick my vacuum up take it as a loss and figured I would just have to wind up the cord around the neck of the vacuum as the vacuum still worked I get the vacuum home go to use it the next day and Tidewater Sew Vac has cut the cord in half so now I cannot use it I called customer care was very polite explain the situation they called Tidewater Sew-Vac then called me back and said they couldn't do anything about it and would give me 30% off the purchase of a new vacuum one woman at the customer service for Hoover was totally rude to me although I was polite and understanding and said that this was not fair and accused me of abusing the vacuum by running over the cord the vacuum wasn't even 3 months old I definitely know how to run a vacuum with my right hand and hold the cord in my left hand I did not run over the cord the vacuum was defective after paying $179 for a vacuum it should last you more than 3 months without the cord burning up because of a defect in the retractable cord compartment and so now I have no vacuum and spent $179 how sad and shameful that Hoover treats its loyal customers this way I have been buying Hoover Vacuums for over 30 years I have put in a complaint to the Better Business Bureau for all that's worth I'm still out $179 & no vacuum.

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