Hoover/Candyhoover hfl8xkwlf fridge freezer

R Nov 15, 2017

I have already emailed my complaint but have not received a reply I contacted you about my Hoover/Candy fridge freezer which broke down after just 15 weeks I lost £60 pounds worth of defrosted food and other cold compartment food stuff I contacted customer service expecting an engineer to call quite quickly but I was told the earliest would be in two weeks I found this unacceptable as I had nowhere to keep fresh food milk etcetera there was no alternative but to wait however when the engineer called he said I would have to wait a further week as they did not keep the part needed and would have to order it from Italy after three weeks it was repaired I made a complaint to Hoover/Candy but did not receive a reply I contacted customer who made the complaint on my behalf three times and still no reply they advised I contacted chief executive David Meyerowitz which I did twice and still no reply I am disgusted that no one has had the courtesy to reply not even an apology that is the reason I contacted you but as I first stated I have not received a reply this matter first started on 4/09/2017 and I am disappointed that it has not been resolved. Thank you

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