Hoobly Complaints & Reviews

Hoobly / shih tzu puppy

Jul 14, 2019

Incident date: July 12, 2019 Client email: housecleaner2013 Breeder would not allow me to see parents or go to home. Met in parking lot to see puppy. Puppy's paws brown and yellow from feces and urine; fur by anus had old feces in fur. It smelled terrible. Did not receive documentation on...

Hoobly / home area is not michigan

Jul 08, 2019

Please note home area is not Southfield, Michigan it's Kentucky not sure why this has shown up this way. I would appreciate your correcting this mistake and letting me know that you did. There's no point in me trying to sell dogs in Michigan when I am living way down and Kentucky, if...

Hoobly / macaw

Jun 28, 2019

I responded to an ad for baby Macaws from Charlesedward43 and sent money for the bird after talking for a while and he was answering questions so it seemed legitimate. I sent $900.00 ($200 via PayPal and $700 via VenMo) I was luckily able to get the funds back from Venmo as he could not...

Hoobly / email are not possible to update (to delete email hacked)

Jun 27, 2019

My email [email protected] and [email protected] are hacked and taken over. I redirected all my contacts to a new email [email protected] I have to have an option to delete those two old email, please help me with that. Because you did not give me this option my customers are...

Hoobly / categories filter for pets/animals goats

Jun 23, 2019

Hello, There are MANY goat breeds that need to be included in the Categories Filter for goats!!! You only have 5 listed!! You might further divide them into Dairy goats and Meat goats and Fiber goats Dairy goats for example: (these should be... / stud service

Jun 11, 2019

Hi I recently found out someone is trying to use my pics as the parents of their pups which is not the case and now shes even posted an ad of my studs for sale which is not the case either the name on the account is jazmierbrown and here is the link. I deleted...

Hoobly / chow chow puppies

May 21, 2019

My name is Michelle Cross email address is [email protected] this person took a $100 deposit for a dog that she represented as AKC. Well the father could have been but the litter is not. When I asked her on May 6th she said yes they could be registered. The day before I was to...

Hoobly / puppy

May 09, 2019

I purchased a Doberman from a breeder on your site. Their screen name is "dobes2017". Since purchasing the puppy I have had multiple medical issues and have spent a great deal of money to get the puppy to good health. This breeder I believe is simply running a puppy mill and selling...

Hoobly / account hacked

Apr 29, 2019

My account was hacked by someone supposedly selling dogs - I myself reported it to hoobly and they in turn banned me! I have been attempting to get this straightened out for about 6 months!! I have tried to set up a new account only to have the message of my ip address has been banned...

Hoobly / ad

Apr 27, 2019

Doberman wilorun breeding hickory pa she was nasty Nancy is her name she is running a scam called her about dog that was advertised on your website and I tried to set up an appointment so I could see the dog she snapped and told me fk off go buy a dog somewhere else just because I tried to...

Hoobly / belgian malinois puppies ft worth

Apr 19, 2019

I got belgian malinois puppy from the breeder fermalinois79 with parvo virus. I paid for the puppy, for the trip to Texas, for the doctor, for medicine, for pet's supplies. I was giving her IV fluids and nutrition through syringe. She suffered a lot. Diarrhea started the next day (viru...

Hoobly / scammer trying to sell puppies

Apr 17, 2019

So I seen an ad on hoobly for puppies.. So i messaged the seller..seller responded and spoke with her on the phone..we set up a day and time to meet. She asked for a deposit to hold the puppy. I figured thats normal for most breeders. She played me the whole way from where she claimed she...

Hoobly / cat breeder

Apr 13, 2019

Breeder using name bengal4life had a beautiful 1 year old Maine Coon listed for $400. I emailed her through Hoobly, and later texted and also talked to her on the phone. I decided to go ahead and purchase this cat, and she sent a money request through Zelle for the full amount of $400. So...

Hoobly / hedgehog adoption

Apr 08, 2019

I was looking for a baby hedgehog. And this woman was selling them for $150 each. Asking for $50 deposits. So I got in contact with her and sent out $100 check on January 14th of 2019. Every week since then she has come up with an excuse as to why the are not available. She doesn't send...

Hoobly / bengal kittens

Apr 06, 2019

applied to ad about bengal4life she took my deposit drove 5 hours gave me wrong address she scammed another lady on this site. She needs to removed. I asked her if she had any silver bangels but realized she was too far away but she kept messaging me through hoobly so if figured it wa...

Hoobly / bengal kittens..

Apr 03, 2019

I was looking into getting a Bengal Kitten. This was a great price for one.. and not to far away from me!! They wanted a deposit up front.. got pictures of BEAUTIFUL kittens.. I was even thinking about getting two.. they said they will work with me and help e out.. then said I was lucky...

Hoobly / dog for sale in houston, tx

Mar 06, 2019

Back on January 20-23 I contacted USERNAME XOXOXOXIXI123BBB regarding the purchase of a French bulldog. $500 was sent through quick pay, on the date the pup was going to be delivered this person made an excuse which drag me with all these lies for about a month and 8 days. Bottom line thi...

Hoobly / purchases a havapoo puppy 8 wks old have had her 3 days & she is infested with ear mites to the point her ears are bleeding.

Mar 03, 2019

Purchases a havapoo puppy 8 wks old have had her 3 days & she is infested with ear mites to the point her ears are bleeding. We are rushing her to a well know vet & taking all necessary precautions to get her healed back to normal. Also the "breeder" kim said she was to stay...

Hoobly / siberian kittens

Feb 24, 2019

Seller is ash976. The sale of the kitten was agreed upon to take place 2/23/19 and the seller was going to meet us at a local Kwik Trip. When I texted the seller at 262-423-7233 before meeting her and asked who I should make the check out to she said that she only accepted cash. I replied...

Hoobly / american bully

Feb 18, 2019

Hello can I just kindly ask If my hoobly messages are working properly. Im not sure if I am able to see messages I usually get quite a few or atleast one and it has been a bit since I have recieved one. I quess my question is it your system if not thank you for your time I have had issues not long ago with hoobly you im just makeing sure. Kind regards / puppies for sale. user name us ab629

Feb 14, 2019

We purchased an 8 week old lab/mastiff mix from this woman named, aj. When we got home we realized he was only 6 1/2 weeks old. She advertises 8 week old puppies for sale. I've asked to see the parents several times with no success. She's a liar and clearly hiding something. Her user name...

Hoobly / I can not post and add att adds were deleted

Feb 09, 2019

I am a professional breeder And use your website to sell puppies I am wondering as to why i am not able to post . I am also not able to create new eamil and make a new add. I am proffessional and anwser all my customers correctly and am confused as to why this is happening. At fist i thought i wa...

Hoobly / puppies for sale in michigan username tthedoggiedojo

Feb 06, 2019

Please do not purchase from username tthedoggiedojo. This woman currently has 8 ads on for various breeds of dogs. We recently purchased a Beagle from her. When we got to her house the stench when we walked in the door was so unbearable and there were mouse/rat nests in...

Hoobly / woman selling akc/ckc english bulldogs in buda tx

Feb 05, 2019

A woman claiming to be Ashley M advertised English Bulldog pups for sale for $1500-1800. We corresponded several times and met up to see the puppies before we decided to purchase two. The phone number Ashley uses is [protected]. Her email is [email protected] She claimed the DAM died...

Hoobly / pomeranian puppy ad

Jan 27, 2019

I believe that I may have been scammed. I paid a deposit on a puppy via Google Pay and haven't heard from the seller since. They sent me tons of pictures, promised more pics and updates each week. I get a weird voicemail message when I try to call the # in the ad. If this is in fact a...

Hoobly / another user/ harassment

Jan 24, 2019

I posted an ad for puppies on hoobly less than a week ago. I had another user Monet from Gross Point Michigan send me a thread that was awful. It's just plain harassment. She sent... ( monet -> You are a scam. You have no poodles for sale. You are a disgrace to the profession. Get a job!!!...

Hoobly / women selling puppies way too early!!! (aka mikes189)

Jan 13, 2019

A women by the username Mikes189 aka "Jennifer" is selling dogs way too young and lying about their age. She sold me a chihuahua puppy claiming it was 5 1/2 weeks old, eating on its own via puppychow, and walking. I go to get the puppy and it is much smaller than expected and can hardly...

Hoobly / my account

Jan 12, 2019

Hi I haven't been able to get into my account for over a month and I had it for 7 years with no complaints. I've tried to get into my account and I'm told my ip is banned??why would this happen?why am I getting a message from hoobly when my account has been banned??please let me know what...

Hoobly / blue pit pups

Jan 04, 2019

I contacted an ad on Hoobly for a blue nose pit pup, the username was bigpitzkennels (user since 2012) person name was Jessica Downing. I talked to the person on the phone (216 area code number) because they seemed very concerned about where the pups go. We made a few back and forth text...

Hoobly / pug puppy transaction

Dec 27, 2018

A woman claiming to be Courtney advertised pug puppies for sale at their cost of $400 in Rochester, ny. I sent her a $150 deposit on December 9th, 2018 through google pay to hold the puppy, she sent pics etc. For a few weeks then suddenly I could no longer contact her. The phone number she...

Hoobly / false person selling persian kittens

Dec 27, 2018

Person stated her name was Courtney using phone number +1 (618) 481-1153 and email [email protected] Sent tons of pics of the kitten and said he was born on Halloween and would be ready after Jan 23. Very quick to respond to my questions. Asked for a 200 deposit either through Zelle...

Hoobly / username boza selling sick puppies

Dec 20, 2018

i used your site to look for a puppy for my wife for christmas and we found one of your advertisers user name BOZA . she has toy yorkshire puppies. first she listed her area to be hicksville virginia as home but she is from Purlear North Carolina (thats what she told me) we drove from...

Hoobly / my hoobly account

Dec 20, 2018

I can not access my Hoobly acct [email protected] 3 days now.. All I get is a white blank page, I have been a member since 2011 with no issues.. I have Christmas Puppies for sale and need to open my acct so I can update, renew, and see any messages.. PLEASE fix this issue so me and...

Hoobly / hoobly not working-error 500

Dec 20, 2018

Hoobly has alot of issues from time to time. The only way that I have found helpful is to contact the owner of the site, Peter Grigor. I have two ways of contacting him, Via email - [email protected] Via Twitter - It's exceptionally inconvenient for...

Hoobly / can't log into my hoobly account

Dec 20, 2018

Problems with my Hoobly account user name cdeckerpersians started 12/17/2018. I was logged in but unable to view my messages or listings, I would only get a blank screen. I was thinking that it may help if I logged out and back in. Big mistake, now I cannot log in. I tried to reset the...

Hoobly / hoobly pet advertising help!

Dec 19, 2018

I am unable to access my hoobly listings to edit them. Ii sell doberman puppies and my hoobly password is bandit3026. I am unable to get to my listings to renew or edit them. Please investigate and get back to me asap??? My doberman puppies ads have been on hoobly for the past 8 years, and...

Hoobly / paramount parrot kingdom - selling african grey parrots

Dec 19, 2018

They are a scam. Originally contacted on Sunday Dec 16th by text. They wanted to be paid via Zelle, promised baby parrot to be shipped next day. Paid them $850 for parrot and $120 shipping. Supposedly used freight company called Royal Air Express, who emailed me with shipping number, then...

Hoobly / hi, hoobly

Dec 19, 2018

hi ive been tryin to get onto my account for the past week and keeps saying error 500 & very confused on whats happening i have american pocket bully & it says sometimes to go into my email & click it to resolve it because someone else might be logging in but its me on my laptop i have a...

Hoobly / a false person selling pugs in macon ga

Dec 19, 2018

A "Courtney Tipton" was advertising Pugs for sale. 200 deposit . 400 total. Said she was from Macon. 478-419-3812. Very communicable in the beginning. Good about answering questions and sending pics of pugs. Then she wouldn't answer texts or calls or emails. [email protected] She...

Hoobly / puppies

Dec 19, 2018

Hello, when I log into my account I am getting blank pages. I have attempted to log in for the past few days. I see the ads when I google and get hoobly Fl. I am not able to renew the ads and now they are on the 5 th page getting lost. I have also attempted to go into profile and get blank...