Honda Financial Servicesafter early payoff — cannot get title reissued or formal payoff statement from honda


Customer number : 1007762
Ahfs account # [protected]
2013 honda odyssey
Purchased in missoula montana june 12 2013. Paid off 10.20.2016. As a senior citizen who served my country in the war I have been abused and disrespected by the customer service people at ahfc.. I paid off a 2013 honda odyssey 2 years "early" in october of 2016. The rate they gave me was excessive and potentially discriminatory, but I signed the documents and as with most folks in my age group I take full accountability for that mistake, but I was in a bind and the dealership knew it.

With the rate they gave me as a "senior" — honda was well compensated for the money they extended to me and I expected a response to payoff commensurate with that large profit... I was sorely mislead

After paying off the vehicle two years early... I have been waiting over 4 months to receive a formal release of lien or new "corrected" title showing that ahfc has no security interest in the 2013 odyssey vehicle. This means I can't dispose of it, as I have planned to get something more suitable for my situation. Ahfc (In multiple offices) have told me that they sent the new title to my address of record.. However — as others on this site have alluded — no title or release of lien has been received at any address or at any time. They have no traceability or proof that the document was mailed or that a request for new title was initiated.

I have asked repeatedly for them to re-issue the release of lien and to provide prrof or begin the process to get a new "correct" title issued... They have been extremely unhelpful and dismissive and have made no verifiable effort to get new title issued by the state of montana in over 4 months..

Ahfs do have an obligation under the laws in that state and in california but appear to flaunt their immunity to contract obligations and reasonable lawful expectations.
This is the least committed, disrespectful, and misleading group of loan processors I have ever been unlucky enough to use and i'm 86. They have already been proven to take advantage of minorities and special classes of folks to the tune of a $24 million dollar settlement in 2015 and apparently they have learned nothing from that award. This behavior reeks of "more of the same" as a very senior citizen, I believe that ahfc responses are certainly disrespectful, quite probably discriminatory, and potentially a violation of civil contract law in terms of reasonableness for loan document delivery..

I hope others take this to heart.. Especially if you don't have buckets of time to spend on these "affairs".

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