Honda Cars Indiaproblem with brand new transmission after 1.5 years

M Nov 19, 2019

Mr Mayur Bansal,

As per your last mail. You have put light in your so called Honda
India Game theory and your pulsating reaction about my car.

Let me refresh your memory.
1. HCIL Comments:-. You said my Vehicle is out of warranty.
Answer on this reaction: How dare you to call those statement. This
mail chain is running since year 2017 and its all about your
transmission issue whether it old or new. There were no help request
from you to talk about my condition of my vehicle. Who gaved your
rights to speak like that.

2. HCIL Comments:-
As I quote "Further, we would also like to confirm that since the
vehicle is already
out of warranty, all the work (repair or replacement) shall be carried out
on paid basis only."

Answer to this reaction:- I buyed a BRAND new transmission from you
and then again if it got any issue inside from 1st day then I have to

What sort of joke unit you are running in Delhi. My New transmission
not even drove 2000 KM and again I have to pay for your mistake. I
wonder why you were called "Siel Honda" years backs.

Your intelligence intolerance costing me a lot.

Then again you said as I quote "the desired information is
proprietary in nature and hence cannot be shared."

Are you serious on this if I shared this to Mercedes India they will
laugh about it.
Who said that it your information. You sold me your equipment to me
as "New transmission" and I am pretty much confident all your so
called "proprietary secret" is not anymore your's.

Instructed you again to share all those technical performance data
related to my 5-Speed transmission asap as I am pretty much sure I
won't pay you further for any for your kids diagnostics experiments.
One thing more I would be needing "Honda Malaysia Head Office Contact Details"

Please share.

Manish Kumar

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