Homeawaypaid rental and deposit nor refunded

Property Case 22172283: Fully paid HomeAway the rental amount of S$940 and deposit of S$300 mid-March. I corresponded with the Property Owner 3 days (7July) before my travel asking for my check-in arrangement but to my despair, the property is not available. I was frantically trying to get the refund of my payment from HomeAway and to book my holiday accommodation elsewhere (you can imagine the price I have to pay for short-notice booking!). Since then, I have been corresponding with the property owner through WhatsApp to process my refund because there is no WhatsApp facility with HomeAway. HomeAway chat facility is not reliable, as I was cut off/ disconnected most of the time and it is not easy to reconnect. On 16July, HomeAway sent me an email to advise me to contact their customer support team via phone in order to escalate the matter. I refused to call because I was already financially worse off, as my monies have not been refunded and was hoping for HomeAway to be able to help regardless of the communication methods, be it via emails. On 18July, the property owner was informed via email by HomeAway to refund my deposit only. To date (19July), the refund of the rental is still in vain. The property owner claimed that she never received the rental monies and HomeAway claimed that only the property owner could initiate the refund. Me (the poor traveler) is still waiting to get my money back. I am yet to receive a reply from HomeAway on the refund status of my payment. This is the worst experience I've ever had on any booking website!!
On 19July, HomeAway chat agent, Nica stated that rental payment has been disbursed to property owner so owner can refund my money. Property owner confirmed on 23July, that there are no monies in her account "claimed to be disbursed by HomeAway". I don't seem to get much help from HomeAway here. HomeAway is still holding my rental monies and deposit on a property that was never available!

Jul 24, 2019

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