Homeawaycustomer service of home away and doubtful business practices


I just called the 512-759-0902 to discuss an issue I had with booking 59365. My request was that the 76$ charged in service fees should be reimbursed to me since when I reserved, it was not written on the site. It was not on the invoice. Only once I had payed the total amount did Home Away advise me of this service fee and only then did it apprear on the web site.

I spoke with a lady named Yvonne (sounded like this) and she would not listen to what I was saying. She was repeating over and over that the services charges were charged separately but that it had always appeared on the web site. In a word, she did not beleive a word I was saying and was kind of treating me of a liar.

When I told her nicely that it was the third time she repeated the same thing but that I did not agree, she just "disapeard" from the call. I waited a long time and called for her and she was gone.

This being said, I am very disapointed of your customer service and the way you do business. There is always place for unpleasant surprises with no winning solutions for the customer.

Unless this is resolved a proprer way, this will have been my last time with HomeAway and I will share my bad experience on social media to make sure no one else gets caught with this web site.

Oct 10, 2019

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