Homeawaycustomer service & software issues

G Aug 02, 2018

I booked a property for three months. I later had to make a change to the reservation and called the owner asking that the rental be reduced to two months. The owner was very cooperative and readily edited the information on her calendar. However, this edit did not properly change the amount I owe for the rental. In addition, I can no longer see, or access, my reservation online, in the app, or elsewhere. I have called Home Away customer service multiple times since 7/13/18 and have been told something different each time.
During one call on 7/25, the service rep said the best thing to do was to cancel & re-book to correct all the details and access the reservation properly. He called the owner & left a message to this effect. I also called the owner a few days later and left the same message. Nothing was changed.
The last call I made was 7/30/18 and I was told for the second time that I could not simply cancel & re-book to get a clean reservation. I said that my belief was that the owner was also having trouble cancelling the reservation since it can not be accessed any longer. Again, I asked to cancel the reservation & re-book. I was told this is not possible and that the case #[protected], (new number), had to be referred to tech support & I would hear back in 48 hours. I waited 96 hours and called again today, 8/2/18. I was escalated to a supervisor who told me he could not tell me when the problem would be fixed, or when tech support would be done working on it. He could only say the tech would call me directly when they were ready.
This is horrible customer service & even worse software.

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