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W Aug 03, 2018

Hi mark,

Since I haven't received a call back yet ( I know it's only been 2 hours but I would've thought it was kind of urgent) and the complete incompetence of this job from day 1 ...
A brief history
*May 1 I met with Melissa ... she was terrific the only good part of this ...I was such an easy customer!!! Ask her ...the deal was made, price agreed upon deposit of 750.00 given a simple window order... easy... one would think
*A few weeks later this elderly man who I could swear was drunk (I was told diabetic but who knows) comes to my house to take measurements... he is unstable on his feet, he was in a fog, I thought he was literally going to die in my house...spend two hours only to tell me... yeah I'll have to send you the measurements something is wrong with my computer... days go by no measurements no nothing...
* I start calling Home Depot over and over again and I finally talk to you ( this was after emails to Melissa (which I have) calls, and visits to the store I am told the man who came to my house was diabetic and he was in the hospital????
* a new man comes to my house takes measurements ...says I don't think Melissa is right, numbers are wrong whatever???
* back and forth with you, Melissa etc no one agrees with measurements order still not placed????
* phone call received Order Placed!!! Low and behold a miracle happens...omg am I getting windows??
* phone call received with an Install Date of August 3rd(yes that's 3 months after order placed)... I receive call after call of what I need to do to make the install go smoothly..
*i need to remove professionally installed window treatments, deal with my pets, clear the area where the windows are going of furniture etc ..all of which I of course did... see I did everything I was supposed to do... rearranged my calendar etc
* Aug 3rd... I'm so EXCITED windows!!! Yay handyman is lined up to put window treatments back up, security company coming to reinstall security systems ... I can't believe windows!!! ... or ...
*Aug 3rd call received 8:30 um hi ms Dariff yeah this is the installer I went to get your windows and the Half Moon is broken and the trim kit is completely wrong???? We will have to reorder!!!
*** Aug 3rd phone call to you Mark explaining the disgusting, incompetent garbage that I have dealt with, I explained that unless I get a call back knocking 500 off this job that I am cancelling... and of course still no call here we are

I need an email telling me that if I cancel this job that I will get the Full 750.00 deposit put back on my Home Depot Credit card

I had carpet done by Home Depot no problem
Window Treatments Home Depot No Problem
Entire Kitchen Cabinets Hime Depot NO Problem

I'm thinking Home Depot should not be in the Window Business

This email is going to your corporate offices

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