Home Depotonline order

M Aug 01, 2018

Dear Home Depot
I realize things can not always be solved instantaneous and that sending the package to an address I have not lived in since 2012 was a honest mistake. Thank you for cancelling this order. All in all you had the best product and price but unfortunately after nearly 3 hours of tracking down the old address and email while on the phone was a pain i.e to the [protected] where we previously lived in Redding. To say the least it was a bit of a chore to fix after talking to three employee reps.

All though it has yet to arrive I appreciate you offering the 25% off and free shipping on my next order and although it did not arrive today as promised maybe I miss understood and it is being sent by mail today? Just a reminder I live in NC now and the closest store is a hour plus away. I will hold my internet order in my cart for a while longer but hope I can apply this to my order soon as I really need this.

All though frustrated I do appreciate your diligence in getting this cleared up.


Michael E Baker

120 Pearl Dr
Beaufort, NC 28516

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